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Written by Priyanka Sharma on November 15, 2022 Share on

Cycle Through The Islands With Bicycle in Seychelles

Seychelles and Cycling, you can’t even imagine, right? I know, the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word “Seychelles” is the beautiful white-sandy beaches. But you’re wrong, Seychelles is not only about its lovely beaches it’s also got some amazing places which you can explore over cycling. Cycling is mainly famous on three major islands in Seychelles they are the Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The perfect way to explore all three island is via Cycling.

Cycling in La Digue Island

La Digue Island is filled with cyclists. You can hardly spot a car or any other vehicle for that matter on this Island, as cycling is the main mode of transport there. The local public there consider cycling to the famous Anse Source D’Argent Beach in the Union Estate is a rewarding experience as the road here is flat which makes it easy for any rider to reach there via there bike. La Digue is the best place for both beginners and experienced cyclists. The experienced cyclist can opt for the toughest climb on the hill near the south coast beaches such as Anse Cocos, Petite Anse, and Grand Anse. whereas the beginners the gradual climb is easier to ride and there are fewer vehicles too.

La Digue Island Bicycles
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Cycling in Praslin

The second most famous island in Seychelles for cycling is Praslin. Did you know that on this island there is a traffic jam caused because of Cycles? You read it right. This island is more populated with cyclists and bikers than on La Digue Island. The coastal road on Praslin, locally known as the Consolation Road, offers you with beautiful beaches and hilly views. Experienced bikers usually do an entire loop of the Vallee De Mai and the Consolation Road at a go.

Cycling in Mahé

The next best place to flaunt your cycling skills is on Mahé island. This Island showcases some scenic places which you can check out on your bikes. The shortest way to cycle your way through is via the East Coast Road which offers you beautiful scenic view all way long. If you wish you visit Alphonse Island and Desroches Island the best way to commute would be via Bicycle.

Cycling on Mahe island
Image Credits: Google Images

Cycle tour to North and South Seychelles

Most villas in the north offer bikes to all its tourists letting them explore the islands on their own. As tourists cross through the dense forest routes of the island they get to appreciate the beautiful gradients and take a glimpse of the spectacular sight, and colourful birds along the route.

On the southern parts of the Island, you can explore the mesmerizing beaches like Anse Takamaka and Anse Intendance while riding your bicycle. This is also the quietest part of the whole region.

So why wait, pack your bags and get going to enjoy, one of your most awaited trips to Seychelles. You can visit Seychelles with your family, friends or even your partner and explore enormous things its got to offer. Check out for exciting vacation packages to Seychelles and help us make this trip a dream trip for you.

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