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Kirkjufell in Iceland
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Day Trips from Reykjavik for a Perfect Iceland Vacation

Iceland is a perfect destination for adventure seekers and people love exploring the unexplored. Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland has a charm of its own and forms the centre stage for all Iceland Vacations. Most of convenient of commuting in Iceland is through self-drive, Hence it is imminent to pick your drive from the airport. With a four-wheeler at your disposal, you can cover any nook and cranny in Iceland. Today we explore the best destinations for a day trips from Reykjavik that promises for a surreal experience.

Day Trips from Reykjavik
Credits: Pixabay

A drive on the famous ring road in Iceland is an exciting event anybody would enjoy. Thanks to the stunning landscapes and impressive sceneries. The ring road also connects to all major destinations that are ideal for a day trip from Reykjavik. These Destinations includes beautiful villages forming Iceland countryside, assorted set of waterfalls that equally impressive and yet so different, adventure treks for satiating your adrenaline rush, national parks and other landmark sightseeing as well.

Day Trips from Reykjavik

  • Blue Lagoons
  • Skogafoss
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • Geysir
  • Whale Watching
  • Vik
  • Seljalandsfoss

Blue Lagoons

Relaxing and unwinding in geothermal spas can only be done at few destinations across the globe. Blue Lagoon in Iceland in one such destination. A good place to spend a romantic afternoon with your loved once while you sip in your cocktail enjoy the natural waters of Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoons Iceland
Credits: Pixabay

Blue Lagoon is situated in a town named Grindavík. It takes less than to reach Grindavík from Reykjavik and hence ideal for a day trips from Reykjavik. Don’t forget to carry you bathing suites as it is compulsory to take a shower before you jump into the pool. The closing time of the blue lagoon varies depending on the seasons and we advise you to book tickets to the blue lagoon as early as possible as it is quite a task to get last-minute reservations.


One of the biggest false in Iceland and also one of the top day trips from Reykjavik. The majestic waterfall with a fall depth of 62 meters and a width of 25 meters is a site not miss out. If you are feeling adventurous you can walk right up to the waterfalls but be prepared to get drenched by dispersed water droplets. You will also be able to witness rainbows on a sunny day and the rainbow makes this heavenly waterfall even more beautiful.

Credits: Pixabay

A trip to Skogafoss is bound to consume an entire day as it 154 Kilometers from Reykjavik and there are some many beautiful locations for a pit stop. Hence, plan for the entire day and enjoy this mesmerizing drive.

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park is colourful, vibrant and is filled with a lot of flowers. A visit to Þingvellir National Park during autumn is a blissful experience. Þingvellir National Park is known for its stunning landscapes and is one of the top tourist attraction in Iceland.

It takes roughly 45 mins to reach Þingvellir National Park from Reykjavik. Do keep in mind you find to have to walk for a couple of Kilometres from the parking area to reach the entrance of Þingvellir National Park. There is no entry to the park. however, you will have to pay the parking fee.


Geysir is one of the many natural anomalies found in Iceland. The gushing hot springs make its way through the rocks and erupts to a height of 50 -100 meters. Though there is no specified time interval between each eruption, you are guaranteed a couple of eruptions if you stay for half an hour. You need to see and experience Geysir in order to feel how unique and impressive this phenomenon is.

At a distance of 100 Kilometers from Reykjavik, it will take more than a couple of hours to reach the destination. Geysir is part of the famous Golden Circle.

Whale Watching

Iceland is one of the best countries to experience Whale watching. Atlantic ocean forms the major part of Reykjavik coastline. Hence, the opportunity to spot these mammoth creatures in their natural habitat. Watching these impressive marine lives up close will create memories that can last a lifetime. Although whales stay in Icelandic waters through the year, your best bet to spot whales is during summers in the months of April – June. You will have to reach the Reykjavik harbour, that’s the starting point of the tour and is just a couple of minutes walk from the downtown area.

Whale Watching
Credits: Pixabay


If you are looking for a day trip away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy nature at your own pace, then a day trip from Reykjavik to Vik is what you should be considering. It is the southernmost seaside village in Iceland. Vik is also a hub of adventure activities. Glacier hikes, Zippling across canyons, Ice cave explorations are the activities that are operational throughout the year. Few other unique activities like ATV ride on the black sand beach can be possible in Vik. Even if you don’t want to try these adventures and just want to relax, there are enough locations in Vik with stunning landscapes and sweeping views of Atlantic that will rejuvenate your tiresome soul.

Vik to Reykjavik is nearly 180 Kilometers and hence you might have to start early if you want to enjoy the village to fullest and spend maximum time there.


One of the lovely scenarios you will find in Iceland, a waterfall amidst the greenery. One unique feature of this 60 Meter waterfall is you can go behind the water stream and click some amazing pictures. Seljalandsfoss has a staircase the leads to the top of the rock and you will be able to a top view of the falls. However, it’s a steep climb of over 500 steps with handrails just on one side, hence may not be ideal for everyone to climb.

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