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Play area of Delta Park in South Africa
Written by Preetha Manivelan on November 16, 2022 Share on

Delta Park in South Africa – The Big Green Lungs of Johannesburg

South Africa is a destination especially loved for its uniqueness. Right from the adrenaline rush experiences to man-made forests, from scenic beaches to vast wildlife, from national monuments to national parks, South Africa is one beautiful country to visit. Out of all the cities that the country has, there is something unique about Johannesburg, also called Joburg by the people of South Africa. Being the largest urban city, it is indeed phenomenal in every aspect. The city of gold has so many attractions to visit and make one’s trip memorable. One of them is the Delta park in South Africa.

Aerial view of Johannesburg
Photo by Clodagh Da Paixao on Unsplash

What is Delta Park?

Rightly called as Johannesburg’s biggest green lungs, Delta Park one of the most loved places by kids and adults alike. This part is situated in Victory Park, Gauteng, 10 km away from the centre of the city. It is also said to be one amongst the largest parks in South Africa of about 104 hectares of grassland to explore. In addition, the park has several walking trails, which link the tree-lined dams. The trails that were spread in the park looks like veins on the human body, giving it life for runners and avid horse riders. Be it taking a walk in the park to make yourself feel relaxed or a long walk down the park along Braamfontein Spruit Trail, it could give you a unique experience.

Delta park in Johannesburg
Image credits: Google Images

History of the Delta Park

The Delta park has a rich history. The part that the city has now was a part of Klipfontein in the past. In the year 1902, the place was used for cows of William Rattray’s estate as a grazing place. Once a farm, now a farm. The place got this name when in 1930, the Johannesburg’s sewage scheme. It was the time when the farmlands got transformed into Delta Sewage Disposal Works. The works were going on and only in June 1963, Delta finally closed and later turned into the Delta park it is now.

Attractions in Delta Park

  • There is a large Delta Playground Area especially loved by families with children as it is located in the city centre.
  • For all the birders, there is Delta Birding List that has more than 200 species of birds. This includes some unusual birds like Madagascar Cuckoo, Long-tailed Pipit, and Ayres Hawk-Eagle.
  • The park also has Delta Environmental Centre where there will be wildlife-related courses offered to children and students as well.
  • The park is also home to the very famous Braamfontein Spruit Trail, a major stream that borders Delta Park is loved by the mountain riders.
  • It also is home to Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary, which occupies 7.5-hectare of the total area.
  • It also has the Sasol Sensory Trail which was opened in 1997, which is wheelchair accessible, The main intention was to include the physically challenged and appreciate nature’s invisible aspects.

Things to know before visiting Delta Park

How to Reach

The park is quite easily reachable by various transportations. It can be reached either by self-drive to this place or by following Road. No. 3 or Road. No. 5, on the Rustenburg Road, Victoria Park.

Entry fees and Timings

There is no entry fee that one has to pay but there are timing to be noted. The park stays open from 6 AM to 6 PM throughout the week.

Tips to note

  • There is safe parking at the entrance of the park.
  • Do not litter

Delta Park is simply amazing as the place has something for everyone to do. Because of this very reason, this park is loved by people of different ages and choices as well. Don’t you wanna join the park runners on a morning or get spellbound watching unusual bird species? Plan a trip to South Africa with Pickyourtrail and make sure to include Delta park in it.

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