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Dubai Laws For Tourists – Find Out The Unusual Laws To Abide To

Dubai and its surrounding United Arab Emirates. The lesser-known ones are usually not known to tourists. Hence, they overlook them. These Dubai laws for tourists is important to adhere to, be it in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. If overlooked, these strange laws can lead to arrest, fine or even getting deported from the country. Find out below what these laws are.

Dubai Laws For Tourists
Credits: Unsplash

Dubai Laws For Tourists

Using Curse Words on WhatsApp

Dubai Laws For Tourists
Credits: Unsplash

Curse words in public are completely banned in the United Arab Emirates. However, doing so can lead to 1 year of imprisonment and a hefty fine of 10,000 dirhams! Saying the F-word in public is considered bad because it disgraces the honour or the modesty” of a person according to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code. Using the middle finger is known to be hurting “a victim’s pride, privacy and/or modesty”, will end in deportation. This gesture is known as an indecent one.

This is also applicable to your online activities which include any social media messages. None of your posts should include any curse words or indecent sayings as it breaches cyber laws. Additionally, it includes using any indecent emojis too. This can lead to imprisonment, fine up to 250,000 dirhams or direct deportation.

Looking Into Someone Else’s Phone

It is prohibited in the UAE to “invade the privacy of another person” using computer systems or online platforms. Breaking the law can result in minimum six-month imprisonment and a heavy fine between 100,000 and 500,000 dirhams.

Once a woman was all over the news for breaching her husband’s privacy after sending photos from his phone to hers through WhatsApp. Afterwards, she retaliated by accusing him of being unfaithful. The woman was fined 150,000 dirhams and deported from the country.

Eating Food In Public Transport

Eating and drinking are totally prohibited on any form of public transport and their stations too. Starting from metros and buses to pedestrian crossings. The punishment for eating food and drinking beverages can lead to spending 100 dirhams.

Snapping Photos And Sharing Photos Of Road Or Flight Accidents

Dubai laws for tourists are surely strange. The United Arab Emirates is very strict about the protection of the privacy of its citizens. So taking pictures in UAE can be easy risky business. Additionally, there is a ban against clicking snaps of military buildings, courts and palaces. You are not allowed to take any photos of road accidents you see on your way either. This will leave you to pay between 50,000 and 3 million dirhams and have you at the risk of deportation. You are not allowed to click and share photos on social media when you see aviation collisions either.

Going Around Spreading Rumours

The strangest of all Dubai laws for tourists to remember is to never spread rumours. Gossiping on social media especially can end up in jail for 3 years and you’ll have to pay a fine of 1 million dirhams. Aiming to punish those who “damage the social peace and public order” and punish anyone threatening to disrupt “national peace”. Hence, the UAE has very stringent laws about talking or spreading the news on social media.

This was done after 2016 floods after videos and photos of the damage done by the heavy downpour and the strong blowing winds were sent around on social media widely. These were condemned as mere rumours, and it was announced that addressing the storm and sending negative photos and comments online was made against the law.

Washing Your Car

washing car
Credits: Findmyplate

While riding around in a dirty car is a strange offence to remember according to Dubai laws for tourists. Washing your car in a bad way can get you into trouble too. You are not allowed to wash your car in residential areas or hiring workers to wash your car. These informal car washes “damage the city’s beautiful image” and are also considered a hazard to the environment. This is due to the filthy water contaminating the roads and sewers. Rather, you have to take your car to professional services, such as those at petrol bunks and the car parking areas of shopping centres.

Clicking Photos Of People Without Their Consent

clicking photos
Credits: Unsplash

This is a very serious crime in UAE as the United Arab Emirates is very serious about protecting the privacy of its citizens. Anyone taking pictures and also circulating or posting it on online platforms is a huge crime as per the cyber laws. This Dubai law for tourists must be remembered at all times. The crime can lead to a fine up to 500,000 dirhams and a jail sentence for six months for the crime. The sentence can also turn much harsher or lead to deportation from the country for tourists.

In conclusion, the Dubai laws for tourists can not be overlooked and has to be strictly followed in the nation. The offences for these crimes are serious and have a heft price to pay. There’s no way you would want to ruin your vacation with these issues. Book your Dubai tour package with Pickyourtrail.

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