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Dubai Abu Dhabi Tour Itinerary
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on November 17, 2022 Share on

Dubai Abu Dhabi Tour Itinerary: A Perfect Guide For Wholesome Vacay!

Dubai is the land of riches that was once a desert. But at present, this gem of the Arabian Peninsula is not only a business hub but also a dream destination for travel enthusiasts, honeymooners, and those who want to spend holidays with their families. Moreover, one’s ideal holiday in Dubai cannot be complete without visiting the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. Being close to Dubai, Abu Dhabi makes the momentum of vacation even more adventurous and memorable. That is why every travel itinerary to Dubai becomes even better by adding a day or two for Abu Dhabi. So here is the Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary to make sure that every expectation of yours meets phenomenal experiences.

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Dubai Abu Dhabi Tour Itinerary

Dubai is one of the most attractive cities among world travellers. While Dubai lures the majority of the tourists by its breathtaking architecture, eccentric culture, elegant environment, and artificial islands, some tourists visit Dubai solely for its enchanting geography that has spectacular dunes spread like a carpet to lie and stargaze. From Dhow Cruise tour, Desert safari to BBQ dinner, you will have a blast. But, with Abu Dhabi, your vacation will level up. Yes! With the fun-filled adventures in Ferrari World and IMG Worlds and awe-inspiring monuments like Emirates Palace and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, everything is an unmissable opportunity.

While the tour itinerary changes with the number of days you plan for your vacation, the constant need is to get the most out of the days you spend in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And that’s why there is an ideal 7-days itinerary that suits your purpose and budget, and most importantly, gives you enough dose of Dubai Abu Dhabi’s vibrant vibes.

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Day 1: Begin In Dubai

Dubai City, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

Arrive at Dubai International Airport and head directly to your hotel. After freshening up, spend your entire day roaming around Dubai City. With the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain and the mesmerising underwater aquarium, this part of Dubai is called Modern Dubai. So head straight to Dubai Mall to experience everything at your ease. 

Must-Do Things In Dubai City On Day-1

  • Start with visiting Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and a 160 storeyed landmark that offers a mindblowing view. Roam around the most visited observation decks to capture the panoramic view of Dubai or book a romantic dinner in its classy Gourmet restaurants. Make sure to pre-book to avoid hassles.
  • Wandering and shopping in Dubai Mall is a must-do. You can find so many fun-filled activities by visiting Ice-Rink, Hysteria and VR Park in this busiest place in Dubai. On the ground floor, explore architectural elements like the Human waterfall and Dino Display. If you are into fashion, spend a little more time in Fashion Avenue that covers a vast area of ground floor dotted with showrooms of luxury brands.
  • After having lunch in one of the most famous restaurants in Le Gourmet on the second floor, head to the Underwater Zoo, which is also on the same floor.
  •  The next stop is Dubai Aquarium. It is home to almost 33,000 aquatic animals. You can admire its beauty by walking inside its 48-metres tunnel. You can do more activities and also partake in various events that happen in this aquarium. So get a suitable ticket that can allow you to experience the aquarium’s complete package.
  • End the day by spending your evening and night watching the iconic performance of the Dubai fountain that moves smoothly to the music. In the evening, it starts at 6:00 PM and extends up to 11:00 PM. Some of the best ways to enjoy this performance are to book a perfect spot on the patio in a nearby restaurant, riding along Burj Lake, or an even better option is you can pay an entry fee and walk in the Fountain Boardwalk.

Day 2: Explore The Historical Beauty Of Old Dubai

Dubai Museum, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

After spending the entire day experiencing the modern beauty of Dubai, head to the old towns of Dubai. Here, retrace its historical and naturalistic beauty reflected through the oldest forts, dunes and antique stores where you can get some exotic souvenirs.

Must-Do Activities On Day-2 In Dubai

  • Begin your day by travelling to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood which takes you back to 19th-century Dubai by its traditional architectures, old public squares and boulevards. Explore all the art exhibits and museums.
  • Marvel at the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort. Look around this 1787 built museum, and marvel at all the art and architectural exhibits which depicts the transition of Dubai from its past to its current glory.
  • While you can spot numerous traditional food restaurants to have lunch in Al Fahidi, don’t forget to try the comforting Jasmine tea and Halloumi in XVA Gallery Cafe.
  • Take an Abra ride and sail through the Dubai Creek and embrace its graceful beauty. You can also choose to go for a Dhow Cruise for dinner and marvel at the stunning view.
  • Visit Old Souk in Deira, where you can encounter colourful stalls that sells spices, gold, perfumes and traditional textiles. All these things sold here will be of rich quality, and that is the reason for the overpowering crowds you see there.
  • End your day by visiting the most stunning and youngest structure in Dubai, the Dubai Frame. It connects modern Dubai with olden Dubai. Enter and witness the phenomenal galleries depicting the past, present, and future. To watch the golden sunset take the elevator to Sky Deck on the 48th floor.
  • Take a taxi from Dubai Frame to WAFI Mall and indulge in a wholesome dinner in one of the restaurants.

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Day 3: Explore Extravagant Face Of Dubai

Madinat Jumeriah, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

While you can experience modernity and luxury in Dubai City, there is still a royal and extravagant side of Dubai which can be seen only by stepping in artificial islands and seaside. Unlike day-1 and day-2 in your Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary, on day-3, you can spend more time relaxing so that you can get all the energy for four more days of your vacation.

Top Things To Do On Day 3 In Dubai

  • Visit Mall of the Emirates, another famous must-visit mall in Dubai. It has the most aesthetical interior that sets it apart from regular malls. The entire atmosphere feels like you are in a palace than you are in a mall. Apart from luxury shops, it has the largest indoor ski resort, movie theatres and Michelin star restaurants.
  • Take a taxi from the Mall of the Emirates to Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai’s most exuberant hotel dotted in the seaside. The entire resort feels like you are in a small town separated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab from the balcony while savouring traditional delicacies from the cafes. 
  • End your day-3 by visiting Palm Jumeirah. It is the most renowned man-made island in Dubai that made the entire world jaw-drop during its grand entrance into the world, and it still lures millions of visitors to visit it. This island is a hub for adventure seekers and honeymooners. It gives lots of opportunities for skydiving, paragliding, and leisure in the luxury resort Atlantis, The Palm.

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Day 4: Embrace Vibrance Of Dubai

Desert, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

Even though Dubai steals the hearts of world travellers by its generic geography with desert where they can ride camels, go camping, watch stars and more, artificial nature has also become its iconic emblem. The best example is the Miracle Garden. Since you spent 3-days of your vacation sightseeing, make sure to use this day to embrace the vibrant colour of Dubai.

Unique Things To Do On Day-4 In Dubai:

  • Start the day with an early morning desert tour where you can do some fun activities like sandboarding, camel riding and dune bashing. You can also visit during the night to camp and stargaze. Moreover, you can explore the desert bio-diversity and spot native mammals like the Gazelles in the Arabian desert by visiting Desert Safari Park.
  • If you are a flower enthusiast, you cannot miss the largest natural flower garden in the world. Dubai Miracle Garden is a surreal atmosphere surrounded by the iridescent beauty of flowers and statues made of flowers everywhere you turn.
  •  Make some time for the Dubai Butterfly Garden, which has the most extensive collection of butterflies. You can see yourself surrounded by almost 15,000 butterflies fluttering beautifully. 

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Day 5: Leveling Up With Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

After finishing your breakfast, move to the charming capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi. Make sure to book a hotel room for two days so that you explore every monument of Abu Dhabi, observe the Arabic life, and participate in extensive pursuits at ease. 

Must-Try Things In Abu Dhabi On Day-5

  • Visit Yas Island to increase the impulse of your vacation. This island offers adventurous theme parks, water parks, golf courses and more. So, spend half of your day in the vastness of the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. This indoor theme park has 4-distinctive zones that allow you to sink into the time. Try all the 37 rides, from Flying Acre, Turbo Track to Roof walking and Ziplining, you will gain the adventure of a lifetime.
  • You have lots of restaurants and cafes over there where you can have some delicious food for lunch.
  • Leave to the Yas Mall as soon as you complete all the activities. Yas Mall is a culinary tourism paradise, so spending a romantic dinner here is a must.

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Day 6: Exploring Iconic Monuments Of Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

While you have spent an entire day in Yas Island, keep aside a whole day for exploring Abu Dhabi and sightseeing. Even though Abu Dhabi has less to see than Dubai, one day will not be sufficient to awe-struck you by its Grand Mosque and museums. You might probably have to move around the different regions, so make sure to rent a car.

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi On Day-6

Louvre Museum, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash
  • Being the most majestic mosque in the world, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque offers a stunning interior that reflects eccentric architectural styles from a different era of Muslims. It receives almost 40,000 visitors every day, so make sure to book the earliest if you are visiting during your holidays.
  • Visit the beautiful Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi. It showcases features from Musee du Louvre and Musee d’Orsay inside the gallery that reflects Arabic architecture.
  • The Observation Deck at 300 is a significant landmark of Abu Dhabi and also one of the five notable Etihad Towers. Make a reservation for an evening cup of tea while enjoying the picturesque view.
  • You can also venture into cheaper activities like strolling on the shores of Abu Dhabi Marina or ride the Marina Eye Ferris wheel or visit Heritage village.

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Day 7: Exploring Nostalgic Gem Before Departing Abu Dhabi

Food In Dubai, Dubai Abu Dhabi tour itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash

With limited time available before departing Dubai, spend few more hours in Abu Dhabi by visiting one more theme park, shopping at souks and trying a few more traditional Arabic cuisine. This way, make the best out of this one-week tour itinerary to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Activities To Do On Day-7

  • Visit Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi theme park to dive into childhood nostalgia. Reach early so that you don’t have to miss any of the 29 rides. Don’t forget to take photographs with your favourite characters such as Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. 
  • Finish your dinner, check out from the hotel and drive back to Dubai. If you arrive a bit earlier than your departure time, spend few hours in Motiongate. Or better spend some time in a nearby cafe. Take photographs to capture the one and only Dubai’s mesmerising beauty before departing.

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Your vacation days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be larger or smaller than this tour itinerary, but this post has covered all the sightings and activities in an ideal layout so that you don’t lose your steam. As Dubai and Abu Dhabi has already opened its door for Indian tourists, start looking for a suitable Dubai tour package or Dubai honeymoon package on Pickyourtrail. If you want to customise your Dubai itinerary, you can do it without restriction.

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