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Dubai Marina: Luxury and Panorama Redefined

Dubai Marina, popularly known as ‘New Dubai’, is a man-made marina that stretches 3 kilometers (2 miles) across the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. It is an artificial canal city, which is considered one of the top districts to visit in Dubai and is fast becoming the most sought after district for tourists visiting Dubai. Dubai Marina is known for its breathtaking panorama that dazzles up in the sky with the towering skyscrapers and the brilliant panoramic views you get from the top. Something that is noteworthy about Dubai Marina is that it caters to anyone and everyone – right from a solo traveler traveling to experience the rush, or couples wanting to spend their honeymoon in luxury, or a family wanting to spend some quality leisure time enjoying the glory of Dubai.

One of the key highlights or aspects about the Dubai Marina is that, due to its proximity to the open sea, there is a very good chance you may spot sharks or whales in the waterbody, especially during the migratory season. This entices several tourists to visit this district during their Dubai tour.

The Dubai Marina is located in Interchange 5, extending all the way from Al Sufouh Road to Dubai Media City. It consists of The Beach, and its largest development, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Dubai Marina was constructed by taking inspiration from the Concord Pacific Place, which is a development along False Creek, Vancouver, Canada. This is well within the city limits and pretty much accessible from any parts of the city, thus making it convenient for the travelers to reach here considering how prominent this location is.

Let us now see everything you need to know about the Dubai Marina as you embark on your dream Dubai tour!

Dubai Marina
Image credits: Wikimedia

How to reach Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is located well within the heart of the city and is quite renowned amongst the locals and tourists. Due to its popularity, its quite accessible from any part of the city. You can reach Dubai Marina by boarding a metro train and getting down at Dubai Marina Station, which is located near Interchange 5. This is in the red line of the metro route. You can also reach Dubai Marina through trams, the Al Sufouh Tramway, which is well connected to the marina from prominent parts of the city. You can also hire a taxi from any part of the city to reach here, although public transportation is more recommended as you have brilliant connectivity, and also it is quite affordable as compared to taxis in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai Marina

Adventure Activities

Dubai Marina is the hub for adventure activities in Dubai. Visit the world-famous Xline, where you can zipline your way to the top and explore Dubai at its grandeur best from the soaring height. The free-fall from Skydive Dubai is something you must-do if you are looking for adrenaline-pumping experience. Not to mention, you can also choose to experience other activities like flyboarding or jet-skiing at the JBR beach. Be rest assured Dubai Marina is going to sky-rocket your adrenaline to make it a tour you’d never want to forget. Adrenaline junkies, this is your paradise!

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Yacht Experience

No Dubai Marina tour is complete without a lavish time spent in the Yacht on the open sea. Reserve a Yacht from the Yacht clubs, and spend quality time with your near and dear ones, enjoying the eye-pleasing views of the Dubai Marina landscape. If you are looking for a similar experience at an affordable cost, you can consider hiring speedboats or the traditional Dhow cruises you can find along the marina coast.

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Yachts in the Dubai Marina
Image credits: Wikimedia

Camel Ride

Embrace yourself for a unique experience to enjoy the stunning landscape of Dubai Marina from the top of an Arabian Camel. Although you may find the pace of the camel irregular at the initial phase, pretty sure it’d turn out to be enjoyable after you get used to its pace.

Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is the best way to embrace the vibrance of the marina district embedded with over 69 eateries and over 300 shopping outlets. Take a hearty evening stroll across the Marina to enjoy panoramic views, exciting events, world-class restaurants serving various cuisines, and to finally relax and unwind after a buzzing day in Dubai.

Dubai Marina Mall

No trip to Dubai is ever complete without shopping, be it in any parts of the city. And that is why visiting the Dubai Marina Mall is of utmost importance. Sprawling across 390,000 square feet, with over 130 outlets through the 4 levels, the mall has top outlets for anything and everything you are seeking to shop.

Dubai Marina skyscrapers
Image credits: Wikimedia

Ravishing Restaurants and Hotels in Dubai Marina

Saarangaa Bhojan Shala

Don’t think you will ever miss Indian cuisine in Dubai as you have a lot of Indian cuisine options across Dubai, and the same is the case with the Dubai Marina. Saarangaa Bhojan Shala is a top-rated Indian restaurant where you can taste authentic Indian dishes like Naan, Masala Dosa, etc. at an affordable cost.

Pier 7

Pier 7 is not just about the mouth-watering food, but it is also about the stunning views while dining. Relish your food while surrounded by cylindrical glass structures as you admire the stunning night skyline of Dubai Marina.

25°55° Cafe Bistro

The 25°55° Cafe Bistro is located in The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is one of the best places to have breakfast in Dubai Marina. The signature ‘Marina Breakfast’ is served on an iron grille overlooking the artificial canal. If you are lucky, you may spot some celebrities in this posh clubhouse.

Indian food in Dubai
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Dubai Marina should give you more compelling reasons to visit the stunning city of Dubai. Trust Pickyourtrail’s travel experts to curate a completely customizable and unique Dubai vacation through their Dubai tour packages to ensure you create memories that you can cherish forever! Log onto for further details.

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