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Dudhsagar Falls
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Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Things to know before your visit

Dudhsagar waterfalls is a four-tired, iconic attraction located in the state of Goa in India. It is considered as India’s most beautiful natural marvels. Located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary in Mollen National Park, this is a crown jewel of the Western Ghats. Because of its dazzling natural beauty, Dudhsagar is one of Goa‘s most visited location. The sheer variety in the flora and fauna is further complemented by this majestic waterfall. Dudhsagar is one of the top five tallest waterfalls in India. With a height of over 1000 feet, this gigantic fall is indeed a true wonder. The sound of the water splashing on the rocks is audible from a long distance. Curious already? Here are the things to know before visiting Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

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Origin of the Name

The literal translation of Dudhsagar is “Sea of Milk”. The milky white waters of the fall truly justify the name. The popular belief around the waterfall is really interesting. A Princess who was bathing in the lake nearby Mandovi river, poured a mug full of milk to protect herself from a Prince who was gazing her. This started the unending flow of milky waters.

Dudhsagar Falls
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The waterfall is located in the state of Goa, very close to the Karnataka border. Because of its rich ecological diversity, it is home to a variety of wildlife. Also, it is a part of the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary.

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Best time to Visit

The period between October to March is an ideal time to visit. The monsoon is a rough time as the rocks get slippery and the fall is more aggressive as well. Also, ensure that you are familiar with the things to know before visiting Dudhsagar.

How to Reach

By Road: It is about 70 kilometres from Panjim and about 50 kilometres from Madgaon. If you are travelling in your own vehicles, you would have to leave the vehicles at Kulem, as private vehicles cannot enter the park.

By Train: Kulem and Castle Rock are the two nearest train stations. You can also take a train to the Sonaulium railway station which is few kilometres away from Dudhsagar waterfalls.

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Trekking to Dudhsagar

There are mainly 3 ways to trek your way towards Dudhsagar waterfalls.

  1. Castle Rock: Get down at the Castle Rock station in Karnataka. This is approximately a 15 kilometres trek which goes over the railway tracks to reach the falls.
  2. Kulem: Kulem station is located in Goa, and the trek takes you through several tunnels, climbing the Braganza Ghat and after about 13 kilometres you reach Dudhsagar.
  3. Sonaulim: There are no platforms here and some trains stop for about a minute, where you have to get down quickly and hike down for 3 kilometres and you reach the falls.

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Important things to keep in mind before visiting Dudhsagar Falls

  • Be prepared to spend a full day to enjoy the waterfall and its surrounding areas. It is a paradise in the Western Ghats and a home to pristine natural wonders.
  • Carry a swimsuit and change of clothes as you will be allowed to enjoy some quality time in the cold waters, under the lower tiers of the fall.
  • Life jackets are absolutely mandatory.
  • Ensure you have enough water and food for a day, as there are no options to buy anything inside the National Park. Also, make sure you do not litter in the waterfall and the Park area.
  • The best option is to buy the entry tickets online, which avoids waiting on queues and delaying entry.
  • The jeep ride through the Park can be a bit rough because of the jungle paths. People with back pain will find this to be a difficult ride. Also, ensure your children are protected.
  • Elderly people might find it difficult, because of the jeep ride. There is another small 1-kilometre trek from where the jeep drops you to the base of the falls.
  • Jeep rides normally cost about 500 per person, and you will be sharing the jeep with other tourists.

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Falls Goa
Image Source: Google Images

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