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Facts About Maldives
Written by Farheen on August 31, 2020 Share on

Facts About Maldives That You Would not have Guessed

The Maldives is one of the most tropical and exotic places on the globe. International tourism community highly appreciates this island destination. Moreover, tourists all over the world recognise it as a bucket list destination. The Maldives has a unique history, culture and traditions binding the islands as one. It is quite an interesting travel destination. Find below the facts about Maldives that will make you want to pack your bags asap!

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Facts About Maldives

1. It is the flattest country on the globe

The Maldives is the flattest country to exist on earth. It has an average altitude of 1.8 metres over the sea level. The next flattest country is Qatar which has an average elevation of 28 metres. That is quite a lot of difference! The Maldives is actually really flat. The highest spot in the whole country is 2.3 metres. This point is located in Villingili Island.

2. It has a strict constitution

As per the constitution of Maldives, only Muslims are considered to be citizens of the nation. Any other faith besides Islam is not considered so.

3. Weekends in the Maldives is not what you think

Unlike most countries and western counterparts, the Maldives does not mark Saturday and Sunday as the weekend. Instead of thank god its Friday, the country practices thank god its Thursday. This is due to the fact that they observe the weekend on Friday and Saturday. It might come off as shocking that people go to work on a Sunday, but it’s totally normal here.

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4.The Flag

The Maldivian flag is made up of a green rectangle in the centre with a crescent moon covering it, surrounded by a red rectangle. The red is a depiction of the sacrifice of the people who lost their lives defending the nation. The green describes tranquillity and accomplishment and the crescent moon stands for the official religion which is Islam.

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5.The Dhonis

These are the old Maldivian boats which are were used widely for moving around on the sea. Nowadays it is used for fishing as well. These boats are said to have their structure taken from the old Arabic sailing dhow. This was generally used as a sailor ship in the Indian Ocean back about the times of the 11th century.

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6. The Coconut Tree

facts about maldives
Credits: Unsplash

Here is an interesting fact about Maldives! The coconut tree is one of the symbols used to signify the Maldives. You must be wondering why. There is a great answer for that too. Coconut trees are majorly grown on the island nation. Coconut trees give out much-needed shade on the beaches. They are a good medium of wood too. This wood from the trees is sturdy enough to make the old dhonis or boats.

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7. Maldives Island and Atolls

Facts About Maldives
Credits: Unsplash

The Maldives has a sum of 26 atolls and 1190 islands out of which almost 200 are occupied and 110 are left completely for tourism and luxury destinations. So travelling through the ocean is a common act in this nation. Who would’ve guessed this to be one of the facts about Maldives. If you are planning to take a trip to Maldives, and still undecided about where to stay, you can read the blog about Kuda Villingili Resort, one of the greatest resorts in the Maldives

In conclusion, now you know all the times about Maldives before taking a trip to the island destination. Check out some of the Maldives packages or Maldives packages for couple by Pickyourtrail.

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