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A beautiful silhouette picture of trees in Assam
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Celebrate the Top festivals of Assam along with the vibrant energy of Assamese

Assam, located in the north-eastern part of India, is a beautiful place to plan your escape to. The state is especially known for its unparalleled beauty of nature, the carpets of tea plantation, surrounded by wild forests, the long blue skies and the Brahmaputra flowing along the way. Though Assam is capable of making someone fall in love just with its natural beauty, it has something more. There are so many festivals of Assam and it celebrates not only the gods but its visitors with love. Read on to know more about the festivals in Assam and get the opportunity to deep dive into the Assamese culture and heritage.

A group of people riding in bicylces in traditional clothes in one of the festivals of Assam
Image by Vikramjit Kakati from Pixabay

Top 7 Festivals of Assam

One of the best ways to get along with the locals and live their culture is by taking part in their festivities. This is a pure reflection of the tradition and heritage of the state of Assam. Any place that we visit gets complete only by witnessing the beauty of its culture. The culture of Assam is engaging, vibrant and nevertheless mind-blowing. Below are some of the top seven festivals that the locals of Assam celebrate, would tempt you to visit:

1. Bihu Festival

Bihu festival is one of the most important festivals of Assam celebrated by the people. Curious to know what is this festival all about? It is basically a harvest festival, paying gratitude that one gives to their supreme God, Brai Shibrai. Moreover, there seems to be a myth with the name of this festival. Bu translates to ‘Ask’ and Shu translates to ‘Peace and prosperity’ which gradually has become Bihu over the days. On this day, the Assamese dress themselves up with ethnic clothes and celebrate the day singing songs, preparing feasts and celebrating the day. Okay! What else is special? The buffalo fights, Rangoli Utsav and the exhibitions of a variety of traditional jewellery add more beauty to the festival. The festival is celebrated during the days in April across the entire state and make sure to visit while you are there.

A group of dancers performing in the Bihu festival of assam
Image by Vikramjit Kakati from Pixabay

2. Ambubachi Festival

Being celebrated in Kamakhya Devi temple, this is said to be one of the most loved festivals. Assamese celebrate it for four days worshipping Goddess Kamakhya. On the first three days of Ambubachi, it is believed that the Goddess goes through her menstrual cycle. Hence the doors of the shrine would stay closed. Cooking a meal, daily worshipping and agricultural works are strictly forbidden until then. However, on the fourth day, the goddess is cleansed with milk followed by different rituals. In addition, the festival also includes Tantric shows that visitors could enjoy. Don’t forget to taste some delicious food at the stalls at the festival!

A picture of devotees in Ambubachi festival of assam
Image Credits: Google Images

3. Majuli Festival

Majuli Festival is one of the most beautiful festivals on the land of Assam. In the festival, you could witness people coming in huge numbers with ethnic dresses on them. River Luit is the host, thus attracting the locals and tourists on its bank. What do they do at the festival? People come together, prepossessing the beauty of their customs and taking pride in it. You could also see people from different parts of the world taking part in the festival, showcasing their talents. People also put up exhibitions from food to handicrafts to artefacts to traditional clothing. Also, don’t forget to collect some beautifully crafted potteries to take home!

4. Dehing Patkai Festival

Celebrated in the month of January, it is one of the most joyous festivals. It is held in the district of Tinsukia, organized by the government itself. In this festival, you can also enjoy a variety of sports like Kayaking and parasailing and plays insisting the necessity to save the elephants. With this, you can also enjoy Elephant safari which takes you to observe the wildlife of Assam. Also, collect some crafty products, taste some scrumptious food, enjoy performances by artists and its everything about Dehing Patkai Festival. Visit to get inspired!

5. Tea Festival

Being on the top of the world’s best tea production, Assam celebrates a three-day festival to glorify it. It is celebrated in the month of November in Jorhat, called as the tea capital of the world. The taste of tea you feel here cannot be felt anywhere else. From white to black to green tea, it offers a variety of tea that one could taste and ask for more. Also, exhibitions are held showcasing the growth of teas. Take part in the festival and fall in love with the green leaves and captivating aromas all over.

Tea tribe dance in the tea festival of Assam
Image Credits: Google Images

6. Ras Lila in Majuli

People celebrate the festival of Lord Krishna in this festival. The people in Majuli are great devotees to Krishna and have been performing dramas on his deeds. Because of this very reason, they showcase his life in the form of dances, songs, plays and puppet shows. Here, the people also take part and enjoy irrespective of age and gender. The five days festival showcases not just the life of Krishna but also the culture of the people of Majuli. Visit this festival and fill your eyes with some brilliant colours and emotions of the performers.

7. Baishagu Festival

Bodo Kacharis of Assam celebrates the festival, full of colours and positive vibe that Assamese usually spread. On the first day, the people bath and worship the cows followed by young people seeking blessings to their elders, the next day. Want to know the highlight of the festival? It is the Bagurumba dance by not only the dancers but also everyone in Assam. In addition to this, they conduct prayers at Garja Sali, as a closing ritual. Join the Assamese and bring out the dancer in you!

To leave you in awe with celebrations, there are a variety of festivals of Assam along with its rich biodiversity. Though there is never a bad time to visit Assam, there is something you should know. Visiting the state is a beautiful experience but being there during one of its festivals can be an adventure for a lifetime. Feel like celebrating it with Assamese? Visit the Pickyourtrail website to get some amazing itineraries to Assam and start planning your very own Assamese vacation. Happy Travelling!

Enjoy the best of festivals in Assam with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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