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All you need to know about the places to visit in Tezpur

Lying on Brahmaputra ‘s northern banks Tezpur is one of Assam’s consequential states. However, this location slouches with beautiful tea gardens and has an infinite run of paddy fields. Tezpur is one of Assam’s most popular attractions. Tezpur has a lot of popular places to visit. Tezpur offers tourists a view of the picturesque scenery, the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains and numerous temples. The place is filled with nature-related attractions. Examples are Agnigarh, Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalia Bhomora Setu Bridge, Nameri National Park and more.

Best time to visit Tezpur

Tezpur is a stunning city with lots of scenic sights where any visitor can be wooed. Tourists enjoy Tezpur for the quietness it gives to the eyes and the mind. Located in Assam’s north-eastern corner, Tezpur experiences environment like Assam’s entire province. It experiences a subtropical climate style monsoon and features primarily just 3 seasons-summer, monsoon and winter. You can find the details regarding the best time to visit Tezpur below.

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Sunset in Tezpur
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The temperature varies from 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. Hence the city is a little warm and can be a perfect time to visit Tezpur. Summer brings a hot, somewhat warm and cool weather.


During this season, rainfall happens abundantly and irregularly. This makes it very challenging for tourists to enjoy a nice day outdoors. The beautiful weather also makes the place look equally magnificent and picturesquely stunning. The temperature varies from 20 degrees to 28 degrees centigrade. Tourists are avoiding this season due to the torrential, unpredictable downpour that could mar your day.


The temperature varies from 12 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is scanty during this season, and the area enjoys nice, dry weather which makes visiting Tezpur perfect weather. The environment gets fairly hot, and Tezpur is an excellent winter getaway spot.

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Popular Tourist Places to visit in Tezpur

This northeast Tezpur destination is a lovely spot to spend a scenic and serene vacation. Tezpur provides travellers to nature restoration sites with several attractions from temples too. Top attractions include Chitralekha Udyan, Dakshina Kali Temple, Padum Pukhuri Dam, Kalia Bhomora Setu Bridge, Nameri National Park and more. Here is the list of top places to visit in Tezpur.

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Mahabhairab Temple Tezpur

Mahabhairab Temple is situated in Assam, on a hill in the northern part of Tezpur. King Bana has said the temple will be built. Kings of several dynasties, particularly Tungkhungiya donated to the temple and the pujaris a large part of Devottar Land. Paiks were also named to look out for the temple. The duty and administration of the temple were in the possession of Borthakur during the early years. The temple is officially managed by the State with the help of a management committee. This is led by the Deputy Commissioner of the District.

Shivratri is the largest festival to be observed in complete grandeur. The festival is attended by people from all over the world. The temple was constructed during the 8th to 10th centuries A. D. Ganesh and Hanuman cement-concrete statues are constructed in front of the temple entrance and are considered to be Dwarpaals. The temple holds an annual Shivratri fair that lasts a week and is renowned in Assam. Bhang and the laddoo are served as prasad to humans. It is a unique religious destination to visit in Tezpur.

Mahabhairab Temple
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Da-Parbatia Tezpur

If you’re interested in archaeology and the bygone era ruins, you’ll enjoy Da-Parbatia in Assam. Da-Parbatia is located 6 km west of Tezpur ‘s, in the district of Sonitpur. This is a tiny village where two ancient temple ruins have been discovered. According to historians, one of the temples was founded during the 6th century. Another temple of Lord Siva was supposed to have existed on the ruins of this temple during the Ahom rule.

The Archeological Survey of India carried out two excavations here. The first in 1924 and the second in 1989-90, and at present, the region is under the same authority. The temple ruins reveal a square-formed Garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum while the mandapa or outer gallery is built rectangular. The ruin figurines, made of stone and bricks, mimic the Gupta theme. The Ahom rulers had built a temple of Shiva on the ruins of this Gupta-period temple. 

Agnigarh Tezpur

Agnigarh is a hillock in the state of Assam situated at Tezpur. This historic site is also known as ‘North East India love spot’. The term Agnigarh means a house constructed in the midst of a storm. According to Hindu mythology, this fortress was built by a powerful demon, Banasura. He built this building to keep his daughter Usha in solitary confinement so she couldn’t meet her beloved Aniruddha. The fortress was surrounded on all sides by flames so that no one could escape without permission.

Agnigarh Tezpur
Source: Google Images

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Bamuni Hills Tezpur

In Assam ‘s northeastern state, there are a variety of ancient artefacts that remind us of the area’s glorious past. You can find these stunning ruins in the Sonitpur district’s Bamuni hills. Tourists from across the globe visit this ruins. The art style excavated in this region shows the Gupta era. There is no information as to who constructed this temple. It is commonly accepted that the temple was founded during the early Pala period. Locals believed that this temple was devoted to Lord Vishnu. Legend states it was a temple in North Indian Nagara style.

Bhomoraguri Tezpur

One major tourist attraction of Bhomoraguri city where Assam ‘s longest bridge named the Kalia bhomora is located. This majestic bridge spans across the mighty Brahmaputra River and extends around 3 km in length. This bridge is named after a famous individual named Kalia Bhomora Phukan. He initiated the construction of this bridge during the reign of Ahom. This long bridge is a linking point between the two districts, o Sonitpur and Nagaon.

Sunset by the river
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