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A historic place in Assam
Written by Kajani Shivam on November 15, 2022 Share on

Assam’s Historic Places: A Must-Visit for History Buffs

Assam is the most attractive state in North East India. Well, you definitely can’t deny this fact. This state is one of the Seven Sisters of India and is blessed with wildlife, stunning waterfalls, scenic tea gardens, culture and many more. If you think Assam is only about nature, culture and colourful festivals, you are wrong about. The state of Assam is beyond imagination and has many sites which are yet to be explored by many tourists. We often get stuck with its natural beauty and don’t find time to admire the historic places in Assam. Yes, you heard me right. Assam is also blessed with historical places which are filled with history and stunning architecture works. Interesting, right? Now quickly have a read and find out the top historic places in Assam and get ready to add them in your itinerary.

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Historic places in Assam
Image Credits: Google Images

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Historic places in Assam – Find out the top eight places

  • Rang Ghar
  • Satras
  • Hajo Powa Mecca
  • Talatal Ghar
  • Surya Pahar
  • Khaspur
  • Charaideo
  • Sukapha Samannay Kshetra

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1. Rang Ghar

Rang Ghar
Image Credits: Google Images

Rang Ghar is one of the famous historic places in Assam and is often referred to as the Colosseum of the East. Now wondering why it was known as the Colosseum of East? Well, Rang Ghar is one of the oldest surviving amphitheatres in Asia. Rang Ghar literally means the House of Entertainment and was built in 1746 A.D by Ahom ruler, Swargadeo Rudra Singha. Rang Ghar is often used by Ahom kings to witness buffalo fights and also served as an important location to celebrate the Rongali Bihu festival. However, the current condition of the amphitheatre is quite bad with cracks on the wall. Not to worry! You can still visit this place and witness the beauty of the amphitheatre.


AT Rd, Joysagar, Dicial Dhulia Gaon, Assam 785697

2. Satras

Image Credits: Google Images

Your visit to Darang is never complete without visiting the beautiful Satras. Darang has two Satras which are known as Khatara Satra and Dihing Satra. Satras are similar to monasteries in structure and consist of a large prayer hall which has a simple shrine. Guests and devotees are also allowed to stay in this place. A visit to Satras will teach you a lot about Assam’s rich culture. In addition, make sure that you have a look at the famous traditional performances which are performed by the locals.


Darang, Assam

3. Hajo Powa Mecca

Hajo Powa Mecca
Image Credits: Google Images

Hajo Powa Mecca is a famous religious site and the name literally means one-quarter of Mecca. The locals believe that by offering prayers in this mosque, devotees gain one-fourth of god’s grace which they would get in Mecca. This mosque was built during the time of Shah Jahan and also has a lot of history behind its construction. You can visit this place and seek blessings and also hear the historic stories behind its construction from the locals.


No.1 Bhelkar, Assam 781102

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4. Talatal Ghar

Talatal Ghar
Image Credits: Google Images

Talatal Ghar is located in the northern region of Assam and is undoubtedly one of the best historic places in Assam. And yes, Talatal Ghar is the largest Ahom monument in the entire world. That’s amazing, right? Love history and architecture? Well, make sure you add this place in your bucket list. Here you will find the impressive techniques of Tai Ahom architecture and the most interesting part is that the whole place was built with bricks and organic cement. Interestingly, Talatal Ghar stands strong for centuries together and still remains as one of the favourite spots for many history and architecture buffs.


Duboroni Ali Road, Dicial Dhulia Gaon, Assam 785697


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5. Surya Pahar

Surya Pahar
Image Credits: Google Images

Well, the fifth one to enter the list of historic places in Assam is Surya Pahar. Also, the locals believe that this place has 99,999 Shivalingas. Well, that’s a huge number, isn’t it? Surya Pahar is located about 12 km away from Goalpara district in Assam and is one of the most significant heritage sites of the ancient remains. The locals also say that there are many hidden mysteries and treasures in Surya Pahar. However, this place is definitely a must-visit place in Assam. Make sure that you add this place to your itinerary.


Bhatiapara, Assam 783101

6. Khaspur

Image Credits: Google Images

Khaspur is located 20 km away from Silchar. It houses the ruins of the Dimasa Kingdom which is a treat to our eyes. Here you will find a king’s temple, a lion gate, and a sun gate. One of the most attractive things in Khaspur is the elephant pattern gates. So, make sure you have a look at these beautifully designed gates.


Khaspur Road, Assam 788031

7. Charaideo

Image Credits: Google Images

Charaideo was the capital of the Ahom dynasty and was built by Sukhapa. This place contains many burial grounds of the Ahom kings and their queens. You will find 42 tombs of the kings and queens at the hilltop of Charaideo. Interestingly, Charaideo is also known as the Pyramids of Assam. Wondering why? Well, the architecture of these tombs can be compared with the Egyptian pyramids and also stands as a huge example which showcases the architectural style of the medieval period. In addition, the burial vaults depict a lot of information regarding the culture and lifestyle of the Ahom rulers. And not to forget the floral designs which add more beauty to the underground vaults. Well, this place is definitely worth enough to be in the list of historic places in Assam, right?


Charaideo district, Assam

8. Sukapha Samannay Kshetra

Sukapha Samannay Kshetra
Image Credits: Google Images

The final one to enter the list of historic places in Assam is Sukapha Samannay Kshetra. This is a memorial built in the memory of Sukapha, the first Ahom king of Assam. The Sukaphas Samannay Kshetra was built as an attempt to highlight and preserve the extraordinary leadership of Sukapha. Currently, the excavation process is being carried on the field hoping to find the remains of the Ahom Kingdom. In addition, tourists can easily reach this place by cabs, auto-rickshaws, and city buses.


AT road, Mohbondha, Jorhat, Assam 785006

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I am sure the above historic places in Assam must have amazed you. Visit Assam and get to know more about its rich culture and history. Interested in visiting Assam? Well, all you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and check on the travel packages and start your bookings with us. In addition, you can also download the Pickyourtrail app and get 24/7 support throughout your vacation. In the meantime have a look at some of our International tour packages for a great vacation.


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