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Best Foods To Try In Turkey
Written by Guest Author on November 20, 2020 Share on

Best Foods To Try In Turkey

If you thought that Turkey was all about landmarks and sightseeing, you were wrong. Turkey is also home to splendid and delicious local and traditional foods that tourists love to munch on. 

Turkish foods are known for their freshness and ingredients instead of seasonings. Turks love their food so much that many songs have been made about them.

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Piyaz is a famous dish of Antalya, and its deliciousness comes from its beans. It is also one of the most famous dishes in Turkey. The beans are grown in an inland province called Candir, and the same name applies to them.

As compared to the old butter beans, the Candir beans are smaller in size. Candir is mixed with lemon juice, salt, garlic, and a couple of other ingredients to make a slightly thick gravy. Just before serving, a soft boiled egg is chopped up and mixed as a topping as well.

Ezogelin Corbasi

Legends say that Ezogelin Corbasi was created and introduced by an unhappily married woman trying to win over her mother-in-law via her stomach.

Different ingredients were used to make the dish; however, there is no proof whether the woman could make her mother-in-law happy. Furthermore, the dish originated from a small village near Gaziantep, where it is still the number one preference of brides-to-be.

Yaprak Dolma

Traditional Yaprak Dolma is a dish rolled in vine leaves and either well-seasoned with rice or mincemeat, but it does not end there. 

There is an Isparata version as well that is cooked with rice and tomatoes along with garlic, olive oil, and tomato paste, etc. Then, a spoonful of the mixture is lifted and folded inside the vine leaf to make neat little cylinders.

Iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab is another famous dish originating and found in Bursa, located in the Northwest of Turkey.

It is said that a gentleman in 1867 of the same name came up with the kebab when he was cooking the dish for the workers of the city. Plump pide bread is used on which thin doner slices are placed and smothered in tomato sauce while being baptized with melted butter. Furthermore, the dish is served with grilled tomato, tangy yogurt, and green peppers.

Final Words

The foods mentioned above were just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to Turkey than only the foods outlined above.

Be it dairy products, sweets, or any other type of food; Turkey will never disappoint. However, you need to give some of the best foods above a try to give your taste buds a lifetime worth of deliciousness.

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