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Gorgonian gardens in Sri Lanka
Written by Janani on November 15, 2022 Share on

Gorgonian Gardens- A precious gem in the jewel box of Sri Lankan diving

Gorgonian Gardens: If you are addicted to diving, you are sure to be addicted to traveling as well. Diving indeed opens up a whole new world of exploration. If you believe that learning to dive is the best thing you’ve ever done so far. This article is for you. 


There’s no doubt that Sri Lanka is one of the best diving spot destinations in the world. The capital city, Colombo is an exceptional beauty with a wide range of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and flora with rich marine life. About 20 minutes away from Colombo, is a unique and beautiful dive site on the South Gale Reef – the Gorgonian Gardens. The incredible beauty of the oceans with the fascinating mix of underwater gorgonian gardens and marine life here is sure to make your heart go Boom Boom. You will find a whole new appreciation of the array of ecosystems while exploring the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Coral Gardens
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If you are thinking that it’s just another coral reef with rocky edges that lines up the coast of Sri Lanka. No, it is not. The gorgonian gardens is an underwater forest filled with colonies of gorgonian sea fans spread out over the sea bed. Packed with majestic gorgonian sea fans, the gorgonian gardens is a precious gem in the jewel box of Sri Lankan diving. It is recognized for its breathtaking natural beauty. 


While descending into the mystical world of gorgonian fans, just over 35 meters you will see a flat seabed covered by fans of various sizes as far as the eye can see. It is here, where you will get to see such a vast profusion of small and large gorgonian fans anywhere in Sri Lanka, never like before. To your delight, disbelief, and amazement, this remarkable underwater garden is healthy, thriving, and is in pristine condition. Anchoring here is strictly prohibited. This is because anchoring might harm or cause damage to the gorgonian garden.

Scuba Diving
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In addition to the stunning gorgonian fans, be prepared for schools of Red tooth triggerfish against a deep blue canvass of clear open ocean. Rapid head-down descent is required. This is because of the strong currents. You are more likely to miss the site, if not for a rapid head down. Given the depth and conditions of this dive, diving at gorgonian gardens is recommended only for experienced and independent divers. A Surface Marker Buoy is also mandatory.

Diving at Gorgonian Gardens will definitely be an experience you never ever expected in your wildest dreams. It is definitely a must-do activity in Sri Lanka, especially if you are an experienced diver. Make sure to plan your vacation with a day for exploring the majestic gorgonian fans of Sri Lanka. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Keep reading Pickyourtrail Blogs to know about Interesting places to visit around the world.

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