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Greece in April
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Greece in April 2023 – Your Complete Travel Guide To Visiting Greece in April

Lovingly called as the Land of the Gods, one must Visit Greece to fully appreciate the beauty of this sunny island. Originally named Hellas, this is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Anyone who is in love with the idea of springtime will love Greece for its tranquillity. Are you the kind of person who loves less-crowded places with a bit of sun and peace? Then Greece is surely the place to be. One of the most popular Mediterranean destinations, Greece is known for its wines, welcoming people and of course, the beaches. 


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Do you ask what are the advantages of visiting Greece in Apri? Less-crowded streets, pocket-friendly hotels and absolute serenity. Are these not reasons enough? Read on to get inspired to travel to Greece in April. 

View of Greece Seas
Image Source: Pixabay

Weather in Greece in April 

Visit Greece in April to witness how beautiful the country looks in the spring season. April brings pleasant temperature and the average temperature recorded is around 15-degree celsius. The highest temperature that you will experience in the day will be around 18-19 degree celsius, which honestly is still very pleasant weather to explore the spring filled cities. 

Places to Visit in Greece in April 

Wondering what are the must-see places in Greece in April? Home to many celebrated islands and cities, Greece has a lot of places to offer to you for a memorable experience. Scroll down, read along and take notes for your April vacation to Greece 


Known for its serene 11th-century monastery and whitewashed towns, Chios, the fifth largest Greek Island is a must-do in your list of cities to visit. This island produces mastic at large scale and hence popularly known as the Mastic Island. Chios is home to the only black sand beach in Greece, The Mavra Volia. Also referred to as Homer’s Island, many tourists visit the Neo Moni monastery that looks amazingly beautiful during Greece in April. What best place to find solace if not a serene monastery. 

Must-visit places in Chios: Beach, Monastery. 

Black Sand Beach in Greece
Image Source: Pixabay


Fascinated by Greek Mythology? Well, Corfu is the place where all the mythological Greek wars took place. This historical island is an integral part of the country. The name translates to “ City of peaks”, and is the second-largest Ionian island. The two peaks of the Palaio Frourio gave the city its name. Blessed with heart-warming villages, glittering beaches, famous museums and a remarkable main town, a trip to Corfu in Greece in April will complete your spring getaway wishes. 

Must-Visit places in Corfu: Museums, Beaches, Villages

Mountains of Greece
Image Source: Pixabay


Named after the Greek goddess, Artemis, this small island in Greece holds great biblical significance. Patmos is an impressive island that is said to be brought to life by the Greek God of Lighting, Zeus. On a sunny day, you can head to beaches like Psili Ammos, Kampi and Vaya to completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the island. You can also choose to take a boat ride to explore nearby places on your trip to Greece in April. 

Beach in Greece
Image Source: Unsplash


Birthplace of the mythological Apollo, Dellos is a must-visit for folks who are excited about mythology and history. You will find extensive remains of ancient statues, temples, and even a theatre spread across the island. 


Looking to explore Greek cuisine? Crete is the place to be. With the increasing popularity of books and shows talking about travelling chefs, this island has seen a huge demand for Agrotourism in the past few years. Raki or Tsikoudia, distilled locally is a must-try along with authentic regional food you can explore in Crete’s farms on your trip to Greece in April. 

Greek Salad
Image Source: Pixabay


Looking for a fun holiday in Greece? You should visit the Dodecanese island of Rhodes. Touted as one of the best Greek Islands for nightlife ( trust us, that is tough competition!), you can choose from numerous world-class bars in the town of Rhodes. Miltiadou and Platia Arionos are two of the most popularly visited places in Rhodes. Like all other islands of Greece, Rhodes is well connected with cruises. 


Set against the backdrop of staggering cliffs, Zakynthos has some of the best beaches in all of Greece. The Shipwreck beach on Zakynthos has gained huge popularity in recent times, which owes to the crowds these days. This beach, accessible only by a boat, should surely be a must-visit during your vacation to Greece in April. If you are looking to spend a quieter day, the mountainous portion of the beach on the northern side will give you a peaceful time you are looking forward to. 

Aerial view of Greece Island
Image Source: Unsplash


The capital city of Athens is surely the best among the places to visit in Greece in April. This bewitching city looks heavenly in the spring season. We recommend you spend a few extra nights here to visit the ancient spots like the Erechtheion temple, Agora, National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis. If you are a hiking enthusiast, don’t miss the hilly area of the Kolonaki district for an exhilarating hike along with the beautiful landscapes amidst the rich natural beauty. Don’t forget to visit The Temple of Olympian Zeus, one of the largest creations of the ancient world.

The Pantheon in Athens
Image Source: Unsplash

Orthodox Celebration- A Story of Greek Easter 

If you are travelling to Greece in April, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t participate in the Orthodox Easter Celebrations. People from all islands, cities and villages come together to celebrate this festival in a very grand way. You will stand witness to many midnight fireworks and Candlelit street processions. You will be able to see these celebrations from any of the islands we had recommended. 

Easter Eggs
Image Source: Unsplash

What to pack for Greece in April 

  • A pair of denim paired with a comfortable t-shirt or a casual dress can be worn at daytime
  • As the nights are relatively colder, you can carry a light jacket. 
  • Dress presentably and comfortably. 
  • Don’t forget to carry the essentials like prescribed medicines, currency, sunscreen and of-course, your passports.

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All set to explore the islands and take part in the festival for an unforgettable vacation to Greece in April? Still, confused on what islands would best suit your interests? Fret not, the experts at Pickyourtrail are just a call away to start crafting your Greece holiday package from India. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning, start travelling! 

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