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Greece in February
Written by Kajani Shivam on June 11, 2021 Share on

Greece In February – Celebrate The Month of Romance In Greece!

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world and the Greek gods have designed the country in such a beautiful way. Anywhere you go in Greece, there is something unique that could excite your soul. Greece is a complete package of beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, mouth-watering dishes, historical sites, lovely islands and many more. Exploring this historic country is surely something we all have on our bucket list. If you are looking for one of the best months to travel to Greece where you can save yourself from the crowd and also get a bit romantic with the weather, Greece in February should be your ultimate pick. Have a read and find out the reasons why should you plan your vacation to Greece in February!

Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

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Why Greece in February?

Visiting Greece in February is one of the wisest decisions to take if you are someone who would love to witness the famous sites of Greece without being squeezed in the crowd. In addition, this month can be suitable for the ones who are planning their vacation on a budget. As February month in Greece is considered to be an off-season, you will find the rates of flights and accommodations to be very cheap. If the coolness doesn’t bother you, February is no less than a perfect month to visit Greece.

Weather in Greece in February

Weather in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

February being the romantic month, the weather is also romantic enough with cold. Most of the days will be cloudy and you may also expect a few sunny days which could give you a warm feel. You may expect an average temperature of 10°C in February with highs of 13°C and lows of 7°C. In addition, you will find places like northern Greece and mountain zones being covered completely by snow! So, make sure you get ready for both summer and winter spells. Before travelling to any particular part of Greece, make sure to have a look at the weather as it changes accordingly to different parts of the country.


Greece Tour Package Starting @ ₹43,457

Things to do in Greece in February

  • Go, Island Hopping
  • Take a tour of Acropolis
  • Have a look at the Meteora in snow
  • Taste the traditional winter foods

1. Go Island Hopping

Why stick to one island, when you have many islands? Greece being the house for numerous islands, island hopping becomes a must-do activity. Celebrate winter on different islands and take on the different types of activities being conducted on every island. In addition, try communicating with the locals to get to know more about the beauty and story behind every island.

2. Take a tour to Acropolis

Take a tour to Acropolis, Things to do in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

As soon as we hear Greece, the immediate one to strike our minds is the long-standing Acropolis, right? It is one of the greatest architectural works done by the Greeks and a visit to the Acropolis will surely be a memorable visit. There is so much one can explore while taking a walk around Acropolis. The advantage of visiting the Acropolis in Greece in February is that you can very easily skip the crowd and the heat. The Acropolis being less crowded in February gives you all your time to observe the place with the warm weather vibes.

3. Witness the Meteora in snow

Witness Meteora in snow, Things to do in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

In February, you have a lot of chances of spotting Meteora surrounded by snow which is absolutely stunning! Meteora is basically a monastery that is built of six natural pillars and huge boulders which turns out magical in February due to the fluffy snows. The snow just adds more and more beauty to this place which makes it a picture-perfect spot in Greece.

4. Taste the traditional winter foods

Greece is specialised in its traditional winter foods. Get ready to taste some of them which are stuffed lahanodolmades, horta, and Kourabiedes. These foods are sure to delight your tastebuds! So, be prepared to fall in love with the winter special dishes of Greece.

Places to visit in Greece in February

  • Athens
  • Santorini
  • Thessaloniki
  • Parga

1. Athens

Athens, Places to visit in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. In short, Athens is the heart of Greece and missing to visit it on your vacation is truly a sin. Usually, you will find the crowd very less at the start of February compared to the end of the month. So, make use of this time and do get closer to the historic sites where you need not fight for space. Must-visit places in Athens are – The Acropolis, Temple of Hephaestus, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Panathenaic Stadium and many more.

2. Santorini

Santorini, Places to visit in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

Visit Santorini in Greece in February for some romantic vibes! The picture-perfect views of the twin cities, Oia & Fira gives the tourist some serious romantic backdrops. So, get ready to capture the blue and white combo with your loved ones. The romantic weather can give you all the chills and thrill you have been looking for in Santorini. Some of the must-try things in Santorini are to have a photoshoot session, candlelight dinner and island hopping.

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3. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Places to visit in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

If the history of Greece has got your attention, a visit to Thessaloniki could be an exciting one in your Greece vacation. Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in the world and houses numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Church of Acheiropoietos, the Church of Panagia Chalkeon, and Rotunda. Apart from visiting such historic sites, you can also taste some delicious Greek dishes and listen to a lot of folklore that evolves around Thessaloniki.

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4. Parga

Parga, Places to visit in Greece in February
Image Credits: Unsplash

If you are looking to stroll around some picturesque streets in the romantic weather, Parga exactly fits for the same. Parga is also gifted with some stunning beaches. So, if you are someone who loves to enjoy the cold, you may make your way to the beaches for some cool moments. Also, some of the must-see attractions in Parga are Sarakiniko Beach, Venetian castle of Parga and Acheron.


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Well, doesn’t Greece in February sounds like a magical visit? The romantic weather with a less number of tourists makes it perfect for anyone to explore the real beauty of Greece. Especially, if you are looking forward to planning your honeymoon in Greece, February is a perfect month to make it happen. If you have been wondering which travel planner to choose for your dreamy Greece trip, make sure to check on the Pickyourtrail website for some amazing Greece tour packages and Greece honeymoon packages from India.

Make your dream vacation come true by planning it with Pickyourtrail! Happy vacation!

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