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Greece in January
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Greece in January: A Pocket Guide to Visiting Beautiful Greece

Have you ever wondered what visiting Greece in winter is like? Here are some travel tips and advice for visiting Greece in winter.

Greece in January
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Before moving further there are a few things to take under consideration while visiting Greece in January has its pros and cons. On the positive side, you’ll have bargain prices for hotels, there’ll be very few tourists, and you could try out a ski resort in the mountains. Some of the ancient sites are less busy. On the negative side, there will be occasional rainy days, some Greek islands will be closed during winters, and you will probably be staying Idle on the beach.


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Is Greece in January worth visiting?

Yes, it is definitely a good time to visit especially if you’re looking for a budgetary trip. January brings down the temperatures but the weather is still pleasant and sunny. There are several locales in Greece that has the best experiences during winters.

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  • Weather and Temperature in January
  • Where to go in Greece ?
  • January events
Is Greece in January worth visiting
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Weather and Temperature in Greece in January

Winter in Greece is a bit rainy so try to carry a raincoat with you and some sturdy water-resistant shoes – particularly if you are planning for hiking. The northern and Hilly, mountainous regions are a good deal colder than the southern bottomlands. If you’re keen on snowy peaks, January and February are the coldest months. And if you head to the mountains, you’re likely to find snow there.

If milder temperatures are what you’re looking after, southern Greece is not only mild but frequently hot. Don’t forget to pack a pair of shorts to deal with the sunniest days. It’s not Idle on the beach weather, but great to explore the country’s many ancient sites without dripping with perspiration and being surrounded by other over-enthusiastic travellers.

Places to Visit in Greece in January

  • Athens
  • Kalambaka
  • Santorini
  • Mykonos
Athens, Places to Visit in Greece in January
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Athens, Greece

When people think of Athens they usually envision a hot summer day spent basking near the warm, sparkling waters of the city’s pristine beaches. Surprisingly though, Athens is also quite charming during the winter. As the capital of Greece, Athens is filled with plenty of things to do and sites to see.

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Go to Museum-Hopping in Athens

There are some amazing things to do in Athens, but the famous ancient city’s top draws are the historic sites and the world-class museums. The best thing about visiting Greece in winter is that the small crowds make museum-hopping so much easier and more enjoyable. Two of the best museum in Athens are the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. Both flaunt Extraordinary historical artefacts from up to eight thousand years earlier.

Go Skiing in Arachova

Skiing in Arachova, Places to Visit in Greece in January
Image Source : Unsplash

Greece may not be the best destination for skiing, but there are some more great options in the Grecian country. The mountain town of Arachova is quite near Mount Parnassos, which has got some amazing ski trails for all skill levels. While we don’t recommend choosing Greece over the more famous destinations for a ski holiday, it is a lovely thing to add to your Greece vacation. Not only can you ski here, but Arachova also offers you world-class resorts and spas, fantastic nightlife, and some genuinely once-in-a-lifetime views.

Get a chance to see Meteora in Snow – Kalambaka

See Meteora in Snow, Places to Visit in Greece in January
Image Source : Unsplash

It doesn’t matter when you’re visiting Meteora in summer or winter. It’s a brilliant destination to explore to get once in a lifetime experience. The monastery complex is built on six natural pillars and massive boulders, making for a unique destination. Meteora is a concatenation of rock formations that are settled in the heart of Kalambaka town. In winter, the surrounding landscape is lush and green, benefits from the seasonal rains and reduced crowds. However Meteora is alongside Mount Athos in terms of importance, The Meteora is also one of the most significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is listed under the five list and is undoubtedly a must-visit place that you shouldn’t miss…

Santorini In January

Santorini In January
Image Source: Unsplash

Located in the southernmost part of the Cyclades Islands. Santorini is usually known for its deeply traditional roots, breathtaking views around every corner, it offers many romantic settings and filled with natural landscapes to capture a mesmerizing view. Oia known for its best sunset views, Fira(The Capital), Akrotiri mainly Known for the excavation of ancient objects, Archaeological buildings and Megalochori are the foremost popular villages to go on to Santorini Island. There are many other villages on the island and every village has their own unique qualities.

The Unique Flavors of Romance is Everywhere

It is difficult to not find a romantic setting, especially in the evening within the enchanting evening down into the Aegean Sea. Oia is that the best place to get on the island during sunset. Its bright white buildings reflect the oranges and reds of the setting sun and combat the emergence of embers during a fire. There is nothing more romantic than you and your loved one being surrounded by warm light, enjoying a night surrounded with sights and sounds of slow-paced, relaxing life.

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Mykonos in January

Mykonos in January
Image Source : Unsplash

Visiting Mykonos during the winter is absolutely an honest idea if you are trying to find relaxing holidays, spending time with yourself. only a few travellers are found, the beaches are empty and therefore most places are closed. Well, travelling in winter has its own advantages you’ll get amazing travel deals! surrounded by windy and wet weather, it’s difficult for tourists to travel outside, so it’s better to settle on your accommodation carefully, attempt to search for a warm, comfortable place with a decent sea view.


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Events in Greece in January

  • New Year’s Day and Feast of Saint Basil Celebration – These two Major festivals celebrated in Greece. Athens and many other places have midnight fireworks.
  • Cinedoc Festival  – An annual documentary festival that takes place in Athens, Kalamata, Volos, Patras and Amaliada. It usually begins in mid-autumn and lasts until mid-spring. A minimum of two new movies is released per month, both in Greek also international. They also organize cultural and academic events to market the art of film.

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