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Step-By-Step Guide To Ultimate Backpacking Europe Adventure

Backpacking Europe is one of the most amazing things to do as a traveller. During the summer, hostels, the Mediterranean and the streets brim with life and people slowly drinking wine, and the late-night setting suns and During the winter, winter brings Christmas markets, skiing and fewer crowds.

This read will create an awesome resource page that will help you plan your backpacking trip to Europe with ease or a budget trip to Europe, including destination guides, transportation information, and backpacking Europe tips. Without further delay, here’s everything you want to know about backpacking Europe:

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Step 1: Plan Your Backpacking Europe Trip

Europe Map
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

How to Find a Cheap Flight – Getting to Europe can be a challenge. There are numerous flight deals if you know when and how to look, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Flexible with Travel Dates
  2. Be Flexible with Destinations
  3. Fly Budget Carriers
  4. Don’t Always Fly Direct
  5. Keep an Eye for Special Deals
  6. Take Advantage of Student Discounts
  7. Mix and Match Airlines
  8. Use Points and Miles
  9. Search Ticket Prices for Individual Travelers
  10. Book Early…But Not Too Early

How to Earn Points for Free Flights and Hotel Stays – Here are few options to earn points for free flights and hotel stays:

  1. Sign up for credit cards
  2. Meet the minimum spending requirements
  3. Rinse and repeat on the manufactured spending
  4. Sign up for contests and deals
  5. Buy points/miles, sometimes
  6. Cancel cards you don’t use
  7. Get a second round of credit cards

How to Avoid Paying ATM Fees – You should never have to pay any bank fees while you are accessing your money in Europe! Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Do not purchase currency till you arrive
  2. Always Pick the Local Currency
  3. Don’t Change Money at Airports

Step 2: Things for Backpacking Europe

Eastpak Sugarbush backpack black
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Pick the Best Backpack – It’s important to pick a quality backpack, here are few recommendations:

  1. Water-Resistant Material
  2. Lockable Zippers
  3. Multiple Compartments
  4. Internal Frame
  5. Padded Hip belt
  6. Padded Shoulder Straps
  7. Contoured/Padded Back

What to Pack for Your Trip – Here are Few suggestions:

  1.  Clothes
  2. Toiletries
  3. Small Medical Kit
  4. Gear
  5. Miscellaneous

Step 3: Accommodation in Europe

Beds Youth Hostel Bunk
Image Credits: Pixabay

How to Find Cheap Accommodation – Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed costs travellers have and reducing that cost can lead to big savings on the road. Here are the best ways to do so:

  1. Stay in Hospitality Exchanges
  2. Stay in Hostels
  3. Stay in a Home Exchange
  4. Stay in Airbnb
  5. Stay on a Farm
  6. Stay in a Monastery

Step 4: How To Get Around Europe

Hitchhiking in Kraków
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Economic Ways to Travel Across Europe – Even with the falling euro, travelling around Europe can still be fairly expensive. Here are ways to backpack Europe without breaking the bank.

  1. Travelling Europe by Megabus
  2. Travelling Europe by Busabout
  3. Travelling Europe by FlixBus
  4. Travelling Europe by Budget Airline
  5. Travelling Europe with a Eurail Pass
  6. Travelling Europe Using BlaBlaCar
  7. Hitchhiking

Should you purchase a Eurail pass? – It is a train ticket that allows you to travel in and through up to 28 European countries on trains and some ferries. It’s meant to be a hassle-free way to travel Europe by train and means to encourage people to visit a wide variety of countries.

Step 5: Save Money While Backpacking Europe

Economy Euro Currency
Image Credits: Pixabay

How to Save Money on Food – Food is often a major expense while travelling in Europe. Eating is one of the favourite aspects of travelling. While you don’t need to eat every single dish but be as open as possible to their food culture. Here are a few suggestions to afford a nice meal:

  1. Buffets
  2. Outdoor Vendors
  3. Street Food
  4. Fast Food
  5. Go Local
  6. Get Tourism Cards

Use Sharing Economy to Save Money – The Internet has revolutionized travel, allowing people to share, connect, and collaborate This post lists ridesharing, house sharing local meeting websites, For budget travellers, this change has led to money-saving and community-building making travel even more affordable and accessible. Here are a few suggestions: 

  1. Hospitality Networks
  2. House and Pet Sitting
  3. Apartment Rentals and Paid Accommodation
  4. Eat With Locals
  5. Taxis
  6. Car Rentals
  7. Rideshares

Tips For Savviest Traveler – Travel savviness is a process of missed buses, cultural unawareness, and countless errors. These travel tips will help you become an expert traveller making your trip much economic, better, longer, smarter and just being a better traveller:

  1. Always pack a towel
  2. Buy a small backpack/suitcase
  3. Pack light
  4. Take an extra copy of your passport and other documents
  5. Take an extra card
  6. Use no-fee bank cards
  7. Travel by yourself at least once
  8. Don’t be afraid to use a map.
  9. But don’t be afraid to get purposefully lost.
  10. Always visit the local tourism office.

Step 6: What to See and Do in Europe

Backpacking across Europe
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

While backpacking Europe, Find some of the budget travel guides for destinations around Europe with tips and advice on things to do and see ways to save money, and typical costs for each of them. In addition to the free city and country guides, check some insightful travel itineraries to make the most out of your trip to Europe’s most popular cities.

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This resource list will help you plan your trip to Europe in an easy way and avoid overspending. Europe is one of the favourite regions of the world. There’s so much variety in food, culture, and history. Hope these tips will help you plan your ultimate backpacking adventure in Europe! Oh now that reasons are outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this vibrant place for an amazing trip. Check some of the best Europe Tour Packages and book your ultimate backpacking adventure in Europe with Pickyourtrail. 

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