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Wayanad in Kerala
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Guide to Wayanad – Walk through the lush greenery of the Godly state

Going for a walk in the rich green fields of Kerala is just the feeling you need. Nature itself will heal you off all your stresses. Kerala is one state that has learned to blend urban life with nature. Anywhere you turn, you will get to see greenery and the best of nature. If you are anywhere near this beautiful land, you should pay a visit as it is never to be missed in one’s life. This place is just a great blessing that God has bestowed upon mother India. Anyplace you go in this place will feel like a paradise. The better you will enjoy the place if you know where and when you should visit certain places. So here is a detailed guide to Wayanad, a beautiful city in Kerala.

The Panoramic view of the City, Wayanad
Image Credits: Muhsin Mohd from Pixabay

Guide to Wayanad

Wayanad is a beautiful place to go and explore. It has many places to explore and all of them is exciting to watch. With many beautiful lush green places to explore, you can easily spend a lot of your quality time exploring this. Wayanad is definitely a standout among the other places of Kerala, owing to its beautiful scenic locations. Wayanad has things to do for every kind of traveller. With some of the most unique experiences, Wayanad gives away a pleasant stay to you and your loved ones. Wayanad is also famous for its spice plantations and many prehistoric caves. So do not miss out on these experiences as this will be once in a lifetime experience. So here is the guide to Wayanad.

Road to Wayanad
Image Credits: YADU KRISHNAN K S on Unsplash

Interesting facts

There will always be some interesting facts about a state that is being talked about so much. With a beautiful city like Wayanad, it tends to have a lot of interesting facts that we as a traveller should know about. So here are some of the interesting facts to boggle your minds out.

  • Wayanad is the only city in Kerala that has to share a border with both Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This is one of the main reasons for more customers visiting the place.
  • Wayanad is a very unique word for a name. The name originated from 2 words ‘Vayal’ and ‘Naadu’. Vayal means field and Naadu means country. This means Paddy field and Country land respectively.
  • Wayanad is the proud owner of the Banasura Sagar Dam, which is the only earth dam found in India. You will be able to view the Banasura hills in the backdrop. This is the second-largest earth dam in Asia.
  • Catch the scent of the pine in this beautiful place. Spend your time in the Chendanathode at Mananthavady. This is the only Pine forest that is seen in the Kerala state. Enjoy a day-long trek at this place.
  • Located in Vythiri Taluk, is the most unique and the only mirror temple Kerala. This is a unique experience for the tourists and it is also a Jain temple
The beautiful Landscape of Wayanad
Google Images: abdul majeed from Pixabay

Best time to Visit Wayanad

Wayanad during Summer

Summers are a bit rough at Wayanad as the temperature rises to be at 37 degrees Celsius approximately. Tourists find it pretty difficult to travel during this season as they will find it hard to bear the heat. But just opposite to that, the nights are completely chilly with some cold breeze reading across this beautiful land. Kuruwa Dweep, Meenmutty Falls, Pookot Lake and Banasura Sagar Dam are some of the activities that can be done during the night time. This season starts during the month of March season and ends during May.

Wayanad during Monsoon

The monsoon season in Kerala is between June and September and it is the time the rain Gods shower some of the best rains in this region. The region will be around 25 degrees Celsius around this time. This cut in temperature is due to the rainfalls happening during this season. There are strong breezes and at some point, there may be too many rainfalls. It is advisable to keep away from this monsoon season to visit Wayanad.

Wayanad during Winters

This is the best season to actually come in and make the best out of tourism. The ideal temperature that this season carries around in the city of Wayanad, is around 18 degrees celsius where the daytime is friendly and the night time it gets really cold. These seasons come in between the months of November and February.

Rains in Wayanad
Image Credits: Faris Mohammed on Unsplash

Things to Do in Wayanad

There are many top-notch places for all the tourists to visit in Wayanad irrespective of you having a short 1-day stay or a long 3-day stay. The place will showcase you the real beauty of the land filled with wonders. So here are the top places to visit while in Wayanad.

Edakkal Cave

This Edakkal cave is a historic spot that has to be visited while in Wayanad. Located 12 km from Sulthan’s Bathery, this Edakkal cave has all the new Stone age Pictorial works that give a proof of life form during the Pre-historic times. In the guide to Wayanad, this is an important place to visit.

Edakkal Cave
Image credit: Google Images

Kuruva Island

This Kurava Island is a perfect outing spot to go with your family. This Kurava Island has 950 sections of uninhibited pieces of timberland which looks scenic. This place is quiet and serene and so it is the best place to hang out as a family. Located 17 km away from the Mananthavady, this place is home to quite unique feathered creatures herbs and orchids. This is a place that is never to be missed out while you are in Wayanad.

Kurava Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Banasura Sagar dam

View the biggest Earth Dam in India, the Banasura Sagar Dam. This dam is also the second biggest dam in Asia. This dam is present in the beautiful city of Wayanad. With the scenic location of the Banasura hills, this dam is just pleasant to take a look at. You can get some very beautiful photographs here. This is a very important place to be visited and has a very special spot in the guides to Wayanad.

Banasura Sagar Dam, Wayanad
Image Credits: Google Images

Chembra Peak

About 2100 metres above the ocean level, the Chembra peak is a very important tourist attraction. This Chembra peak is well known among the tourists and it is very famous as a hiking point in this region. Ascending the whole peak is not an easy task and it will take at least a whole day to complete the trek. But the climb will not go to waste as you will get to see the fascinating beauty of Wayanad from the peak and it will be an image that has to be etched in your memory. It is an important place that should be there in the guides to Wayanad as this place is a very important tourist attraction in the city.

Chembra Peak
Image Credits: Google Images

Sentinal Rock Waterfall

Located at 22 km south of Kalpetta and close to Chooralmala, The Sentinal rock waterfall is an extremely mainstream waterfall. Also known as Soochippara, This is a three-stage cascading waterfall which falls from the height of 200 metres. This waterfall while seen with a spectacular landscape surrounding it is absolute bliss to watch. This is a must-watch site while you are in Wayanad and it is never to be missed out on.

Soochipara falls, Wayanad
Image Credits: Google Images

Neelimala View Point:

Neelimala viewpoint is an absolutely great place to take up hiking adventures. With great and many hiking trails present at the site, this gives you way more adventure than you expected. The summit bears an extraordinary Meenmutty falls in the slope with an excellent valley surrounding it presented to be one of the best viewpoints there. Do not refrain from visiting this spectacular site.

Guide to Wayanad on things to do

With so many places to visit in this god blessed city, this nature’s gift has many exciting things to offer. People come here to do some exciting activities and Wayanad does not disappoint them. So here is a guide for you with some of the things to do while you are in Wayanad.


Trekking is the most famous activity of Wayanad. The most famous trekking trail is the Chembra peak which is 2,100 metres above ocean level. This is also the highest peak in the city of Wayanad. There is a very famous lake here that accepted to never be evaporated. This lake is an excellent place to view and additionally a noteworthy attraction to the Chembra trekkers. This is a heart-shaped lake that is very famous among the trekkers and never to be missed.

Trekking silhouette
Image Credits: Free-Photos from Pixabay

Spa Retreat

If all you are looking for is the some quiet and calmness, then there is nothing better than this. The blue ginger spa and resort is the best place to have it done. Its lush green environments and the rolling landscapes are what gives you a serene feeling. It just gushes in a sense of calmness in your heart. There is also a Sweden spa knead that will keep you be calm. You could also take up trekking inside the retreat that will refresh you. The soothing environment, the dim-lit trails will restore you. Do not miss out on this peaceful experience.

Spa Retreat
Image Credits: Nawal Escape from Pixabay

Cycling tour

The cycling tour will surely give you one hell of an experience. This cycling tour will give you a way to ride through the woodlands and various tea estates. This is one of the best activities that can be done in Wayanad. Even though it is physically demanding it is something that you will feel accomplished about. Rather than rushing through these places, you can peacefully ride through these lush green fields. In case you want something that gives a great experience through the beautiful landscapes then this is the right activity to do.

Cycling Tour
Image Credits: Nawal Escape from Pixabay

Bamboo Craft workshop

Rather than simply touring, you can actually do a various number of activities in Wayanad. Best known for its bamboo art, there are several workshops that you can attend. You can attend these workshops and make fine bamboos. Conducted by very talented craftsman from Thrikkaipetta town. The bamboo art that you will be creating in this workshop, will be available to get as a gift. Get to know this art as this is one of the best activity that you can do in Wayanad. Do not miss out on doing this activity while in this city. Bamboo craft is a major activity and also one great art that you will learn here.

Bamboo forest
Image Credits: Nawal Escape from Pixabay

How to reach Wayanad

There are many routes that you can use to visit Wayanad. It is the only city in Kerala that is neighbouring both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This is one of the main reason that this city has many tourists throughout the year. So the guide on many ways that you can travel to Wayanad is as follows.


Wayanad does not have its own airport. The closest air connection to this city is the Calicut airport. Situated almost 65 km away from the Wayanad city, the tourists have to reach the Calicut airport and then from there, take a taxi to the Wayanad city. The tourists can either catch a direct flight or a connecting flight till Calicut, according to their preference. This is one of the easiest but the costliest way to travel.


There is no direct rail connection to the city of Wayanad. The closest train station that is available to Wayanad is Kozhikode railway station. There is a significant number of trains that connect many towns and urban cities to the Kozhikode railway station. You can get down at the Kozhikode station and then take a taxi and head your way to the Wayanad city. Otherwise, you can take public transport from the station to the city. The public transports are well connected from one city to another so that you can easily move from one place to another. This is one of the cheapest ways to travel to the city and also one of the most comfortable ways too. The Kozhikode railway station is a railway station that is well connected and so you’ll not find it hard to actually find a train to the Kozhikode station.

Train through Kerala
Image Credits: Google Images

Wayanad is a nature’s gift to the people of India and we hope that this guide was useful to know more about the place. It is a natural beauty that is an exhibit to the people to go there and enjoy it. Select Wayanad as a part of your itinerary in your Kerala holiday packages. Also, do check out the Pickyourtrail website to know more information about the domestic travel

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