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A beautiful click of Munnar
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Monsoon in Kerala – Explore the best of Kerala for the Chills and Thrills

Have you ever wondered why Kerala is known as God’s own country? A visit to Kerala during the monsoon season will answer all your question. Monsoon in Kerala is definitely a lifetime experience. Visiting Kerala during the monsoon season is the best way to explore the state. You will feel the sand fragrance, teeming rivers, washed green leaves and a perfect romantic breeze on your face. Feels great, right? You can explore the best of Kerala during the monsoon season. So, never take a chance to miss this beauty. Wondering what are the best things to do during monsoon? Well, have a read and find out more about Monsoon in Kerala.

A beautiful click of Monsoon in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Monsoon in Kerala

You can enjoy a heavenly climate during the monsoon season in Kerala. In addition, Monsoon in Kerala is divided into two types.

South West Monsoon

South West Monsoon is between the months of June and September. You will find a pleasant climate with an average temperature from 19 to 30 degrees.

North-East Monsoon

North-East Monsoon is during the month of October and November. The average temperature fluctuates from 29 to 35 degrees. You will feel the chills as Kerala moves towards winter.

Monsoon in Kerala – 5 Reasons to visit

  • The Monsoon Romance
  • Beaches in Kerala
  • Heavenly Waterfalls
  • Hill Stations in Kerala
  • The Beautiful Tea experience

1. The Monsoon Romance

A romantic click of a couple in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, you can’t deny the fact that monsoon and romance are the perfect partners, right? Monsoon tourism in Kerala highly attracts the couples as this season offers some best romantic things to do in Kerala. The natural landscape makes it more romantic. In addition, a stay at the houseboat, romantic dinner, lovely photoshoot are some of the must-try things for couples. Make it romantic with your partner.

Romantic Places in Kerala

Some of the romantic places in Kerala are Alleppey, Vagamon, Thekkady and Kovalam.

2. Beaches in Kerala

Beach in Varkala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Beaches are definitely not to be missed, right? One of the best things to do is to visit the beaches in Kerala during the monsoon season. It is a beautiful way to connect with nature and yes, vacation is not complete without visiting the beaches. Also, never forget to enjoy the delicious seafood in Kerala.

Must-visit beaches in Kerala

Papanasam Beach in Varkala, Cherai Beach in Kochi, Kanwatheertha Beach in Kasaragod, Bekal Beach, Kizhunna Beach in Kannur, Kappad beach in Kozhikode, and many more.

3. Heavenly Waterfalls

Athirappilly waterfalls in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

Waterfalls in Kerala seem to be at its best during the monsoon season. Well, remember the famous waterfall scene in Bahubali movie? Of course, we all have it visualized in our minds, right? The scene is shot in the famous Athirappilly waterfalls. Also, not to forget the famous Nannare song shot here. Interestingly, it is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Never take a chance to miss this beauty in Kerala. The monsoon season makes it more beautiful.

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala

Athirappilly waterfalls, Chethalayam falls in Wayanad, Keezharkuthu waterfalls in Idukki, Vazhachal waterfalls in Thrissur, and more.

4. Hill Stations in Kerala

A click of Munnar
Image Credits: Unsplash

You definitely can’t miss visiting the Hill Stations in Kerala during monsoon. Those in this state are some of the best Hill Stations in South India and they give you heaven-like vibes during monsoon. You will completely fall in love with its beauty. They have a natural charm and it is totally worth a visit.

Famous Hill Stations in Kerala

Never miss visiting Munnar, Vagamon, Thekkady, Idukki, Peermedu, Malampuzha, Ayyampuzha, Malayattur, and more.

5. The Beautiful Tea experience

A cup of tea at Munnar
Image Credits: Unsplash

Any tea lovers there? Well, you must read this one. Nothing can beat the experience of having a tasty tea in the monsoon season. So, take a chance and have the best tea in Kerala along with the famous Kerala cuisine during the monsoon season. This is definitely one of the best experiences that makes monsoon in Kerala more pleasant.

Famous Tea Points

Connemara Tea Factory Outlet in Periyar, Tea Museum in Munnar, Tea Bungalow in Kochi, and more.

Monsoon in Kerala is definitely beautiful, right? Mesmerized much? Well, you can reach out to Pickyourtrail website and find some interesting travel packages to Kerala. Also, follow this page for some amazing travel contents. We are waiting to hear your beautiful monsoon stories too. Quickly plan your vacation and get the best experience with Pickyourtrail. Happy Chills and Thrills!!

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