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Haunted places in Seychelles which you must not miss

Seychelles is a unique mix of pure seashores, clear waters and lush rainforests. It is a whole universe of history and culture. But, there is more. That is why a vacation to Seychelles is the most preferred one. And if you are adventure seeker, well, there is a spooky side to Seychelles. Interested? Read on. .The island’s history has several episodes of piracy, slavery and revolution. The spooky stories of Seychelles revolve around the beaches. How about getting into some creepy stuff on Seychelles holiday? Sounds fun? Add these haunted places in Seychelles in your bucket list and enjoy.

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History of phantoms in Seychelles

To begin with, Seychelles is an island that is primarily Catholic. Rather, phantom stories, are un-Catholic. Seychellois believe in sorcery and witchcraft. They still consult Bonom di bwa. Wondering who is he? He is a man coming from the forested areas to their homes. Not as a guest, but to help them keep spirits under control. They are certainly still offbeat. Wondering how? He enchants mantras and other words to pray for protection.

There are no official exorcisms completed by the Church. There is a person on Mahé Island who does his own ‘exorcisms’. Crazy, right? Also, there is a small Muslim crowd in Seychelles that represents around 1 per cent of the nation’s population. There is an inside story because we also hear that there are Islamic exorcisms called Ruqya, is performed.

Silhouette island’s spooky stories

Silhouette island
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This island is located 20 km from the north-west of Mahe. At Silhouette Island you can enjoy a comfortable and calm vacation. Also, it is away from every touristy venture in Seychelles. This makes it the relaxing centre point for a wide range of voyagers. This island is an ideal fantasy land for couples searching for privacy and romance. This doesn’t stop right here! Get ready for a spooky story now!

Dauban family from the mid 19th century owned this island until 1960. They formed the island into one of the best coconut ranches. This was for creating copra. They likewise created vanilla. Incidentally, many individuals from the family were buried in the Mausoleum situated on the island. The Durban family doesn’t want to miss the island and hence their souls are still roaming around. A little girl from the Dauban family is the most frequent visitor. The spirit of this girl can be heard bouncing on the bed and playing with toys. Her mom is called the “white lady” by the local people who witnessed the spirit once or twoce. So yes, are you ready to meet the Durban family?

Fregate island’s spine-tingling talks

Fregate Island is known for its picturesque views. It is filled with tropical vegetation, private beaches, and countless fun-filled activities. Likewise it known for the blear ‘headless lady’. She is a frequent visitor to the shores of Fregate Island. This lady is seen around the evening time and is said to take asylum in a cavern. The lady is the protector of the shores on the island. There are several stories about this headless ghost. Creepy Isn’t? Head to Fregate Island in the evening to say Hi to the headless lady.

Curious to experience this ghostly adventure all by yourself? In short, Seychelles has more to explore with your beloveds than all these scary stories. Wish to explore the beautiful seashore and lush sea waters? Plan your Seychelles Trip package with Pickyourtrail. Craft your itinerary with expert guidance. Browse through honeymoon packages and vacation packages to Seychelles. You can also WhatsApp us for queries. Remember our travel experts are at your service! Get inspired by reading more travel stories from Seychelles.

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