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Haunted Forest
Written by Krishna Teja on June 24, 2020 Share on

Most Haunted places in Kerala: The Scary Side of “Gods Own Country”

No city or state is saved with notices to events of paranormal activities, not even ‘God’s own nation’. Kerala has it a lot of spooky stories of baffling places that will give you goosebumps. Furthermore, why not, history justifies itself with real evidence in this old city. Thus, if true ghost stories or if holy interests you, at that point prepare to unfurl the fearsome parts of these 8 haunted places in Kerala!


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Here is a list of most well known haunted places in Kerala that you should visit on your get-away to Kerala. Come on, let’s read along!

1. Lakkidi Gateway – Explore The Haunted History

The View point of Lakkidi
Image Credits: Unsplash

Situated in the Wayanad region of Kerala, Lakkidi Gateway is the shortest route to cross the Thamarassery pass. However, the discovery of this route is the thing that has changed the door into one of the scariest places in Kerala. 

The Scary Story: It is said that in ancient times, a British professional took help from an individual named Karinthandan to discover Lakkidi and to has taken the credit for finding the way himself, and he killed Karinthandan. Afterwards, many explorers passing the new course revealed the meandering of the spirit of Karinthandan. A cleric was called, an exile was performed to bind the forsaken soul to a tree. Incredibly, the chain has developed with the tree which people accept to be the spirit that has not liberated till now. 

The Scary part: Trespassers have seen the terrifying screeches and shout around evening time. 

2. Bonacaud Bungalow – Real Ghost Stories

Bonacaud Bungalow – Real Ghost Stories

If true ghost stories are to be believed, at that point, Bonacaud Bungalow is one of the scariest houses in Kerala. After darkness falls, this rickety house turns into a horrid place and along these lines, included among the spookiest places in Kerala.

The Scary Story: During British law, the home was acclaimed for its rambling tea estates. It is said that on one fateful night, the small kids of the owner died under strange conditions. After this episode, the couple returned to London.

The Scary part: People have stated the continuous meandering of a childlike soul in the house. The sound of the breaking glass and shouting of a kid can be heard during midnights. The spirit of the scary kid walking all-around has also been saying. 

3. Trichur woodland – Witness Paranormal Activity After Sunset

The scary woodlands of Trichur
Image Credits: Google Images

Trekking, outdoors, and taking a wilderness safari are a part of the Things to do in Kerala. If you are a nature aficionado and love trekking and outdoors, at that point, you more likely than not known about Trichur Forest in Kerala. It is a superb place, yet when the sun sets, the site paints itself into dark hues, transforming into a scary place.

The Story: Unknown 

The Scary part: Those who come here for a bold encounter have seen paranormal activities. The phantom of a seven-year-old kid who died in this backwoods supposedly is ceaselessly wandering in the clear yet doesn’t hurt anybody. The soul vanishes in the morning, leaving the place as a haven for hikers.

4. Sabarimala Temple – Mysterious Incidents

Home the god of Sree Ayyappa, the old temple of Sabarimala has various stories related to it. Even though it’s easy to refuse to consider it the scariest place in Kerala since it’s a profoundly adored temple, there have been some secretive and heavenly episodes at this place.

The Scary Story: Legend has it that once Lord Ayyappa has defeated a demon here on the 14th of January.

The Scary part: Every year, the malicious soul attempts to enter the hallowed place on a similar date and is defeated by Lord Ayyappa. The battle is finished with the annihilation of the secret soul, and to check it, there is ablaze in the sky which individuals guarantee to have seen.

5. Kariavattom – Famous Haunted Place

Scary haunted girl in a house
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Kariavattom grounds street is another scary place in Kerala. It is said that there is a lake in its region named after the young lady who ended it all in it, Hymavathi lake.

The Story: Unknown

The Scary part: People have confessed to having seen a ghost that is double the size of a normal person walking around out and about.

6. Perandoor Canal – For An Encounter With Ghost

Perandoor Canal is one of the most spooky places in Kerala, and if you need to have an experience with a ghost, you should visit it. Local people accept that this Canal is mysterious by the soul of Mathai.

The Scary Story: The legends express that Vadhuthala Mathai mishandled a lady and was hanged to death close to this Canal on the request for Lord Raja Edappally.

The Scary part: Locals have felt several paranormal activities near to this Canal. 

7. The Crying Ghost In Kolam – Scary Voice Of Child

Pathways of a scary house in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

What can be more frightening than the crying sound of the kid in your new home? All things considered, this happened to a couple who moved into a house in Kolam. The unexpected sound was getting stronger every day until, at long last, they called the cleric who caught the wandering soul. It is to be sure one of the scariest places in Kerala.

The Story: Unknown 

The Scary part: Frightening voice of a crying kid

8. Morris Bungalow – Abnormal Activities

Morris Bungalow

Morris home is one of the most mysterious places in Kerala. During the British rule in India, the lavish Bungalow had an area with an Englishman, Morris is accepted to have ended it all after contention with his dad. The home is known for irregular exercises since that time. 

The Story: The luxurious cabin is known to have a place with Englishman, Morris, who ended it all after which the house is known for abnormal exercises. 

The Scary part: Presence of an evil soul in a cabin 

Thus, If you are a fanatic of paranormal activities, do steel your nerves and visit these scary places in Kerala. Along these lines, think no more, gather your packs, plan your trip in Kerala and prepare to discover a phantom! Also, if you wish to plan more to Kerala, Log on Pickyourtrail and plan your vacation to Kerala.


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