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Havelock Island in Andaman
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Havelock’s Beautiful Elephant Beach In Andaman And Nicobar

Elephant beach is one of the unique beaches located in the Andaman Islands. Popular for snorkelling, Elephant Beach boasts of some of the energetic coral reefs on the island. The coral on this beach makes it a magnificent spot to enjoy snorkelling.

Elephant Beach is not only famous for its spotless beauty but also for its peaceful environment. It is an ideal place for you to enjoy a picnic lunch or to go snorkelling. There you can enjoy watching colourful corals up to 20 meters in depth.

Elephant beach underwater
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Enjoy the gentle waves, the sapphire-coloured waters, bare trees, and the vast horizon along with the sense of being one with nature on this spectacular beach.

Activities in Elephant Beach

1.Scuba Diving: 

With rich coral reefs and vibrant underwater life, the elephant beach attracts all tourists. Its pristine and colourful underwater life is the spot for scuba diving at the beach.


Try snorkelling at Elephant Beach and make sure to carry your snorkelling gear before going to the beach. This can also be taken by the non-swimmers exploring the exotic marine animals such as sea turtles and sea snakes. 

3.Mirror Boat Rides :

The Elephant Beach in Havelock is famous for its mirror boat rides. It is a beautiful activity where you can see the rich marine life underground from your boat.

Activities at elephant beach
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4.Kayaking :

Another famous activity you can go for at Elephant Beach is kayaking. You can explore the unknown serene places by kayaking at this beach which has one of the clearest waters.

5.Swimming :

Elephant Beach is safe for swimming and has clear crystal waters. This beach is the go-to for those who enjoy swimming and watersports.

6.Trekking :

You can also trek the Elephant Beach, which has dense jungles and grasslands. The trail offers picturesque and breathtaking views.

How to get to Elephant Beach

You can access the beach by walking from RadhaNagar Beach or by fishing boat from the eastern side of the island. Situated at one remote corner of the Island, one has to either take a boat or follow a steep but short trek to reach Elephant Beach. Elephant beach is located on Havelock Island. You may reach Havelock Island by booking a ticket on a seaplane or Makruzz/Coastal Cruise from Port Blair. Coastal Cruise operates from Neil Island as well. Government boats also connect Port Blair to Havelock and Neil to Havelock.

Best Time to visit Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach can be visited between October and May when the spring is in full bloom and you can explore and enjoy the natural flora of the island. There are no specific visiting hours for Elephant Beach and one can go anytime. However, you are required to return back to the dock by 4:00 PM as no boats are allowed later in the evening near Elephant Beach. 

Don’t miss out on visiting Elephant Beach when in Andaman and spend a beautiful vacation with your family. We at Pickyourtrail ensure our best travel experience is put into planning your vacation with lots of excitement. Add this to your Andaman tour package and Happy travelling!

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