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Written by Akshaya Devi on July 1, 2020 Share on

Hilarious ways restaurants are taking social distancing to a whole new level because, why not?

We’re halfway through the year that could only be described as a whole bunch of unpredictability we’re still adjusting ourselves to. Who are we kidding, the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows now. Neither is it as dull—well, who would call a mob of giant teddy bears swarming their usual cafe ‘dull’? Or a bunch of nosy mannequins staring at them from the next table? (Not dull, but definitely scary)! Go on, take a look at the hilarious ways restaurants are practising social distancing in a world rebounding from COVID-19.

All this makes it a little more ‘bear’able, commented someone on Café de la Mairie’s initiative to keep people apart in the cutest way possible, and you really can’t tell otherwise. I don’t want to have coffee alongside giant teddy bears in the city of lights’ waysides, said no one ever.

While the Parisian cafe keeps social distancing simple, this Amsterdam restaurant goes breathtakingly haywire and builds separate greenhouses that help you elude social contact. Ask for Mediamatic ETEN if you want to pay a visit yourself.

H.A.N.D restaurant Paris lets you sit inside plastic shield pods or astronaut-like lampshade suits for social distancing. Slightly funny, but what’s not to like? Let’s face it, normal restaurants won’t open since you can’t eat with your face masks on and you’re really really done with eating by yourself in the couch. Look at the setup!

Our beloved Burger King sombrero crown but way bigger. You couldn’t indulge in social contact even if you want to, and needless to say, Burger King aces social distancing in ways you didn’t expect.

Another giggle-inducing creative effort comes from Fish Tales restaurant in Maryland, which makes social distancing look cool by giving you individual rubber tube trolleys to move around. Even if you bring two moving tables together, you’ll still be 6 ft apart, and you’ll only feel like playing around in giant baby walkers.

But one place I wouldn’t go even if it means eating the rest of my life’s meals at home is, this. The Inn at Little Washington has invited “mannequin customers” to occupy the rest of the 50% seats that would otherwise be empty as per CDC guidelines. This will make customers feel that they are not alone (you bet!), says the owners who have also asked the staff to check in on the mannequin guys if they are having a good time. One question. WHY? Have you never heard of Automatonophobia?

Plus, there are always other (less-nightmarish) social distancing ideas! Like this German cafe’s colourful pool noodle hats:

Or this Vietnam restaurant’s adorable stuffed pandas that substitute empty seats. The list is endless.

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