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Himachal Pradesh
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Harmonious Himachal Pradesh Tour Itinerary – 4 Nights and 5 Days


Curating a Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary itself is quite an enticing one, considering the excitement in knowing and exploring more about the places you are considering to visit. Himachal Pradesh is a paradise state located in North India. One of the eleven mountain states in India, Himachal Pradesh is a class apart from the rest of the mountain states. This is because this state lies in the Western Himalayas region. The climatic conditions in this quite cold and pleasing for the tourists. Hence, a Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary is one of the best ways to beat the heat. There are extensive river bodies and several peaks present in this state. The Himachal Pradesh is well-connected to neighbouring states considering the prominence of this place. This state borders Uttar Pradesh in the south, Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Punjab to the west and Tibet to the east.

Himachal Pradesh Tour

Firstly, a tour to Himachal Pradesh can be a life-changing experience. You get to experience so much variety and exclusivity at the same place. Travel has never been better before in Himachal Pradesh, and it only keeps getting better. Although there are several places you could accommodate in your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary, it is ideal to cover the most recommended places if you have a short span. Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Shimla, Manali are few of the top places in Himachal Pradesh. You could experience snow-capped peaks and pristine river bodies exclusively in this state. Tourism is one of the major contributors to the economy of this state. Hence, anything and everything about tourism is given paramount importance here. In this blog, you can know more about the top places and experiences to add in your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary.

Himachal Pradesh hills
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Day-wise Itinerary:

  • Day 1 – Arrival, Dalhousie, and attractions
  • Day 2 – Khajjiar, Panchpula, St. John’s church, St. Francis church
  • Day 3 – Arrival, Dharamshala, and Dalai Lama temple
  • Day 4 – Bhagsu falls, Norbulingka institute, War memorial
  • Day 5 – Departure

Day 1: Dalhousie

Dalhousie is nothing short of a paradise. This paradise town is located in the lap of the mountains. This tiny tinsel town has so much to offer, that this must be a part of your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary. Dalhousie is a very famous tourist spot and there are so many places to visit. Hence, reaching this place shouldn’t be a tedious task from neighbouring cities. Roadways have fair connectivity leading to the adjacent states as well. You can probably hire a car to reach Dalhousie, and check in to your hotel to start this memorable vacation.

On the first day, it is very important to embrace the culture and livelihood of this place. Hence, it is recommended to hire a private car at your disposal. Tread through the streets, stop at local markets, stop your car at random places to click photos that you can cherish forever. Basically, use this day to get acclimatized to the climate and glory of this tinsel town. You can probably use this day to shop for souvenirs in Dalhousie as the next day would be packed with activities.

Activities covered:
– City exploration with a private car at disposal

Day 2: Dalhousie

Ensure you hit the sack early in day 1, as you will have to start pretty early in day 2. Sunrise in Dalhousie is quite glorious and you shouldn’t be missing that in any case. In the next day of your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary, embrace yourself to experience the best of Dalhousie.

Himalayan ranges from Dalhousie
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

You can start your day by visiting Khajjiar, a small town. Khajjiar is often famously termed as mini Switzerland. This is because of the stunning topographical resemblance this town has compared to Switzerland. Hence, enjoy the amazing surroundings as there is no way you can afford to miss them. You could also visit the Khajjiar lake and Khajji Nag Temple. Subsequently, plan a visit to the thundering waterfalls of Panchpula. Panchpula is well and truly nature’s gift. The exotic location, along with the thundering cold streams serves as a perfect tourist attraction. You could also have your own spot for yourself to make it your picnic spot! Visit the two famous churches in Dalhousie, St John’s church and St Francis church. Both take you back in time to quaint old surroundings. Therefore, you get to see a different side of Dalhousie.

Activities covered:
– Khajjiar
– Panchpula
– St John’s church
– St Francis church

Must try:
Copper and silver diyas, carpets, Tibetan handicrafts

Day 3: Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a place which shouldn’t just be in your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary but should definitely be in the bucket list of anyone and everyone travelling within India. The glory of this place can’t be described in words as no word can justify the beauty of this place. The beauty is so abundant that you have to see it to believe it. You can hire a private car to travel to Dharamshala to Dalhousie. The distance is approximately 120 kilometres, hence it should roughly take you about 3-4 hours.

Dalai lama temple Dharamsala
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Once you check in to your hotel at Dharamshala, take a moment to embrace the peace and beauty of this place. Because you are not going to experience this elsewhere in the world. Once you have got a hang of the atmosphere, proceed to visit the Dalai Lama temple. Since Dharamshala is quite close to Tibet, there is a lot of Tibetian influence here. Hence, visiting the Dalai Lama Temple is a must. Meditate in peace and explore the nooks and corners of the temple to immerse yourself in peace.

Activities covered:
– Dalai Lama Temple

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Day 4: Goodbye Dharamshala

This day is the last, but it is no way the least in experiences in your Himachal Pradesh tour itinerary. Start the day very early and enjoy the sunrise at a hilltop. Visit the Bhagsu Falls, the most prominent and scenic waterfall. It cascades to a rocky pool, where the cool streams are quite pleasing. Subsequently, visit the Norbulingka Institute. Since there is a lot of Tibetan influence in this state, therefore this institute is a must-visit. It houses and preserves several art forms and exhibits of the Tibetan culture.

mountain ranges,view from Dharamshala
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Up next, you could visit the Dharamshala War Memorial. Situated in a pine forest surrounded by the glory of nature, hence this is an enchanting place to visit. This place was built to commemorate the brave souls who have sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Therefore, visit this place as a mark of respect.

Activities covered:
– Bhagsu falls
– Norbulingka Institute
– War Memorial

Must try:
Visiting monasteries, sunrise at the hilltop, meditation with monks

Day 5: End of Himachal Pradesh Tour

Bid a reluctant goodbye to one of the most enjoyable vacations of your lifetime! Leave with a lot of souvenirs, photos, and lifelong memories!

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