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Honeymoon in Greece Travel Guide
Written by Haranya S on August 1, 2021 Share on

Honeymoon in Greece Travel Guide: For A Romantic Getaway!

Gorgeous Greece! Yes! A Romantic Destination for Couples. Undoubtedly, an ideal landing place to relish your private life. To prove, The word “Honeymoon” itself is a Lovey-Dovey term that anyone could cherish in our life. Of course, Greece has breathtaking sandy beaches, bluish-white buildings, picturesque resorts, city’s nightlife, settling for no less than an Island Tour. If you are planning a honeymoon trip with your loved one, read ahead, because here’s your honeymoon in Greece travel guide.


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Important Documents Required to Visit Greece

A reliable passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is mandatory. The Type-C Schengen visa is a necessary document to enter Greece for a short stay. It is valid for 90-days until 180-days whereas the Visa is countable from the date of issue and not from the date of travel. In addition, for purchase and currency exchange purposes these 2 documents will be needed. A return airline ticket is also mandatory with sufficient funds. To add, owning Travel Insurance is always an advantage on your trips, it will be helpful in case of emergency, loss of baggage, or medical treatment while travelling. If you have all the documents well then you can enjoy a perfect honeymoon in Greece.

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Best Time to Visit Greece For Honeymoon

  • For Honeymooners – June to September
  • Swimming & Sunbathing – Late May to Early October
  • Hiking & Sightseeing – April to early November
  • Sailing- Early April to mid-November
  • Money-Saving – December to March
  • Nightlife & DJ- July and August

Best Places to Visit in Greece for honeymoon

  • Santorini
  • Crete
  • Mykonos
  • Lesbos

1. Santorini

Santorini, perfect honeymoon in Greece
Image source: Unsplash

The Romantic activity in Santorini is to watch the sunset from Oia. Hike from Fira to Oia it takes about 3-5 hours, go for a wine tour to get the best Islandic wine, get cheesy honeymoon photos while riding a donkey from the base of Fira’s Old Port to the village. Indeed, if you want to experience the luxury lifestyle then splurge on a helicopter ride over Santorini. Of course, the top destination in Santorini is Oia, Fira, Thira where you have easy access for volcanic beaches, sailing, shopping, hiking, nightlight and many more than your expectations.

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2. Crete

Crete, Greece Honeymoon Guide
Image source: Unsplash

Yes! Crete has the best romantic location that couples could enjoy visiting. Also, the island is truly unique and increasingly popular for travelling couples and honeymooners. Naturally, It has a number of rivers and beaches you could explore for water sports. In the same place, a couples-only resort located on the northwest coast of Crete, there you can found a spa offering a couples massage. Moreover, a must-try relaxing thing to do is to visit Thalassa Beach Resort where anyone would love the most. The Best way to explore Crete’s landscape is to go on a horse-riding excursion in Crete would take you through hillsides and sandy beaches.

3. Mykonos

Mykonos, honeymoon in Greece guide
Image source: Unsplash

Yeah! One of the best choices for honeymooners in the Mediterranean is Mykonos. Besides its romantic atmosphere with your loved ones explore the boat tour, go for a hand-in-hand walk in the picturesque pedestrian streets, travel over the romantic 16th-century windmills in little Venice. There is much more than nightclubs and beach parties. The most efficient way to get around the island is to rent an ATV it is completely safe adventure driving.

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4. Lesbos

Lesbos has a very interesting history to enchant you and is popularly known as Culture heritage city in Greece. Consequently, from the Castle, museums, monasteries to plenty of beaches lesbos offer you everything. Moreover, the best thing to do in Lesbos is go for a birdwatch at the Kalloni Salt Pans, explore the island’s famous Petrified Forest, visit the picturesque village of Molyvos, get pampered at the Thermal Springs of Eftalou.


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Romantic Things to Do on Greece Honeymoon

  • Rooftop dining
  • Yacht in deep blue water
  • Naxos adventure

1. Rooftop Dining

Rooftop dining, Greece Honeymoon Guide
Image source: Pixabay

Greece is the World’s Best destination to offer you Rooftop dining that is available in almost all of the restaurants and bars.

  1. Dining in the sky – Explore the air floating dining that lifts you to the top by a crane where you can enjoy the meal with the sky closer the table slowly rotates a full 360-degrees.
  2. Orizontes Lycabettus – Dine at the top of the hill that can be accessed by foot, by car, or Lycabettus cable car where you could enjoy the city view and out to the island.
  3. Acropolis Museum Cafe & Restaurant – Situated on the second floor of the museum which offers you a panoramic view of the Acropolis and the Plaka. You can get traditional Greek dishes such as Shrimp Giouvesti, Dakos, fries from Naxos.

2. Yachting in Deep Blue Water

yacht, Romantic things to do in greece
Image source: Pixabay

You could get a Hassle-free unforgettable experience while cruising the Greek islands. Treat yourself to a perfect honeymoon in Greece in a private yacht include hiking, biking, sailing, and snorkelling. To show time or sequences with delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the romantic secluded bays, crystal clear blue waters, nightlife at the happening island explore every little moment on a yacht. Be sure to put this on your bucket list so that you won’t regret it later.

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3. Naxos Adventure

Naxos adventure
Image source: Pixabay

Undoubtedly, Naxos is the best place for adventurous and fun-loving, if you are that kind of couple you would definitely enjoy the most. In fact, the major attraction of honeymooners with more water activities and the scenic view all around. Some of the activities are yachting, horse riding, scuba diving, windsurfing, hiking & trekking.

Best Romantic Hotels to Stay in Greece for Couples

  • Panorama suites
  • Santorini Princess
  • Hotel Grande Bretagne

1. Panorama Suites

Panorama suites
Image source: Pixabay

Panorama suite is located in the centre of Fira with a stunning volcano view and swimming pool. Santorini International Airport is the closest Airport with 6 km. This suite offers you free wifi and access to all pools free of cost. Don’t miss visiting panorama suit to make a perfect Honeymoon in Greece while your visit.

  • Nearby attractions:
  • Art Space Santorini – 4 km
  • Monolithos Beach – 4.7 km
  • Volcano – 3.1 km

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2. Santorini Princess

Santorini princess
Image source: Unsplash

With a magical view, it is located in Imerovigli celebrity treatment with world-class service. The accommodation includes a balcony view, mountain view, volcano view, terrace with panoramic coastal views. The closest Airport is Santorini International at 6.5 km. Trust me, you will feel that your honeymoon trip is as top-notch as anything in your life.

  • Nearby attractions:
  • Skaros – 2.2 km
  • Santorini Cable Car – 3 km
  • Monolithos Beach – 6.4 km
  • Art Space Santorini – 7.1 km

3. Hotel Grande Bretagne

Perfect honeymoon in Greece
Image source: Pexels

The multi-awarded 5-star hotel with a prime location opposite the House of Parliament. It is just 0.1 km from Syntagma Metro Station. You will found the closest airport is Eleftherios Venizelos Airport at 19.1 km. Here you could enjoy a luxurious stay with all amenities.

  • Nearby attractions:
  • Ermou Street Shopping Area – 0.4 km
  • Museum of Cycladic Art – 0.6 km
  • Zoumboulakis Galleries – 0.1 km
  • National Garden – 0.2 km

Greece Honeymoon Starting @ ₹ 52,041

No destination enchants the image of a romantic holiday quite the way Greece does, as a result, it has plenty of things to do for couples looking to escape the bustling city life. But that’s not all and lot more things to do. I think this Honeymoon in Greece Travel Guide will help you in detail. Thank me later 🙂
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