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How my Honeymoon trip went on to become the best memory of my life?

No matter how many trips we plan, there is something special about a Honeymoon trip. Maybe because it is the first trip after marriage or because we are taking a break after being forced to do all those mandatory marriage rituals with hundreds of people around. Whatever!

Here is an admirable couple – Megha and Himanshu who planned a honeymoon trip to Italy with Pickyourtrail. Let’s listen to how their trip went.

About the planning…

After complete planning for 3 months, we finally started our Europe trip. Oh! Not just a trip. It was our “honeymoon” trip. As people made it mandatory to call the first trip after marriage as a honeymoon. So we took off to Rome, the Eternal city of Italy. The trip was planned for 9 nights starting 25 November 2019. It was exactly after a week when Venice was completely flooded. However, we had our checks with Pickyourtrail about visiting Venice and as per their information, we started our journey to the beautiful country will full of hopes and dreams.

A Honeymoon couple in Italy

Finally in Italy!

We had been booked a direct flight from Delhi to Rome by 8.30 AM. The driver was waiting at the meeting point to drop us at the hotel. As we all have heard, what impression we get at first will always stay. During both the time of planning and booking, I have been set clear expectations about the hotel’s standard check-in time and providing a room before that will always be subject to availability. We were a little worried as we had a really long flight, we badly needed to take some rest. When I let Pickyourtrail team know this, they immediately got on a call with the hotel to provide an alternate room to stay. I was really impressed by the efforts taken by the team.

Talking about the weather, it was the start of winter and we were completely in love with the weather.

The next day, We went to the Vatican museum and the Colosseum and moved to Florence via train the day after. There was mild rain in the city and the chances of the activity getting cancelled were also high which made us a worried.

A couple inside Colosseum during their trip to Italy


Surprises are always the best. Ain’t they? Especially when the day was going as usual. That day, by evening, we received a cake from the hotel people. We weren’t obviously expecting it. It was from the Pickyourtrail team with a note wishing us a happy vacation. That lovely gesture ended our day on a really happy note.

A surpise cake for a couple's honeymoon

Florence is love!

Next day, at Florence, we were getting ready for the Pisa tour. It was raining heavily so we thought we couldn’t be able to make it to the meeting point on time. Luckily we were able to catch a taxi and reach the meeting point on time. We were just wishing if the rain could stop. You know what? It did. We really had an awesome time at Florence. I would call it the best part of my trip.

And that Pisa mandatory picture was also taken 😛

A man posing in front of Pisa

The next day, we were moving to Venice. Since it was back to normal, we were a little okay about visiting Venice. Moreover, there weren’t any activities planned on the day we reached. The next day, we had Venetian Island tour and Gondola ride planned. I really enjoyed Venetian islands especially the Picturesque Burano – the brightly coloured fishermen’s houses. It was a very beautiful island. Then the most memorable and enjoyable activity comes into the picture, the Gandola Ride. Above all, it was the favourite part of our day.

A woman in front of a picturesque scenery

The next day, we moved to Milan, the last city on the itinerary. The hotel was super good and we really enjoyed our stay there. Milan, being the fashion capital and me, being a shopaholic, completed our trip doing lots and lots of shopping. On December 4, we made our way back. About our return flight, it was a one-stop flight at Rome and reached India on Dec 5, 2019.

Couple at a famous mall in Galleria Vittorio in their honeymoon trip

Thank You, Pickyourtrail!

Our trip with Pickyourtrail was nothing short of amazing. Exactly how we wanted it to be. We reached India with a deeply fulfilled feeling of having had an unforgettable trip of our lives. I must really thank Pickyourtrail. What should I thank them for? For being available no matter what time it is? or for all the support that I received throughout the trip? or for surprising us with a cake to make our day happier? I will say, For everything. Right from the day of planning my itinerary to the day we were returning back home, there was never a day I felt helpless. They were always available and helped us whenever we needed them. Undoubtedly, I would strongly recommend Pickyourtrail for everyone to have a hassle-free vacation.

Planning a trip to Italy already? Have a look at the itineraries and unwrap Italy with Pickyourtrail 🙂

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