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Reach Croatia from India
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How To Reach Croatia From India

Croatia is a seaside country in Europe with a dramatic mix of islands, mountains, deep blue oceans and the legendary Adriatic Sea. Though the country is small in size, its tourism is not proportional to its size. Moreover, Croatia makes for a wonderful summer holiday destination because of its myriad beaches, beautiful port cities and contemporary chic hotels on pebbled old streets. Today, reaching Croatia from India is just a click away. Choose any mode of transportation from flights to cars/buses. Read this blog to know the other means of transport and reach Croatia from India within a matter of time.


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Travel Options

There are many travel options available, such as by air, by railways or by road. Choose from the list below to see what option suits you the best.

  1. How to Reach Croatia by Air
  2. How to Reach Croatia by Railways
  3. How to Reach Croatia by Road

1. How to Reach Croatia from India by Air

How to Reach Croatia from India by Air
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Croatia boasts of many international airports in various cities. Zagreb Airport, Split Airport, Dubrovnik Airport and Pula Airport are some of the important airports in Croatia. Don’t worry if you cannot get a direct flight to places such as Split and Dubrovnik; you could land at Zagreb Airport instead. Croatia is easily reachable via most places in the UK and Ireland. If you are travelling to Croatia outside Europe, there are just a couple of direct flights to your destination. But, in some cases, there are no direct flights available. One option would be to first reach a Western European city that is well linked to other major places. From there, head straight to Croatia. 

Once in Croatia, you can book another domestic flight to hop across cities. Croatia Airlines is the national pennant, but some airlines flying from India to Croatia are Lufthansa, Air India, Jet Airways, Air France, Etihad, British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways. All these fly from Mumbai as well as Delhi to Croatia with one or two stops in-between. Keep in mind that there are not any non-stop flights. Also, one-stop or two stop flights are most common. You will also find flights to Croatia from Tel Aviv and Qatar.

It is advisable to book your tickets well in advance, especially if you are travelling in the peak season.

2. How to Reach Croatia from India by Railways

How to Reach Croatia from India by Railways
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

It is impossible to reach Croatia by rail from India for many reasons. If you still wish to reach Croatia via rail, there are two options you can avail of – direct and non-direct trains. Direct trains from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are available. Also, there are many direct trains from Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Serbia. Some major cities you can reach via rail are Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula and Split. However, you should avoid travelling from northeast Italy. Also, make sure to check the train schedule carefully since not all trains operate every day of the week. 

There are also non-direct trains connecting railway lines from West-European countries too. The most active railway line is Eurail. Also, discounted passes for tourists can be availed by booking online. Moreover, you can travel between cities by train and enjoy the dramatic brilliance of the country’s central landscape. As coastal areas are not well connected by trains, roadways and airways are the best options to reach the seaside.

3. How to Reach Croatia from India by Road

How to Reach Croatia From India by Road
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

It is not reasonable to reach Croatia by road from India for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, if you are still adamant about making your way to Croatia via road, we have a few options for you. One option is that you could head to the UK and then directly make your way to Croatia. Nevertheless, the most inexpensive route would be from Germany. You could start your journey from Dover and then make your way to Croatia via Belgium. Through Belgium, you could go to Maribor in Slovenia and then onwards to Zagreb. Are you aiming to head to the Croatian Coast? If yes, then it is recommended that you should drive via Klagenfurt and not Graz so that you can travel in a southerly direction.

One advantage of travelling to Croatia by road is that you can get a wonderful sight of the islands. Croatia has a very well developed network of roadways, like most European nations. An international driving licence and other relevant documents are required if you want to drive the said hired car into Croatia. Eurostar buses operate the routes between Croatia and Germany, Croatia and Bosnia and Croatia and Hungary.

You should keep in mind that the border crossings in Croatia are extremely busy during the peak season, that is, between July and August. So, do try to avoid driving through these borders during the weekend. 

There is also an option available for you to take a bus from Italy, Bosnia, Hungary, Germany and Serbia.

Transportation In Croatia

There are many options by which you can travel inside Croatia. From travelling by car to travelling by train, you can choose the transport which you prefer and is comfortable for you.

  1. By Air
  2. By Boat
  3. By Car
  4. By Motorcycle
  5. By Bus
  6. By Train

1. By Air

Travel by air in Croatia
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

The busiest airport in Croatia is Zagreb Airport. You will find domestic services taking you to places like Brac, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Osijek and Rijeka within Croatia. You will be taken from Osijek to Zagreb, Pula and Rijeka by Trade Air. Trade Air will also take you from Rijeka to Split and Dubrovnik, and from Split to Pula and Dubrovnik.

2. By Boat

Travel by boat in Trogir, Croatia
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Are you looking for some out-of-the-box adventure? If yes, then you will see that quite a few ferries link major coastal centres to their surrounding islands throughout the year. Split is the main port and hub along with Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar and Rijeka. Do you wish to be a little independent? If so, then you could hire a yacht safe enough to explore under your sail. Ferries function every year, but the peak season brings with it additional sailings between June and September. The boats are comfortable, well equipped with restrooms for your comfort and convenience.

3. By Car

Travel by car in Split, Croatia
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Do you wish to travel at your own pace? If yes, then you could hire a car. You can do this in all major cities, airports and tourist frequented locations. It is suggested that you go for independent companies which are cheaper as compared to big international chains. If you book from abroad, you are guaranteed to get a lower rate. Keep in mind that to rent a car, you must be above 18. Also, have a driving licence along with a credit card to cover expenses.

4. By Motorcycle

Travel by motorcycle in Hvar, Croatia
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Do you wish to travel via motorcycle? If yes, then remember that motorways link Zagreb to Slavonia and Zagreb to Istria through Rijeka. Another major route is from Zagreb to Dalmatia. From there, you can continue in the way of Dubrovnik, falling short by 110 km. These roads are well constructed, but there will be some stretches with scare service stations and facilities.

5. By Bus

Travel by bus in Zagreb, Croatia
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Bus services in Croatia are efficient, although they are inexpensive. They are the most preferred mode of transport in addition to various companies handing different routes. Prices may vary drastically. If you are travelling in a bus running between Split and Dubrovnik pass via Bosnian territory, keep your passport in hand. You have to purchase tickets from the counter if you are travelling from large stations. Try booking your seat in advance if you are travelling in the summer season. You should keep in mind that bus services in Croatia do not operate on Sundays and holidays. Hence, it is better if you schedule your itinerary accordingly.

6. By Train

Travel by train in Croatia
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Croatia’s trains are rather infrequent and less reliable as compared to other modes of transport. You might be deserted in the station for hours while waiting for your train to come. Thus, it is advisable to have some information regarding schedules, bookings, prices and services via HŽPP. Keep in mind that not many coastal cities connect you to Zagreb. Yet, the main lines of interest for you will be Zagreb–Osijek, Zagreb–Varaždin, Zagreb–Rijeka–Pula and Zagreb–Knin–Split. However, if you already own a European Interrail pass, you can use it to travel within Croatia for free of cost.

Tips Regarding Travel from India to Croatia

  1. Enjoy all the national parks in Croatia.
  2. Sunbathe on some of the best beaches in Croatia.
  3. Do remember to engage in all the romantic activities in Croatia.
  4. Indulge in the famous Croatian food.
  5. Have fun doing all the unique activities in Croatia.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Travel from India to Croatia

How many days in Croatia is enough?

10 days in Croatia is enough for most travellers to explore Croatia. 

Is Croatia expensive to visit?

Yes, Croatia is more expensive than some of its neighbouring countries.

What is the best time of year to visit Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is during the summer months, from June to September.

What is the best way to see Croatia?

The best way to see Croatia is by car.

What is a must-see attraction in Croatia?

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-see attraction in Croatia.


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