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Written by Akshaya Devi on February 16, 2024 Share on

Ichiran Ramen in Singapore Food Festival: Savor the Taste of Japan

Brace yourselves, Ramen-iacs! You can now taste the authentic Japanese Ichiran Ramen from October 3 to 20 in Takashimaya Singapore food festival.

Discover the secret behind the cult favorite Ichiran Ramen! Originating in the 1960s in Fukuoka, Japan, this renowned brand combines a tonkotsu base, original spicy red sauce, and aromatic broth to create an unparalleled ramen experience. Loved for its sumptuous bowls served in private booths, Ichiran is a must-visit for every ramen enthusiast in Japan. Enhance your culinary journey with our Singapore tour packages, offering the perfect blend of culture, adventure, and gastronomy.

Not just their ingredients, even their serving etiquette revolutionised the way people experience ramen. Not everyone likes to socialise right? Ichiran introduced closed dining booths so people could enjoy their ramen without being barged into. So Ichiran is all about the experience more than the food! Did you know the main branch in Fukuoka is a seven-storey building? Just imagine!

Takashimaya Square is famous for something other than shopping—the recurring festivals that it hosts! From mid-Autumn festival to Christmas markets, Singapore sure knows how to celebrate life! But the food festival tops it all—it is one of the few times when Singaporeans come together for food+good times. So it’s no wonder why the big brand chose this window to launch it’s pop-up in Singapore.

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The festival will be serving instant noodles instead of fresh noodles, only 700 bowls per day, topped with spicy wood ear mushroom choppings and red sauce.

Christmas markets? We are coming back, to Singapore! But now, it’s for ramen!

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