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Pushkar City
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on June 28, 2020 Share on

A Journey from Jaipur to the temple town of Rajasthan, Pushkar

Pushkar, located in the state of Rajasthan is a small little town near Ajmer. The town is quite famous for the number of temples it has like the Brahma temple, Savitri temple, Old Rang Ji temple and a lot more of them. But that’s not it. The town is tucked amidst the beautiful ranges of Aravali and a lake. The ghats of Pushkar is yet another fascinating thing to watch. Filled natural beauty and history, the town is a must-visit place. Spend your evenings taking a sip of hot chai while you enjoy the music from narrow alley or chants from the temple. The town is perfect for a weekend getaway from the major cities of Rajasthan. Read on to know more about the exhilarating journey to Pushkar from Jaipur.

Pushkar City
Image Source: Unsplash

How to get to Pushkar?

The town of Pushkar is located about 150 kilometres from Jaipur and 15 kilometres from Ajmer. The city of Jaipur is considered to be one of the well-developed cities in Rajasthan and is well connected for all modes of transportation. You can take a flight, or self drive a car or even take a train to reach Pushkar. Keep reading to know more about each mode of transport you can use to reach Pushkar from Jaipur.

By Road

Pushkar is well connected by road from almost every other cities in the state of Rajasthan. Travelling by road is one of the most convenient ways to travel to Pushkar. You can either hire a cab/ taxi or self-drive to Pushkar by taking NH 48 and 58 from Jaipur and Ajmer respectively.

By Flight

A flight may be the fastest way to reach Pushkar if you are planning to visit there exclusively. One has to take a flight to reach Jaipur airport and then hire a cab to reach Pushkar. It is roughly about a three-hour drive from Jaipur. Majority of the cities in India have direct flights to Jaipur making it easily accessible. However, it is comparatively an expensive way to reach Pushkar.

By Train

Pushkar has a railway station, but only intra-state trains stop at this station. The nearest major station is Ajmer and trains from metro cities as well as far away destinations also connect to Ajmer. This station is half an hour away from Pushkar by road. So, you can ideally catch a train from Jaipur to the Ajmer station and then reach Pushkar by road.

To reach Pushkar via train, you can take a train to Ajmer and then hire a cab/taxi to reach Pushkar which is only about an hour drive.

How to get around Pushkar?

Pushkar is relatively a small town that can easily be covered by foot. Also, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Filled with surprises are the streets of Pushkar. Rent a cycle or motorbike and roam around the city. If you are here by car, finding parking might be a little tedious. So park your car and head out on foot or rent a bike.

Things to do around Pushkar

1. Visit the temples

Pushkar is said to be a temple city of Rajasthan. Therefore, no trip to Pushkar is complete without the mandatory visits to the temples. From Lord Brahma to Goddess Savitri, there is a temple here for every God and Goddess. Say a prayer and hope for a miracle to happen, stay on filled with hopes. Don’t fail to get the spiritual vibes in the temples of Pushkar on your next visit there.

2. Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Festival
Image Source: Unsplash

The Pushkar Mela that happens between the months of October and November is a week-long festival and it is also known as the Pushkar Fair. People from Rajasthan and the neighbouring states come here to take part in the Pushkar Mela. It is also a place to trade cattle, enjoy music, magic shows, folklore and various other stalls that are put up around the town. The forts and the Ghats of Pushkar are beautifully lit with colourful lights making it seem like a mini carnival.

3. Go Shopping

Pushkar is known as the manufacturing hub for people in the nearby region. Not just that, but the local markets in Pushkar is as best one can get. You can have an awesome time shopping your hearts out and feeding your retail craving souls. Bangles, handicrafts, handlooms, decorative items etcetera are available readily at the market. Pro tip: Don’t readily accept the price told, try your hands in bargaining. It sure helps!

4. Pushkar Camel Safari

Camel ride at Pushakr
Image Source: Unsplash

Camel is said to be a desert animal and what better place than Rajasthan to experience a camel safari? Everyone at one point of time must have driven a horse or at least gone on a paid ride. So while at Pushkar, try taking a bigger step and go on a wild camel safari. Make sure to wear sunscreen while going on rides as the weather tends to get extremely hot.

5. Monkeys of Pushkar

While on your way to Savitri temple, you may come across the Black Face Langurs monkeys. They are not aggressive like other monkeys but it is safe to keep your edible items tucked away safe. The monkeys here do not possess any threat and are considered religious and some even offer prasad and prayers.

6. Visit the Sunset Cafe

Sunset in Pushkar is always breathtaking. Visit the sunset cafe filled with music, dance and soul comforting food. Located right at the sunset viewpoint in Pushkar, the cafe is filled with tourists and is a lively place for anyone to be at. Fill your tummy and soul by visiting this awesome cafe on your visit to Pushkar.

Pushkar Lake
Image Source: Unsplash

After this virtual journey from the Pink city Jaipur to the temple city Pushkar, hope you are ready to hit the road and start your very own journey. There are over dozens of reasons to visit Pushkar, places to visit and hundreds of things to do here. Such things are better experienced than just said. So log onto Pickyourtrail and get the best-suited package for you to Rajasthan. Unlock the world with Pickyourtrail. Unlock safe travel.

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