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Jazz Festivals In Australia
Written by Rajoo on May 20, 2020 Share on

Top 10 Jazz Festivals In Australia

There’s no place like Australia for a dose of natural wonders, wines, dazzling cities and delightful culture. While each of the coastal cities allow you to immerse in their unique travel experiences, the Australian wild is just as intriguing with so many exotic animals, While scintillating Sydney charms with its stylish cityscapes and beaches, Melbourne is the cultural heartland of cuisine and art & music. It’s not surprising then that Melbourne hosts one of the best Jazz festivals in Australia, portraying the country’s love for music. Join us on our hunt for the best Jazz festival in Australia as we hop along this amazing country for the love of great music.

Top 10 Jazz Festivals In Australia

Check out these Jazz festivals In Australia that you can attend and have an amazing trip. Keep scrolling down!

1. Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Melbourne International Jazz Festival
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the leading Jazz festivals in Australia and the world is the annual musical extravaganza, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, first held in the year 1998. Carrying forward the spirit that ‘jazz can happen anywhere’, It aims at providing a platform for performances, collaborations and engagement with this fantastic musical style at all levels. The festival takes place across concert halls, jazz clubs and also the streets of Melbourne.

2. Jazz By The Bay Festival

One of the most interesting and anticipated Jazz festivals in Australia is Jazz By The Bay Festival. This feast for music lovers is undoubtedly owing to its outstanding line-up of jazz masters, treating yourself to the dulcet notes of jazz as you sip a fine wine and savor gourmet food. Surrounded by beaches & wineries, jazz lovers can soak in the mellifluous music and gently sway to the lilting notes of the piano, saxophone and drums that transport you to musical heaven. 

3. Port Fairy Jazz Festival

One of the newest entries to the list of Jazz festivals in Australia is the Port Fairy Jazz Festival, aiming to celebrate both traditional and contemporary jazz. Voted as the world’s most livable community, the festival also has the distinction of being a not for profit effort managed entirely by volunteers dedicated to the cause of promoting and popularizing jazz in the country. 

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4. Newcastle Jazz Festival

Newcastle Jazz Festival
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Newcastle Jazz Festival is one of the top Jazz festivals in Australia, organised by the Newcastle and Hunter Jazz Club, aiming to promote live jazz performances. With its first installment in 1988 the festival has earned an enviable reputation with more than 40 bands performing including local musicians, portraying music ranging from traditional to contemporary jazz, attracting New Zealand as well. The festival will provide opportunity for young musicians and establishments to perform throughout the event. New castle jazz festival aims to engage a diverse array of local and national jazz musicians, by the diversification of audiences who will experience, discover and engage with high quality artists.

5. Manly Jazz Festival

Manly beach hosts one of the most popular Jazz festivals in Australia. Manly Jazz Festival is a celebration of jazz with packed performance along the gorgeous beach, presented by world-renowned artists and bands, music ranging from New Orleans jazz to fusion, blues, swing and roots to enthrall music lovers of all tastes. The annual Manly Jazz is held over October with performances in multiple indoor and outdoor venues alongside the world famous Manly Beach. The internationally acclaimed Manly Jazz is known worldwide for its beautiful location and the diversity of music it presents, from traditional New Orleans jazz, Latin, fusion, blues and roots. Manly Jazz is a real celebration of sound. But it is also a celebration of Australia’s beach culture, good food and especially the wonderful Manly vibe.

6. Wangaratta Festival Of Jazz & Blues

This Jazz festival in Australia has played a pioneering role in shaping the course of jazz, keeping its flag flying high on the musical landscape, running in its 30th year. Wangaratta Festival has maintained its commitment to showcasing new talent featuring leading names in the world of jazz. With its innovative efforts, the festival has succeeded in generating a loyal base of jazz aficionados.

7. Perth International Jazz Festival

Perth International Jazz Festival
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Perth International Jazz Festival is amongst the top seven Jazz festivals in Australia. The Perth International Jazz Festival was initiated in 2012, Since then the festival aims at making this genre of music popular amongst the local and international community, endeavoring to bring fresh talent and acclaimed jazz musicians from Australia and around the world together to an enthusiastic audience of music lovers.

8. Brisbane International Jazz Festival

Held every year over a 6-10 day stretch this is one of the most anticipated Jazz festivals in Australia. The Brisbane International jazz Festival takes pride in presenting new talent,  a line-up of internationally renowned jazz stalwarts and new-age performers along with talented Australian jazz artists and composers. The vocal and instrumental workshops allow jazz lovers to interact and learn making it a truly amazing experience.

9. Murray Bridge Jazz Festival

This musical event is considered the leading Jazz festival in south Australia and is ‘not for profit’ event. This annual celebration of traditional jazz and Dixieland music features bands from across the country as well encouraging promising local talent in the region. This popular annual jazz event held every year October on a river cruise as well at the Town Hall and Murray Bridge Hotel.

10. Devonport Jazz Festival

Devonport Jazz Festival
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Devonport Jazz is held every year in the north-western Tasmanian coast since 2002, One of the iconic winter Jazz festivals in Australia. This award winning festival celebrates various genres and styles of jazz. The program each year aims at seeking introduction to the versatile form of music. 

As you experience the magic of Australia, do not miss out on attending one of these for some truly unforgettable musical moments, considering the incredible jazz scene in the country. Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, head on to the Australia tour packages that you could book with Pickyourtrail

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