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Kerala Unniyappams
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Stressed Spelt Backwards Is Desserts – Try These Famous Kerala Desserts

Is your day complete if you haven’t had a dessert? When in Kerala, your massive sweet tooth gives you an alarm automatically. No matter how much you eat here, you will always have room for desserts! If you don’t agree on this fact, you will surely say a big YES when you visit Kerala. Though the place is famous for its lip-smacking spices and seafood, desserts have a unique taste and flavour! All the Kerala sweets are just mouth-watering! When you are in Kerala, ensure that you try these 10 epic desserts. Keep reading to know more about these desserts in Kerala and just drool over.

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Top 10 Kerala desserts

  • Palada Payasam
  • Banana Halwa
  • Nei Appam
  • Unniyappam
  • Elaneer Pudding
  • Rava Laddoo
  • Arisi Thengai Payasam
  • Mutta Maala
  • Chatti Pathiri
  • Ada Pradhaman

Palada Payasam

Paalada Payasam one of the top Kerala sweets
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Palada Payasam is one of the most common and favourite Kerala desserts. This dessert is almost made in every household on any festival or occasion. Being the staple dessert of Kerala, Palada Payasam is made with boiled vermicelli and rice. It’s mixed with milk and allowed to soften for a few minutes. Once the mixture becomes soft, a lump of sugar is added to it. With the mesmerising flavours of cardamom, butter, raisins and cashew nuts, one sip of the payasam will surely take you to heaven.

Banana Halwa

We all love banana as a fruit. But have you ever eaten a dish made of banana and oodles of butter? This heavenly Kerala sweet is nothing less than a blessing. The glossy texture, golden brown colour and perfect tenderness make everyone’s mouth water for sure. The key ingredients of Banana halwa include ripened bananas, sugar, ghee, almonds and cardamom powder. When you are visiting the backwaters of Kerala, you cannot simply miss out on this delicious banana Halwa.

Nei Appam

Neyyappam on a plate
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Next in the list is the most loved Kerala sweet that will make you go crazy for its unique taste. The batter resembles the one made for pancakes with jaggery. The appams are fried in ghee till they turn golden brown. When in Kerala, never miss tasting the hot nei appams. Above all, the key ingredients of Nei appam which add that unique taste are rice flour, coconut, cardamom, milk, ghee, and jaggery. This golden-brown beauty is a common tea time snack. You can taste this in almost every petty shop to high-end hotels in Kerala.


unniyappam on a plate
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Yet another traditional dessert in Kerala is Unniyappam. This is more like a Nei appam. But this sweet bomb will make you ask for more. It is a part of Onam Sadya during the Onam festival. Everyone in Kerala will surely have a fond childhood memory with Unniyappam. This sweet is very common in every household in Kerala.

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Elaneer Pudding

Elaneer Pudding is one of the most exotic and eye-catching desserts in Kerala. Beautifully set with gelatin or agar-agar, Elaneer Pudding is extremely refreshing and wholesome dessert. Prepared with condensed milk, coconut, sugar, milk powder, agar-agar, and essence this dessert has a perfect balance of sweetness and has won millions of hearts with its taste.

Rava Laddoo

Rava laddoo on a plate
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

We all know laddoo since it is common throughout India. It is known as Moti Laddoo in the north, Boondhi Laddoo in Andhra and Tamil Nadu. How about Kerala? One of the favourite Kerala sweet amongst kids is the Rava Laddoo. Get a box of these delicious balls because you can’t stop with one!

Arisi Theingai Payasam

Arisi Thengai Payasam is also known as rice coconut kheer across the country. This exotic dessert is one of the top dishes in Kerala. It is made by soaking the jaggery in warm water, crushing it and heating it till it becomes thick and transparent like caramel. Followed by this, rice is blended and ground with coconut and cooked well with milk and the thickened jaggery. After cooking for a few minutes, the Arisi Theingai Payasam sents out a heavenly aroma, which tempts you to taste this immediately.

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Mutta Maala

Next on the list is an eggilicious dessert. This dessert made of only three basic ingredients namely egg, sugar, and water. This dish is a hit in Kerala, especially during the Ramalan times. Firstly, the egg yolk is poured through a small hole into boiling sugar water. The yolks resemble strings and these strings when blended with the sweetness of sugar gives an amazing taste that you should never miss.

Chatti Pathiri

When a dish captures your eyes first with its appearance and your heart by its taste, Kerala people name it Chatti Pathiri. This multilayered tempting delicacy is made with sheets of pastry dough and filled with a lavish savoury of sweet fillings. It is sold and consumed during the festival of Ramalan at the time breaking the fast. This dish is quite popular in Malabar and is one of the best Kerala sweets ever. The alternate layers of pastry sheets and sweet custard filling, topped with sesame seeds will truly bring heaven closer to you.

Ada Pradhaman

One cannot simply miss out this tongue-tingling dish when in Kerala. Ada Pradhaman is known as the king of sweets in Kerala. It has a signature taste that represents Kerala. With the softness of coconut and banana, crunchiness of rice, and sweetness of jaggery, no sweet can beat the taste of Ada Pradhaman. Also, a meal without Ada Pradhaman in Kerala is surely incomplete.

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Make sure to try each and every dessert when you are in Kerala. Because happiness in your balanced-diet is the choice of dessert. Right? Aren’t you excited already? Get ready to taste the lip-smacking best Kerala sweets and float in the joy of sweetness. You can choose to dine in the top restaurants in Kerala and taste these yummy delicacies. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Kerala right away. Get packing to Kerala and enjoy your trip.

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