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Landour Travel Guide: Your One-Stop Guide For Everything Landour

Landour was a Cantonment town in British India. It was titled in remembrance of a village named Llanddowror in south-west Wales. The town is filled in the fog of the Himalayan mountains and painted in the scarlet red glow of rhododendrons & dense deodars. Landour will remind you of the British times. It is only a 5-kilometre steep journey or stroll from the packed markets of Mussoorie. Once you overcome the steep trip to the town, its like entering a whole new world full of tranquillity and green views. This article is the best Landour travel guide to know more about this quaint British town.

Landour Travel Guide
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Landour must be on every single mountain buff’s travel bucket list. This isn’t the destination to visit if you are the type of traveller who wants to explore standard mainstream places and things to see and do kind of travel. If this is the case, then Landour is not the right place for you to visit. Find below your one-stop Landour travel guide for a delightful trip. 

How to reach Landour?

Landour travel guide is here to help you out! You can easily take a small walk starting from Mussoorie bazaar and reach Char Dukan area. This area is in Landour. This walk will take you only around 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can also rent a taxi from Mussoorie bazaar which will cost you approximately INR 200-300. We don’t advise taking the taxi option as the walk is absolutely scenic and will take your breath away.

If you enjoy taking a walk, this path is going to be one of the most stunning and peaceful mountain walks in your whole your life. Hence, this is why we highly recommend taking the walk. The pathway goes via the dim Deodar forest on the winding path. This path is where the atmosphere is loaded with woody fragrance and flowers are blooming on the hillside. A relaxed walk in Landour is an unforgettable one in a lifetime experience for travellers.

Best time to visit Landour

Landour Travel Guide
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Landour is comfortable and calms the entire year-round. However, the period starting from April up until June is the best time to tour Landour. This is because of the town’s pleasant weather conditions that enable to experience the city completely. August and September experience some rain, but can also be considered one of the most stunning months to visit in Landour. A little rain adds to the beauty of the little town.

What can you do in Landour?

Landour is known for various things to do. You can enjoy some colonial architecture from the British rule and the town’s scenic landscapes. What makes it even more exciting is the high altitude locations you can check out. All the information you need in these in this Landour travel guide.

There are many exceptional places to see in Landour. The city offers churches to isolated areas as part of its sightseeing. The most popular locations to see are Laal Tibba, Landour Language School and Ruskin Bond’s beloved snug small stay called Ivy Cottage. This is the cottage where the famed author penned the stories that we all fondly read during our childhood years growing up.

In conclusion, Landour is worth the visit for its colonial vibes and scenic views. Choose from the list of holiday packages offered by Pickyourtrail or drop a WhatsApp enquiry for know more. You can also download the Pickyourtrail travel App for Android and IOS.

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