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Disneyland Paris
Written by Sarika on July 10, 2023 Share on

Disneyland Paris Reopens with Safety Measures

Europe’s most visited theme park in Paris is finally reopening after an indefinite shutting down of 8 months due to Covid-19. Disneyland Paris is back with a bang and the magic prevails. The most beautiful theme park reopened on July 15 and has been working since. Of course, with utmost safety precautions and rigid rules. Let us know more about the Dos and Don’ts inside the theme park.

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Disneyland Paris
Image credits- Unsplash

Reopening and general rules

After an unexpected closure because of the pandemic, the most favorite Disney world went into an indefinite lockdown too just like any other leisure theme park. And now, they are back with more magic and fun. During the 8-month period of lockdown, the management has come up with a brilliant team to manage the visitors even during the Covid-19 crisis.

Disneyland Paris Ticket Booking

The ticket booking is completely online and booking in advance will be required so that you can avoid unnecessary interaction at the ticket counters. There will be no ticket counters at the entrance of the theme park. It is enough if you have a digital copy of your Disneyland ticket on your phone. As Disneyland Paris allows only a limited number of people per day, their usual capacity has decreased and the availability of tickets is purely based on a first come first serve system. So plan your Paris vacation soon and book your tickets!

Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Social Distancing rules

Masks and social distancing are a must irrespective of the place. Maintain a minimum of 1-meter distance to avoid interaction with others. Visitors above the age of 6 should mandatorily wear a mask and sanitize now and then.

Hand sanitizing pumps will be present all over the theme park and if you find one, do not forget to sanitize yourself. It is also good if you carry a hand sanitizer with you.

Social distancing is another major safety precaution. Though it is a theme park, it is better to avoid unnecessary interaction with strangers for now. The Disney cast members dressed up as Mickey, Minnie, and Disney princesses will also maintain a safe distance from the visitors. You can click selfies or pictures of them from a distance. Close interactions or hugs with the cast member or anyone inside the theme park are restricted.


Some of the rides where social distancing is difficult to follow, will not reopen for now. Other kids’ activities like dressing up like a princess or makeup activities are not yet open so that the visitors won’t have to sit next to strangers. In rollercoasters, it is mandatory to wear a mask because people tend to scream while on a ride atop. And again it is a theme park so you can enjoy it to the maximum with certain safety measures.

Rides in Disneyland Paris
Image credits- Unsplash

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That is everything you need to know about the updates. In the end, magic prevails with the slightest ray of hope lingering at some corners of the world!


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