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Stoosbahn – World’s steepest funicular railway opens in Switzerland

Running from the Schwyz valley to the car-free resort village of Stoos, Stoosbahn in Switzerland is now the world’s steepest funicular railway.

world's steepest funicular
Image credit – Facebook

If you are not sure what a funicular means. It is a cable operated railway system which moves in an inclined form rather than the conventional way.

Built at a cost of 52 million Swiss Francs ($52million/€44million), Stoosbahn nearly took 14 years to be completed and now holds the record for the world’s steepest funicular dethroning Gelmer Funicular in Switzerland.

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world's steepest funicular
Image credit – Facebook

While the Gelmer Funicular had a maximum inclination of 106 percent, Stoosbahn Funicular now has a gradient of 110 percent. And it is not just the maximum inclination, the revolutionary design of the Stoosbahn Funicular is something that will floor you even before you ride.

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world's steepest funicular
Image credit – Stoos

Comprising of four cylindrical cabins, with each carriage capable of carrying 34 people, Stoosbahn Funicular can carry 136 people at a time. As the funicular climbs, it adjusts to the steepness of the slope with the help of a tilting hydraulic floor. The rotating barrel-shaped cabins also make sure that the level of the floor surface remains the same throughout the journey. So, you get unparalleled views of the surrounding all the time.

world's steepest funicular
Image credit – Stoos

You can board the Stoosbahn funicular from the Schwyz valley station and ride till the Stoos mountain station. The funicular is operational from Monday to Thursday & Sunday (17.12.17 – 2.4.18) – 7:05am to 7:40pm, Friday & Saturday (17.12.17 – 31.3.18) – 7:05am to 11:45pm.

Make the most of the climb by gazing at the breathtaking view of the mountains and don’t forget to record videos of the fascinating journey. The length of the track is 1,547 metres and the entire journey takes a maximum of two to five minutes. While the funicular might resemble a roller coaster, do not expect a daring journey. It functions at a speed of 10 metres per second.

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Stoosbahn Funicular not only caters to tourists and visitors but will aid in transportation by bridging communities.

You can book the tickets online from the official website.

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