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Male friday mosque
Written by Amirthavarshini on October 12, 2020 Share on

Male Friday Mosque, Maldives: The Eye-Opening Voyage Of Spirituality

How about some bit of tradition and spirituality in a romantic trip? Male is a land of high rises and narrow streets ringed by seawalls. It has everything that one requires for a dream Maldives vacation. You can go on a blissful beach visit if you are aiming for a tranquil trip. If you are a shopaholic, the Male markets can savour with its with fresh produce and excite with local souvenirs. If you are looking for peace and serenity touched with spirituality, visit the famous Male Friday Mosque. It is an underrated attraction in Male that everyone must consider visiting. Continue reading the article to know more about this architectural marvel.

History of the Male Friday Mosque

The golden-domed Male Friday Mosque is a spectacular attraction overlooking the landscape covered by the blue ocean. It is considered as one of the oldest surviving mosques of Male in Kaafu Atoll. Also known as Male Hukuru Miskiy, the mosque was built in the year 1658. One cannot simply unsee the unique architecture and intricate carvings on the walls of the mosque. Hence, it was listed in the UNESCO tentative World Heritage Cultural List 2008.

Intricate architecture
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The architecture of the Male Friday Mosque

Even if you are a prolific writer, you will still find it hard to describe the beauty of the Male Friday Mosque. Also, the mosque has a crazy habit of leaving you speechless the very next moment you witness it. Boasting an impressive Islamic art, the mosque is indeed a treat for the eyes. You will be amazed at its beautiful structure made from coral stone into which intricate decoration and Quranic script have been skilfully chiselled. The interior is simply jaw-dropping. It is known for its fine lacquer work and elaborate woodcarvings.

What’s special about Male Friday Mosque?

Make sure to visit the Male Friday Mosque when you are in Male. Because the peace that resides in it will surely make your visit to the mosque more special. Learn about how Islam was introduced to the Maldives while exploring the long panel, carved in the 13th century. Also, you will be shell shocked to know that the mosque was built on the foundations of an old temple that faced west towards the setting sun, not northwest towards Mecca. Ultimately, the worshippers have to face the corner of the mosque when they pray. The striped carpet, laid at an angle, shows the correct direction for worship.

Restrictions in Male Friday Mosque

If you want to enter the Male Friday Mosque, special permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs needs to be obtained. This restriction is especially for the Non-Muslims wishing to see the interiors of the mosque. However, if you are conservatively dressed and it’s outside prayer times, you can get permission to enter the mosque easily on spot.

Visit Male Friday Mosque
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Its time to look beyond the seas in Male. Somewhere in the Island where the Ocean and Sky met, there lies utmost peace and tranquillity. Also, the positive vibe that the Male Friday Mosque creates in the lives of people is truly incomparable. Visit this beautiful attraction in Male and let the spirit of god bless you with unlimited love and health. Click amazing pictures near this Islamic architectural grandeur. I’m sure you will treasure this memory for a lifetime and a day. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your Maldives trip or Maldives honeymoon right away.

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