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Meghalaya in India
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Meghalaya Tour Package – How and What to Visit in the Abode of Clouds!

Meghalaya in Northeast India is one of the most natural yet attractive destinations to travel in the country. Surrounded by the Himalayan ranges, this little state stands tall with some of the best natural phenomena and attractions. Being one of the best hill stations in Northeast India, the place offers some of the best picturesque locations and attracts people from all around the world just for the views it offers. But that’s not it! It also possesses majestic waterfalls, interesting caves, root bridges and many more natural attractions. If you are looking for tour packages to the wonderful state of Meghalaya, we at Pickyourtrail offer you various intriguing tour packages to Meghalaya which are not only filled with amazing places but also offer you the flexibility to customise them as per your requests. But before you check out the super fabulous packages available, Read on to know more about the state so that you have a good idea on what to expect in an ideal Meghalaya tour package.

Let’s start the journey to the Abode of Clouds!
Shnongpdeng in Meghalaya
Photo by Nvr Endng Anupam on Unsplash

Best places not to be missed in Meghalaya Tour Package

The famous saying, ” Too much of anything is dangerous” applies to travel as well. Meghalaya has so much to offer and it is filled with wondrous places which makes it difficult for us to choose selective places to add into the tour package. Nevertheless, we at Pickyourtrail have curated a list of top places to visit in Meghalaya that you shouldn’t miss adding in your Meghalaya tour package.

Shillong – Scotland of East

This capital city of Meghalaya is filled with luring landscapes and irresistible beauty that it reminded the British of Scotland, which in turn lead to the name, ‘Scotland of the East’. The place is filled with beautiful parks and dense forests among the stretch of hilly terrain suitable for trekking. There are also many beautiful waterfalls including the famous Elephant Falls. The city of Shillong will be the first place to set foot on by many tourists as it holds the main airport of Meghalaya. So, it is a no brainer that Shillong makes it to any of the tour packages that are crafted for Meghalaya. If you miss adding Shillong, you will miss out on a lot and moreover, your way in and out of the state becomes tedious.

Laitlum Grand Canyon in Shillong, Meghalaya
Photo by Hadwt Baglari on Unsplash

Cherrapunji – The Wettest Paradise

It’s a crime to even talk about Meghalaya without mentioning the town of Cherrapunji. This town is a tropical paradise and one of the places that receive the highest amount of rainfall in the world. Because of this, Cherrapunji is filled with flourishing waterfalls and dense forests with a variety of flora. Don’t miss to visit the Living Root Bridge, a natural wonder raised from an Indian rubber tree 200 years ago. The bridge is 3 km long and is at a height of 2400 feet and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country. Walking past the bridge while the water flows beneath is one of the adventurous things to do in Meghalaya. Never ever leave out this wonderful town from your Meghalaya tour package especially if you are going on your honeymoon. Cherrapunji has the ability to provide the most romantic experiences that you would love to have with your other half.

Dainthlen falls in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
Photo by Thanuj Mathew on Unsplash

Nohkalikai Falls – The Wondrous & Thunderous Waterfall

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the country and the water here falls from a whopping height of 335 metres. The continuous rainfall in the region throughout the year results in the high flow of water at all times of the year. Especially in monsoons, when the flow is maximum, the rush of water into the ranges causes a thunderous atmosphere in the vicinity. The falls is beautifully located amidst the Khasi hills providing with most striking views. No doubt that this place will make your trip more exciting if you add it to your Meghalaya tour package. You can visit the falls at any time between 9 AM and 5 PM. It is located at a distance of just above 50 km from the city centre making it reachable by bus, cab or car.

Top perspective view of Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya
Photo by Ranit Chakraborty on Unsplash

Mawlynnong Village – Cleanest Village in Asia

This beautiful small town is situated 100 km south of Shillong and it is fondly known as ‘God’s own country’. The people of this village love their home so much that they make sure that they keep the place tidy all year long. The village is picturesquely surrounded by verdant farms and beautiful hills. You can do a day trip from Shillong here for one day. You can also fancy yourself a homestay made out of bamboo and is beautifully decorated. That could be one of the most romantic things that you can do at Mawlynnong. Overall, The cleanest village deserves to be in your tour package for Meghalaya.

Greenery of Mawlynnong in Meghalaya
Photo by Parthapratim Bhuyan on Unsplash

Other Places to Consider for Meghalaya Tour Package

As mentioned earlier, Meghalaya is filled with beautiful places and amazing things to do. But unfortunately, there might not be time to cover all of them. There are also some of the other places that you can consider to add on your Meghalaya tour package. Umiam Lake is one such place which is located 15 km north of the capital city, Shillong. It is a man-made lake and provides some of the best views to the visitors. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can visit the Balpakram National Park which has animals like Red Panda, Deer, Wild Buffalo, Elephant, Leopards, Wild Cows, Tiger and Marbled Cat. Another fantastic place that you can add to your tour package is Tura, one of the most natural places in Meghalaya filled with biodiversity. While you are in Tura, Nokrek National Park and Siju Caves are some of the best places to visit. There are more other places in Meghalaya that attract a lot of nature lovers. You can select the places based upon your own interests.

The Time factor influencing Meghalaya Tour Package

One of the major factors that affect the places to be included in your Meghalaya tour package is the time factor. Any given destination, it is important to know the effect by the time or season at which you visit the places. You can visit these attractions of Meghalaya at any time of the year. But, they offer their best at various points of the year.

Summer in Meghalaya

Summer in Meghalaya induces a considerable flux in the temperature from 12 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. It is a great time for sightseeing as the weather during the evenings is pleasant and gives a soothing temperature to explore with ease. This results in regional festivals being celebrated during this time of the year. Some of them are popular festivals like Shad Suk Mynsiem and Chad Sukra. They are celebrated in the month of April and last for 2-3 days. Don’t miss to add the festivals in your Meghalaya tour package if you are visiting during this time.

Winter in Meghalaya

Winter in Northeast generally starts in November and lasts until the month of February. The temperature during this time period varies from 15 degrees Celsius to as low as 3 degrees Celsius. The place remains foggy throughout the day but you can do sightseeing during the mornings. It is also the perfect time to do add adventurous activities like trekking and hiking in your Meghalaya tour package.

Monsoon in Meghalaya

Meghalaya during the monsoon is as appealing as the state can get but don’t let the beauty fool you. Being one of the wettest places on Earth, it is no wonder that the rainfall during monsoon is very high in Meghalaya. This makes it dangerous to do activities like trekking. Even the waterfalls will be filled with the maximum capacity of water and will be flowing with massively gushing waters. So, we recommend you not to visit during this season. But if you are so determined to travel during this season, make sure to be safe and carry safety gears with appropriate clothes. Avoid adventurous activities and go for slight sightseeing additions to the tour package.


Meghalaya is one amazing place to enjoy nature at its fullest. Make sure you make the best out of this wonderful land that God had bestowed upon us. Get yourself a Meghalaya tour packages from Pickyourtrail that are customisable as per you wishes. You can also reach out to us on Whatsapp and our team of travel experts will be more than happy to help you craft the best package for you. Unwrap the Abode of Clouds with Pickyourtrail!

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