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Melbourne Cricket Ground: The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Melbourne Cricket Ground

Simply Known as The G, The Melbourne Cricket Ground is an Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria. It also holds the title as the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. The Melbourne Cricket Ground was included on the Australian National Heritage List in 2005. 

The MCG has undergone numerous renovations since this was built in 1853. It served as the centrepiece of the 1956 Summer Olympics, the 2006 Commonwealth Games and two World Cups on cricket: 1992 and 2015. Remarked for its role in international cricket development, the MCG hosted both the First Test match and the First One Day International.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Source: Unsplash

History of Melbourne Ground

The current Melbourne Cricket Ground site was selected in 1853 by the Melbourne Cricket Club. Until 1933, the government stipulated that the ground was to be used for cricket and cricket only. In later years, the region closest to the river was also built for sporting purposes, including 1956 Olympic venues. The list of events that have taken place in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

  • Cricket
  • Olympics
  • CommonWealth Games
  • Australian football
  • Soccer
  • Rugby League
  • Various Concerts

Interesting Facts About Melbourne Ground

  • It was at the MCG, on 11 February 1984, that for the first time an ODI ended in a tie, making 222 both West Indies and Australia.
  • The MCG is referred to as Australian Sport’s ‘Spiritual Home.’
  • The MCG light towers are the largest for any globe-wide sporting venue.
  • Groundsman Jack House agreed on January 2, 1955, according to a report, to water the pitch on the rest day of the 3rd Ashes Test match between Australia and England to save the 22 yards, after a hot Saturday it formed massive cracks. The Australian Cricket Association and the Melbourne Cricket Club, however, launched an inquiry into the matter and dismissed the rumour.
  • Joe Solomon, of West Indies, was called out hit-wicket on January 2, 1961, after his hat dropped onto the stumps when looking at a delivery from Richie Benaud.
  • Sunil Gavaskar, an Indian batsman, took Chetan Chauhan off the field in a test match in 1981, after being upset by an LBW verdict on him.
  • At the MCG on 1 February 1981, the infamous incident of Greg Chappell, Australia’s captain, asking Trevor Chappell to underarm the final delivery of the match, when New Zealand needed a six off the last ball to tie the ODI, was held. While that was not against the rules, the event was viewed as ‘against the game’s meaning.’
  • It was on this ground, in 1995, that the umpire Darrell Hair called Muttiah Muralitharan, a Sri Lankan spinner for throwing the ball(chucking), seven times during the Boxing Day Test.
  • The MCG is part of the annual-Melbourne Marathon and has held a number of rock concerts.
  • On 27 August 1999, an electrical fault caused the city end scoreboard to catch fire, delaying the beginning of an AFL match by 30 mins
  • The MCG is the spot where the Super Sopper was first seen.
  • For Day 1 of the 2013 Australia-England Boxing Day Test, an audience total of 91,092, set a high for a one-day Test Match history attendance.
  • The MCG was used for military purposes during World War II, from 1942 to 1945, and more than 200,000 personnel were camped at the venue.
  • In 1869 Australia organized the first-ever road competition at the MCG.
  • In 1878, the MCG also played the first-ever Tennis game by Victoria.
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Source: Google images

Getting to Melbourne Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is located at close proximity to the heart of the city of Melbourne, Australia.  It is right next to Melbourne Park and is part of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct. It can be accessed by Richmond and Jolimont railway stations, as well as the route 70 tram. Alternatively, visitors can drive down if they are hiring a car to drive around the country. 

Things to do in Melbourne Ground

The Australian Sports Museum

The Australian Sports Museum is home to a number of special faces sharing first-hand accounts of their sporting story. It houses Australia’s largest collection of sporting memorabilia. It is a technologically advanced museum featuring life-size 3D holograms. Tickets can be pre-purchased online for the museum. 

Bars and cafes

The Melbourne Cricket Ground Also features a number of bars and cafes within the premises. It is a perfect Reflection of Melbourne’s thriving culture of good food in a relaxed setting. The visitors can enjoy the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s extensive choices of food and drinks. 

The outlets available are as follows

  • The Founder’s Bar
  • The Lock-up Bar
  • Brassi Cafe
  • Haydn Bunton Sports Bar
  • The Outer Bar
  • Paddock Cafe

Melbourne Cricket Ground Shop

Melbourne Cricket Ground Shop is one-stop shop for all sporting merchandise. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Source: Google images

Best Time To Visit Melbourne Ground

The perfect time to tour Australia itself will be in December to February during the mild days. It is the busiest time of the season, which draws tourists from all over the world. Such months have the lowest amount of rainfall, and days may range from 16 and 19 degrees centigrade while not yet dry. A large number of crowds despite being the peak time of the season. If slim crowds and off-peak prices are the targets of your travel, then the best period to schedule the travel will be off-peak season between February and March, or October and November. The days are fairly mild, and dry.

Essential Information about Melbourne Cricket Ground

1. Location

MGC is located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria

2. Ticket Fare / MCG Tour Price

  • Adult – $30.00
  • Child (5-15) – $15.00
  • Family (2 adults with 2 children) – $75.00
  • Child Under 5 – $0.00

3. Timings

MCG Tours are daily operated and depart every 30 minutes between the time period of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The timings of MCG Tour and the Australian Sports Museum may vary on event days. You can check the official website of MCG for updated information. 

The tours are closed on Good Friday, Melbourne Cup Day and Christmas Day.

How to Plan for a Visit to Melbourne Cricket Ground

Immerse yourself in the high-class facilities of MCG. You can plan your holidays at the time of cricket events to spectate an energetic match while having some delicious snacks, or else be a part of the MCG tour that happens on a daily basis when there are no events in the stadium. Gain insights into Melbourne cricket culture and other sporting cultures with surprising facilities. 

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