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Himachal Pradesh
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7 Must-visit places in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Everyone’s go-to place during the scorching summer heat is a hilly region. If you are a person from up north of India, you will have many must-visit places you can visit to get away from the heat. Tourists enjoy destinations that are less explored. Are you looking for such a destination with many must-visit places? Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh is the right choice then! With the must-visit places, you can relax, roam around and enjoy the mountain air because Jibi is a mini heaven on earth. How much curious are you? Head to must-visit places in the town of Jibhi.

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Jibhi Himachal
Image Source: Unsplash

7 Must-visit places in Jibhi

  • Jalori Pass – greet pine trees and rocky hills
  • Serolsar Lake – a feast to the eyes
  • Kullu: a place for some adventure
  • Chehni Kothi – enjoy the green patches of forest
  • Raghupur Fort – know the past
  • Great Himalayan National Park – observe the flora and fauna
  • Shringa Rishi Temple – find inner peace

1. Jalori Pass – Greet pine trees and rocky hills

Jalori Pass
Image Source: Unsplash

At an elevation of 3000ft, Jalori Pass is provident enough to get lost into the clouds. The pine trees and hard rocky hills greet you here! Run into the zone of vibrant plants and wildlife! If you want to visit a paradise on the earth, visit this venue. For a satisfying trip here, choose some dates between November and March. Sniff the scents of the beautiful row of flora during trekking and fall in love with the fragrance! Get ready for a perfect lunch date at the top of the Jalori hill. What is more romantic than this?

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2. Serolsar Lake – a feast for the eyes

Serolsar Lake
Image Source: Pixabay

Another beautiful attraction in the do-to-list in Jibhi is Serolsar Lake. Amidst the thick and tough woods, the lake is a feast for your eyes. The lake emanates serenity and stillness. Wash away your stress by plunging your feet into the water. The lake is not only a visual treat but there are amazing facts about it. Numerous Silver Oak trees cover this beautiful lake. Not even a single solitary leaf lies outside the lake. This happens because of the sparrows named Aoba. They live close to the lake and they collect them. Flabbergasting story Isn’t it?  There’s a small temple of Budhi Nagini nearby. Devotees visit the temple and offer ghee to the deity. There’s a story behind this too. It is believed that Budhi Nagini lived at the bottom of the lake.

The lake is round and remains clean all the time. Mr and Ms Perfectionists do visit this place!

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3. Kullu – a place for some adventure

Image Source: Unsplash

The best months to visit Kullu are May, October, November, and December. At an elevation of 1229m, this spot in Himachal Pradesh is more prevalent day by day. Since train service is not available to reach the destination, it’s a bit annoying. But flight services are often available. The mercury falls from −4 to 20 °C, with some snowfall during winter. Who doesn’t love snow? Let’s build a few snowmen and have fun! During the Summer temperature ranges from 24 to 34 °C. October and November are quite endearing! Also known as “Valley of the Divine beings” or “Dev Bhumi”, the Kullu is also believed to be a religious place. Trekking, rafting, paragliding and camping are some mandatory sources for fun!

4. Chehni Kothi – enjoy the green patches forests

Built with stone and wood, the Chehni Kothi was named after a village, the Chehni village. Besides the Tirthan valley, the venue is situated near the Jibhi valley. The focal reason to visit the place is that the venue is wholly covered by green patches of love. The fort was destroyed one-side by an earthquake during 1905. Restoration is being carried out by the locals to complete the temple.

5. Raghupur Fort – know the past

Worked by the Mandi rulers, this fort is partially damaged at present with only the external parts. A walk of 3km from the Jalori Pass, the last kilometre becomes extreme and secured with greek oaks all over with a beautiful view of the Himalayas! From the top of the Fort, you can have a wide 360 degrees of the entire Kullu and the Mandi region.

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6. Great Himalayan National Park – observe the flora and fauna

Life is meant for exploring. Natural flora and fauna are found in abundance here, which attracts the visitors. Fishing is also famous here. Hook a net and go fishing! This place stands on top of poaching animals. Special permission needs are approved by the officers to visit this park. March, April, May, June and Mid-September, October and November are the best months to visit the Great Himalayan National Park.

7. Shringa Rishi Temple – find inner peace

The temple is at an elevation which gives a telescopic view of the entire place. The locals worship the deities of this temple and consider it to be sacred.  They believe that the presence of the temple is the main reason for their well-being. Shringi rishi is considered as one of the eighteen chiefs of this place. Devoted to sage Rishyasringa, the holy person of Kashyapa’s heredity, the temple receives hundreds of pilgrims who visit the temple every year to pay homage to the lord.

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