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Mesmerizing Weekend in Manali – 1 night 2 days itinerary

Manali is easily one of the most famous hill stations in India. Situated in the north of the Kullu valley, it is a tourist hotspot. Because of its geographical features and popularity, all types of tourists are present here all year round. Honeymooners, family and backpackers turn up here in huge numbers and its tourism scene is always busy. From Manali, you can enjoy the views of the mighty Himalayas and the snowcapped mountains. Furthermore, it is a gateway and starting point to the dream ride through Rohtang Pass Ladakh. In addition to this, it is an escape from the city noises and an excellent spot to chill for the weekend. Here is a 1 night 2 days itinerary to Manali and the places to explore there.

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Day 1 – Rohtang Pass

Arrive at Manali by bus in the early morning. Ensure the room is booked and they are informed about your early arrival, otherwise getting rooms in the morning would be quite difficult. Renting a bike is the best and cheaper option than a taxi. Also, ensure that the bikes have proper registration and insurance papers. Ensure that get your Rohtang permit online and start the ride.

This is an exhilarating ride as the curvy roads take you to higher altitudes. Once you reach Rohtang, just marvel at the snowy Himalayas and simply take in all of its grandeur and charm. This is the same highway that takes you all the way to Ladakh. But, this journey is a must when you are visiting Manali for a short stay of 1 night and 2 days. The ride to the pass itself takes you through some of the best sights, with snowcapped mountains, waterfalls and streams. One way journey takes around 2 hours from Manali, but it is an amazing experience you will never forget.

Rohtang Pass Manali
Image Source: Unsplash

Solang Valley

On your way back from Rohtang, take a detour to Solang valley. Located just about 15 km from Manali, Solang valley is another must-see place in Manali. Solang Valley is full of exciting adventure activities and is a fun place to be. It has paragliding, cable cars, ATV rides so and so forth. Feel the pure cold stream water on your face and unleash the adventure junkie in you. Return to your room by evening, take rest for a while and explore the Mall road. Here you will find a collection of restaurants and shopping options. Enjoy a nice dinner and explore the busy streets, pick up a souvenir and come back to the room and relax.

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Mall Road
Image Source: Unsplash

Day 2 – In and Around Manali

On your second full day of the 1 night 2 days itinerary, explore in and around Manali and its famous attractions.

1. Hadimba Temple

Start off your day with a visit to this beautiful temple surrounded by cedar forests. You can either go by road or take the steps to reach the temple. The temple is an architectural masterpiece and unique from other normal temples. Spend some time here and walk around the temple.

2. Vashisht

Head up about 10 km from Manali to Vashisht to the hot water springs. These are natural hot water springs found here which are said to have medicinal values. Vashisht also has plenty of hip coffee shops and eateries where you can grab a quick snack.

3. Jogini Falls

This is a small hike starting from the Vashisht Temple and ending in the amazing Jogini Falls. Being one of the most breathtaking sights in Manali, the Falls is a must-visit here. And since you will not be having much time for hiking or trekking in this 1 night 2 days itinerary, plan your day well if you want to. Take pictures of this sky-high falls and simply enjoy the splendid view of the snowy Himalayas.

4. Van Vihar

Make your descent to the city centre and spend some relaxing time among the towering deodar trees in Van Vihar. You will feel the cold air as you walk among these giant trees and make your way to the lake in the middle of it. This is one of the best places in the town to blow off steam.

Yak manali
Image Source: Pixabay

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As the day come to a close, it is time to say goodbye to Manali. Though a 1 night 2 days itinerary cannot cover the whole beauty of Manali, you can be happy that you had your share of adventure and so many memories from Manali. Return the bike, head to the bus station and start your return journey.

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