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Tirthan Valley
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Tirthan Valley – The untouched gem of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is full of great sights and paradise travellers. And tourists tend to visit its famous locations such as Kullu or Manali. But Himachal is much more and its vivid mountains and valleys have their own stories to tell. One such destination is the Tirthan Valley, which is pure Himalayan bliss and its village life. Up until now the number of visitors who go to Tirthan Valley is considerably less than other places in Himachal Pradesh. Thus, the valley has its own charisma and charm you would not want to miss. Tirthan river flows through this valley thus giving it the name, and it is located in the Kullu district. And the places to see in Tirthan Valley are sure to give you a proper Himalayan experience. The Great Himalayan National Park is one the main attraction, the source where Tirthan River originates – the glacial springs of Hanskund.

Places to see in Tirthan Valley

  1. Great Himalayan National Park
  2. Jalori Pass
  3. Serolsar Lake
  4. Himalayan Villages
  5. Kothi Chehni
  6. Trout Fishing
  7. Jibhi

Great Himalayan National Park

Declared as a national park in 1999, this is easily one of the best places to see in Tirthen Valley. The park is home to a large variety of flora and fauna and an excellent trekking spot in the valley. Additionally, the park is your perfect getaway to have a peaceful few days in nature. There are several trekking trails which fully captures the wild beauty of the park. Also, you get to go through several villages inside the park and learn about their lifestyle and traditions. Furthermore, you can also see the wildlife of the valley with Himalayan Black and Brown Bears, Tahrs, and even birds such as the Western Tragopan. The National Park is quite an experience where the journey takes you from the green valley to the snowy mountain tops.

Tirthan Valley
Image Source: Unsplash

Jalori Pass

10,000 feet above sea level, the Jalori Pass is situated between Kullu and Shimla in the Northern Himalayas. The pass is full of towering trees, deep valley and steep roads. Because of this, in the winter the pass is closed as it is almost impossible to travel. Also, there are several treks to explore places like Shoja, Sainj Valley and the Himalayan National Park etc. Furthermore, the pure natural beauty of this place will take your breath away and you simply fall in love with this place. Day hikes or multiple-day treks can be done here as per your choice, but rest assured this is one of the must-see places to visit in the Tirthan Valley.

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Serolsar Lake

The location of the lake feels like a cover of greenery covered with gigantic oak trees. As the lake is sitting over 3000 meters above sea level, it further enhances your experience. This serene lake is totally worth the trek and you will realise this once you reach here. The cold and pure water is like a mirror that reflects the greenery around it and the blue sky from above. Apart from being an excellent trekking trail, this is a pure and serene Himalayan forest in all of its glory with a charming lake in the middle of it. Also, in the winter the lake and its surroundings will be fully covered in a thick coating of snow and though the trek will be even more difficult, the sight at the end of it is absolutely heavenly.

The Himalayan Villages

Tirthan Valley is full of small Himalayan Villages which has a completely different life of its own. The traditional houses are built on levels with wood to sustain the harsh winters and heavy snowfall. Also, the people here live a simple life with agriculture and cattle. Banjar, Gushaini, Sairopa, Bihar etc are some of the villages in the Tirthan Valley. These villages have their own common areas where they gather and discuss village matters, their own deities, and festivals. The village of Bihar is located on top of a mountain and you have a breathtaking view of the entire valley. Gushaini is almost on the banks of the Tirthan River, while villages like Sairopa are in the forest area. The people are really friendly and helpful and they love to share stories about themselves as well as the valley.

Banjar Tirthan Valley
Image Source: Unsplash

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Kothi Chehni

This is an architectural masterpiece in the Chehni village of near Jibhi. It is a watchtower built in the 17th century by then ruling King Dhadhu. The King and the Queen would sit here and watch over the entire valley below them. Furthermore, this is approximately over 30 meters tall, made of thick stone and wood. Being the largest structure in all of the Western Himalayas, which is an area prone to earthquakes and landslides itself is a great feat. Also, it survived the devastating earthquake of 1905 while most of the buildings in the valley were destroyed. Since there are no direct roads here, you can either hike up from Bihar or from the Jibhi side. Also, you can visit the Shringa Rishi temple when you are going here. Being one of the best places to see in Tirthan Valley, this is an excellent spot for a day hike.

Trout Fishing

While this is not a place to see, this is one of the most interesting things to do in the valley. The Tirthan River is rich with trout fish and this is one of the best places to angle trout. As the valley is full of brown and rainbow trouts, angling can be done almost all the places. You can see locals as well as tourists engaged in catching trout for a nice meal. Some homestays and camps offer this as part of their package and it is a super fun thing to do here.

Trout Fishing
Image Source: Unsplash

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Jibhi is a small village and one of the best places to see in Tirthan Valley. It is full of towering green mountains with narrow roads. Also, being one of the most serene destinations in and around the valley. Take a walk through the forest full of sky-high pine trees with the winds making resounding noises that tremble the mountains. You will have an entirely unique experience here, for sure. Jibhi is not a regular tourist destination thus it is not well developed either. But, that makes it even a better place to visit and have an incredible experience by getting close to nature and living a simple life. Also, the air is always clean, the views are unbelievable and it is the perfect place to wind down and hibernate for stress and noise.

Image Source: Pixabay

The mystical Tirthan Valley is full of exciting places to see and things to do. Head over here to experience some of the less disturbed villages and unspoiled Himalayan beauty. Plan your vacation to Tirthan Valley with Pickyourtrail where you can customize and craft your perfect itinerary. Also, download the Pickyourtrail App for all your travel-related queries.

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