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Nanemachi Waterfall
Written by Akshaya Manoharan on June 10, 2023 Share on

Nanemachi Waterfall in Maharashtra

Nanemachi Waterfall, located in the Raigad District, about 200 Kilometers from Mumbai is a hidden gem which offers a blissful experience for nature enthusiasts. This stunning waterfall attracts visitors with its picture perfect beauty and soothing sounds. What is the speciality of this waterfall? What is the history behind it? How to reach this waterfall? Continue reading this article to get all your questions answered!

Where is Nanemachi Waterfall Located?

Nanemachi Waterfall is located in Mahad taluka of Raigad District. It is 200 Kilometers from Mumbai and 130 Kilometers from Pune. The height of the falls is around 400 feet. It is an easy trek but it can get slippery during the Monsoon season, making it difficult to get to the falls. Furthermore, visiting this waterfall is the perfect getaway for visitors from their usual hustle. Moreover, surrounded by lush greenery, Nanemachi Waterfall offers a calm ambiance and peaceful vibes for visitors.

How to reach Nanemachi Waterfall in Mumbai

  1. By Road: Nanemachi Waterfall is accessible by road. Visitors can travel by road till Mahad taluka to reach the base camp. It will be around 25 kilometers. For those going by road from Mumbai it would take around 5 hours. At the same time from Pune it would take 3 hours.
  2. By Rail: Visitors going to visit the Nanemachi by train will have to board a train to Mumbai and from CSMT (Mumbai) they will have to board a train to Mahad Station.
  3. By Air: Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, is the nearest airport to the waterfall. From the airport, visitors can hire a taxi to reach this Waterfall.

Entry ticket charges for Nanemachi Waterfall

The charges levied for trekking to the waterfall will be from Rs.900/- to Rs.1650/- per person. Likewise, if you want to change the date of the trek, it has to be done within 3 days of departure and you will have to pay a fee of Rs.200/- per person.

Best time to visit the Waterfall

Plan your visit during the Monsoon season, particularly between the months of June and October. This is when you will be able to witness the enchanting beauty of the Waterfall.

History and story behind Nanemachi Waterfall

Nanemachi Waterfall holds an important place in the history and folklore of Mumbai. It has been a source of inspiration and admiration, particularly for the locals. The translation of the Waterfall’s name means Mother’s Lap which symbolizes the nurturing embrace of nature. It is believed that many Yogis and Saints have done penance at this waterfall because of which this waterfall has healing properties.

Over the years, this Waterfall has become an iconic destination among tourists seeking to escape from their busy life schedule. Its descending waters and dense surroundings offer the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Essentials to carry for the trek

Here is a list of all the necessary items that will come in handy for the trek.

  1. Lightweight clothing
  2. Raincoat
  3. Medical Kit
  4. Good quality trekking boots
  5. Waterproof Backpack
  6. Sufficient water to keep you hydrated
  7. Trekking Ropes

These items are surely needed for you to have a safe trek.

Things to know

  1. Respect the Waterfall and its surroundings
  2. The locales believe the waterfall to be sacred, so don’t pollute the water
  3. If you visit the waterfall during monsoon, ensure you have proper foot gear
  4. Guides are available to assist you if incase you don’t feel comfortable trekking
  5. Do not enter the waters with your shoes on
  6. Make sure to follow the Leave no trace principles
  7. Respect Nature
  8. Enjoy the serene beauty of the waterfall

Make sure to add the Nanemachi Waterfalls to your bucket list. Every step you take towards the waterfall will take you one step close to paradise. This waterfall is undoubtedly a gift of nature. Standing next to this waterfall will make you feel rejuvenated. It will surely leave an everlasting impression in you, that can be cherished forever. Are you still waiting for the perfect opportunity? It will never come. So make it happen. Gear up and commence your trek to the Nanemachi Waterfall and discover the pristine beauty of nature.

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