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10 day offbeat Nagaland Itinerary

Nagaland, a state in India, lies in the north-eastern region of the country’s hills and mountains. It is one of India’s smaller countries. Nagaland is bound to the northeast by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, to the south by Manipur, to the west and northwest by Assam and to the east by Myanmar (Burma). The capital of the state is Kohima located in southern Nagaland. If you love out of the box travel, let us look at an offbeat Nagaland itinerary.

In untamed Nagaland, there are 16 major tribes which share a border with Myanmar. The people are relatively new to tourism, warm, and open to attracting visitors. When you visit villages in Nagaland you’ll never feel alone. But which towns to visit? Depending on how much time you have and how much of Nagaland you want to see, there are different choices. The five popular Nagaland tourist districts listed here will give you some insights about an offbeat experience in Nagaland.

Just don’t expect people everywhere to be dressed in tribal clothes, because modern life in Nagaland is already catching on! Most towns have concrete buildings — the traditional Nagaland these days is only in the villages.

Travelling on a tour to Nagaland is most convenient. Nagaland’s permit requirements for international visitors have been relaxed. Interested in visiting Nagaland from first hand? Have a read about this interesting travelogue, including travel tips for an offbeat visit to Nagaland.

Day 1: Arrive Dibrugarh (Assam)

Night in Dilbrugarh
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Arrive at Dibrugarh Airport, from where you will be taken to your hotel. For sightseeing, you can visit the Tea Garden near Dibrugarh in the afternoon. You can also spend time shopping in the evening at Dibrugarh market. Savour a nice meal at the hotel once you are back from your visit.

Day 2: Dibrugarh to Mon

Sonari Town
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

After breakfast, proceed to Mon, and drive through the beautiful countryside of Assam which will take around 6 hours. On the way, stop for an early lunch at Sonari Town. Wander around the small town and continue to drive to Mon. Upon reaching Mon check in to the hotel. Spend the afternoon exploring Mon. Have a hearty meal and spend the night on Mon.

Day 3: Explore Mon

Village in Mon
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Located at an altitude of 897.64 meters above sea level is the land of Konyak Nagas. They were one of the greatest warriors among Nagas and practised headhunting during the historic times. To kickstart your trip for the day, and get an insight into the history, drive to Longwa village which is on the border of India and Burma. Wander around the village and visit Morung where you can visit a Naga boy’s dormitory that served as an acculturation and learning place during the headhunting times. This will truly a surreal part of your offbeat itinerary to Nagaland.

Proceed to a gun-making place where the Konyak Nagas traditionally manufactured guns and also pay a visit to the craftsmen’s house to see the beautiful wood carvings and appreciate the artistic skills of the Nagas. You can return to Mon and have lunch. The next leg of your journey will be to Hang Phoi village to meet the Headhunters with tattooed faces. You will get a more realistic insight into the Naga culture. After this offbeat experience in Nagaland, you can stay the night at Mon.

Day 4: Mon to Tuensang

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

After breakfast, drive to the district of Tuensang which is about 6 hours away, bordering Myanmar. It is the state ‘s easternmost district, and the largest. The District is home to tribal groups like Chang, Sangtam, Khiamniungan, Yimchunger, Phom Naga and others. Each tribe has a different culture, different traditions and different festivals and witnessing them will be a winner in your offbeat Nagaland itinerary.

Make sure you click some great pictures and soak into the beautiful culture of the Naga tribes during your stay here.

Day 5: Explore Tuensang

Tuesang Village
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Spend the day exploring Tuesang ‘s various villages. You may find several Mithun in this area (a semi-domesticated animal) that is a cross between water buffalo and a cow. Explore villages such as Noklak which is inhabited by the Khiamniungan tribe. The village is popular for its cane work, handicrafts and artefacts.

Another village, Longtrok, finds the ancient ruins of the civilisations of Tsongliyangti and Chungliyangti, which is marked by six legendary stones. Admire the history of this place before heading back to your hotel and staying the night.

Day 6: Tuensang to Touphema

Touphema Tourist Village
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Proceed to Touphema Tourist Village which is a long drive (8-9 hrs drive) away. On the way, stop to see the culture of the Lotha Tribe at Longsa village in Wokha district. Lothas are known for their vibrant dances and folk songs. Unlike other Nagas, in the olden days, the Lothas practised headhunting. You can then check into your hotel at Touphema.

Day 7: Explore Touphema

the traditional Naga
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Visit the village of Touphema in the morning. Touphema offers exquisite traditional Naga life in nature’s lap. This village is set up to preserve and showcase the traditional Naga lifestyle.  There is another village called Khonoma which is populated by the Angami tribe. After you finish exploring these villages, you can head back to your hotel for a checkout. The next leg of your journey would be to Khonoma for another offbeat experience in your Nagaland itinerary.

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Day 8: Khonoma to Kohima

Dzukou Valley in the morning
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Trek to Dzukou Valley in the morning and witness Flowers Valley. The valley stands above sea level at an altitude of 2500 metres. The entire valley is full of flowers during the months of March and April. After witnessing the breathtaking beauty, trek back to Khonoma in the afternoon, catch a quick refreshment and drive to Kohima.

Day 9: Kohima, Dimapur to Kolkata

Dimapur City View
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Once the capital of the ancient Kachari tribe, Dimapur has some mysterious ruins of the Kachari civilization from the 13th century. These ruins which are scattered around Rajbari Park, are perhaps the most interesting attraction in Dimapur.

There is also a market near the ruins on Wednesday that offers an informative insight into the life of Nagas. There are common items on sale, such as spices, wicker goods and vegetables. However, you can avoid the meat section as they sell bizarre types of meat like dog meat which you might not be very comfortable with. From Dimapur, it’s a two to three-hour drive to Kohima or even a 30-minute helicopter ride can be taken. You can spend the night at leisure in Kohima.

Your final day in Nagaland will end with a drive to Dimapur Airport to board the flight to Kolkata and take your flight back home. Don’t you want to visit these offbeat places in Nagaland already? Well, then pack your bags and plan a visit with Pickyourtrail. You are sure to have that dream Nagaland vacation that you were always planning for.

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