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Taste the traditionally brewed Palm wine of Seychelles

If you are visiting Seychelles, you all know how much of a romantic destination it is, untouched by many. Seychelles is said to be an exotic destination waiting to be explored to its fullest. Seychelles, if not just famous for its clear water and white sand beaches but also for its Palm wine. Palm wine brewed in Seychelles fully home-brewed. Above all, it is said to be one among the traditional dishes/drinks of the island. The Palm wine is made across different countries around the world but nothing can beat its taste at Seychelles. Unlike any other wine, this is not made using grapes. It is made from extracting juices from alcoholic palm trees. Palm wine is fondly called as toddy, kalou or calou. Ready to taste Taste the traditionally brewed Palm Wine of Seychelles?

beach in Seychelles
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Palm Wine of Seychelles

Have you seen shiny glass bottles hanging down from trees as you walk through the beach or palm trees? Have wondered what was it? To answer all your curious minds, that is the traditionally brewed pal wine aka toddy.

Palm Trees
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These palm wines are made from two different parts of the tree. Either from the top part of the tree, which is called as Spathe. The spathe is used to make toddy or calou. Or from the roots of the tree which are used to make toddy. However, the taste is much stronger than the regular one.

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Toddy Tapping Process

Step 1: Choosing the best coconut or palm tree

Every drink needs the best ingredient to be fresh and best. Same applies for toddy too. The very first step is to pick the right, fresh, fully bloomed palm or coconut tree which has healthy fruit buds. Once the right tree is found, a man climbs up on the tree just by tying a rope around his waist and carrying a vessel to fill it with the juice. Above all, the toddy tapping process is a great activity to watch as well!

Step 2: Choosing the Spathe

Like mentioned before Spathe is found on top of the palm or coconut tree. The best spathe is that which is young and green in colour. The person climbing the tree has to be very careful as there might he insects and rodents that might try harming. After being very careful, the individual uses his knife skills to extract cut the spathe carefully.

Palm Wine
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Step 3: Cutting the Spathe

After cutting out the most suitable spathe, the spathe starts to drip its milk out. Once the milk starts to drip, the spadix, where all the milk is stored is tied down tightly. This is done to quicken down the process. More than that, a skilled toddy tapper aces this job and gets it done quickly.

Step 4: Daily visits

After collection of the milk, it is then refilled to plastic bottle or container. It is later left to hang down on the tree. The bottle is checked by the individuals on daily basis to check the quality and the concentration of the wine. Once it is found in its right consistency, it is ready to drink. It is taken down and sold to the public and cafes.

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