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Paris in August
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on May 5, 2022 Share on

Paris in August: Complete Guide To A Perfect French Trip!


Paris is the third most visited city in the world. It sees a footfall of up to 15 million tourists every year. The romance and the adventure that is associated with the city attract many travel bugs from all corners of the world. It is home to iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, the Musee d’Orsay, and the Versailles Palace. The city presents to tourists a destination that is both dipped in excitement and history. There is a dollop of culture with a considerable level of sophistication.

There is indeed plenty to see and do here. A visit to Paris in August makes for a great plan for several reasons. To begin with, the temperatures are both pleasant and relaxing. In addition to that, this is the time when interesting events like open-air cinema, music festivals, etc are held. All these factors combine to make the proposition of visiting Paris in August a great plan indeed. So, keeping that in mind here are some topics of interest pertinent to your ( hopefully ) upcoming travel plans:- 


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Weather in Paris in August

Weather in Paris in August
Image Credits: Unsplash

August is considered to be the warmest month of the year in Paris. The city is bustling with life with its busy streets and increased crowds. The city is blessed with a lovely warm and dry climate which only adds to its beauty. This is a direct result of its geography and the typical Western oceanic climate. This is characterised by hot summers and wet winters.

This weather is perfect for a summer holiday in the most romantic city in the whole world. Speaking in terms of numbers, the average temperature in Paris in August is 20 degrees Celsius, with a high of 25 degrees Celsius. The evenings are mild and there is a monthly rainfall of just 21 mm. What this means is that it’s likely to rain on at least 10 days of the month. There is also a slight chance of thunderstorms. Tourists can expect daylight for up to 8 hours in a day and the average humidity is recorded at 64%. Following is a table that summaries these statistics in an easy to read manner: 

Average temperature20 C
Highest temperature25 C
Average rainfall 21 mm
Humidity percentage64%
Daylight hours8 hours

Things to Do in Paris in August

1. Enjoy live music at the Festival Rock en Seine: 

This is among the largest festivals in all of France. It is usually held from 23rd – 25th of August. Head to André le Nötre hardens of Domaine National de Saint Cloud in the western region of Paris. This festival features performances across several days. In the year 2022, the festival is scheduled to be held from 25th to 28th August. 

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2. Relish the Paris Plages: 

Paris Plages ( or Paris beaches ) have been a long-standing engagement for locals and tourists alike. It was originally held in only one location. Fast forward to current times, one can see these sandy stretches in different locations around the city. These usually start popping up around mid-July and continue well into August. So, what are you waiting for? Head to these fun locations on your trip to Paris in August and have a great time! 

3. Head to the outdoors to enjoy a movie: 

Paris in August
Image Credits: unsplash

It is commonly assumed that grand screenings are a thing of the past. However, in Paris, this is far from true. Summers bring with them free screenings of several movies. These range from cult classics to modern films. A majority of these films are shown in Parc de la  Villette. Since these movies are screened in their original language, there is a decent chance that you may catch a movie in English too. The best part is not the movies, however, that has to be that the viewers can host their very own picnics. Visitors can borrow deck chairs and sit back while munching on their favourite treats while bingeing content on the big screen.

4. Head out of the city for a day: 

If you are among those that feel that the hustle and bustle of the city are simply proving to be a bit too much to your liking, then head out. Head out where you ask? To the little towns found on the outskirts of the French capital, of course. Also, in summers, visitors can head to several Grand Câteaux of the Loire Valley and enjoy the sights and smell there too. This makes for a great activity to engage in while on your trip to Paris in August. 

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5. Hit the streets, on foot: 

Thanks to the improved weather, there is no better time than the month of August to go about exploring Paris on foot. Just bring along your most comfortable pair of shoes and a water bottle and you will be ready to hit the streets. 

6. Head to the Wonderland festival: 

The Wonderland festival held in Paris runs up till early autumn. One can enjoy engaging in a variety of activities here. From celebrity chefs whipping out their delectable delights to open-air concerts and even stand up comedy. This festival has got it all. It is held in the 20th Arrondissement. While the dates for the 2022 edition of the festival haven’t been announced as of now, we recommend you keep an eye on this one. After all, this festival is easily one of the best things to engage in on your trip to Paris in August. 

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Things to Do in Paris in August
Source – Pexels

7. Take in some beautiful panoramic views: 

Come summertime, a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty of Paris is through an elevated vantage point. Thankfully, Paris has an abundance of rooftop bars and restaurants. So, head to one of these establishments to savour the gorgeous views while sipping on a lip-smacking cocktail. 

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8. Head to the parks for a picnic: 

If you are budget conscious, then picnics are among the best ways to enjoy Paris. Head to one of the excellent Parisian markets and stock up on the essentials – baguette, cheese, wine, and so on and then hit the parks to soak in some of the sunshine. 

Eiffel tower
Image Credits: Unsplash

What to Pack for Paris in August

  • Hats 
  • Small umbrella
  • Hands-free purse or bag
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen 
  • Travel adapter
  • Power banks

What to Wear in Paris in August

  • Light Sweater
  • Scarves
  • Sun-dress
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Cotton shirts
  • Comfortable shoes

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Best Tips for Visiting Paris in August

  • August marks a time when many of the smaller shops, boutiques and restaurants close up shop. So, we advise you to have some backup plans in case your regular options are closed. 
  • Since August marks the height of peak season, be ready to face long queues at the top Parisian attractions. However, booking your tickets and getting passes in advance can save you plenty of time. 
  • It is recommended that you book your accommodation close to the attractions that you would like to visit on your trip to Paris in August. Doing so will save you plenty of time. 
  • The 15th of August is celebrated as the “ Feast of the Assumption of Mary ”, as a result, most shops close up and even supermarkets operate for reduced hours.
  •  Make sure that your accommodation is equipped with an air conditioner. Heatwaves can certainly make things problematic for visiting tourists, so we recommend you keep an eye to make sure your stay is comfortable and pleasant. 
Best Tips for Visiting Paris in August
Source – Pexels

Where to Stay in Paris in August

Le Marais is located on the Seine’s Right Bank. It makes for the perfect place to set up base as it is a centrally located neighbourhood. It is the perfect location for when you are travelling to Paris for the first time, it has good connectivity and several cafes and restaurants worth dining at. Following are some accommodation options that you can look into while on your trip to Paris in August: 

  1. Hotel De Josephine De Bonaparte: 

This charming hotel has found its inspiration in Napoleon’s wife. Its rooms are romantic and elegant. You will also find yourself admiring its saloons that make for the perfect place to sip on some wines. 

  1. Hotel France Louvre: 

This is a typical Haussamaniann style hotel. The rooms are small but cosy and feature elegant furnishings. Some of these rooms also have charming views over Hôtel DeVille and that of Tour Saint Jacques. 

  1. Relais Christine: 

This 16th-century establishment is set in a 16th-century mansion in Saint Germain-des-Prés. One can enjoy staying in uniquely designed rooms of different styles. In addition to that, visitors can also enjoy common spaces, a spa, a garden, and lastly – a fitness centre.

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Where to Stay in Paris in August
Source – Pexels

Festivals in Paris in August

Following is a list of festivals that you can celebrate and enjoy while on your trip to Paris in August: 

Fête des TuileiriesHeld in July and August
Rock en Seine Festival 25th – 30th August
Fountains Night Show15th August 
La nuit aux Invalides7th July – 26th August

FAQs on Paris in August

Q- what is the Paris Museum Pass? 

A- The Paris Museum Pass is a prepaid card that enables access to over 70 museums and monuments around Paris. These are available on multiple durations starting from 2 days going all the way up to 6 days. The prices range from 109 Euros to 169 Euros. 

Q- Should I uber while I am travelling in Paris? 

A- No, we recommend that you don’t rely on cab services like Uber as the public transport facilities are both economical and well connected. 

Q- What about my electronic adapter compatibility? 

A- One can find type C and type C sockets in use, we advise that you carry a travel adapter to keep your precious electronics topped up while on the move. 

So, make a plan to visit Paris in August and explore this amazing city filled with love and happiness. No doubt why Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. Pickyourtrail is a great platform that offers the best Paris trip packages and Paris couple packages on great deals. you can also customise your France itinerary and enjoy the trip just as your want. All you have to do is click, book and explore!

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