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Best parks in Barcelona
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Best Parks in Barcelona

Barcelona has so many reasons to be visited. It is a buzzing place with friendly people roaming around the streets. There are other things like attractions, dining in amazing restaurants, drinking in its bars. Maybe even having a pleasant evening in any of its beautiful beaches. But the parks and gardens hosted by this amazing city are a treat to the eyes. The parks of Barcelona provide a variety of characteristics and scenery that capture the rich past of its multicultural and provide day trips for those wanting an escape from stressful city life. Here, we take a look at the best parks in Barcelona that one should not miss.

Top parks in Barcelona

  • Ciutadella Park
  • Park Guell
  • The Horta Labyrinth Park

1. Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park
Source: Google Images

This is one of the most famous parks in Barcelona. This beautiful green oasis occupies an area of nearly 30 hectares and is followed by a number of historical sights, museums and even a zoo. It is certainly worth a day’s visit. The most common sight in the park Zoologic, which serves as a home to hundreds of plants and thousands of wild animals, including gorillas, leopards, lions and wolves.

2. Park Guell

This is regarded as one of the city’s main landmarks and one of the largest tourism destinations in Europe. This park is a case of pure Modernism in Catalonia. The mastermind behind this gem of green space is Antoni Gaudi. At present, Park Güell is split into two sections. The most important attraction is the ‘monumental zone.’ In fact, after 2013 a tax is levied on tourists to access these locations. Also, the artworks seen in the park are the core works of Gaudí, in order to hold the ever-increasing crowds up to an appropriate level. Park Güell is one of the areas you can visit whether you enjoy nature or if you want a morning escape.

3. The Horta Labyrinth Park

The Horta Labyrinth Park
Source: Google Images

The location of the site is more low on tourist attractions in Horta and Guinardó town. This is ideal for leisure, discovery and also picnicking without the normal crowd and the thrills of tourism in Barcelona. A visit today will continue to encourage you to see the family palace that has been inspired by Arab architectural design and is like a watchtower. The Parc del Laberint is remarkable as it is still adorned with statues and very well-known Greek mythological figures can also be found inside the park. Almost a few beautiful camellia trees, the famous pavilion, cypress tree and also the little canal that is one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. Fun fact, this is the same park that has featured in the 1986 movie ‘The Labyrinth’.

We hope this would have given you a glimpse of the best parks in Barcelona. Plan your next Spain vacation with Pickyourtrail. We help travellers with customizable itineraries for all the destinations around the globe. Need more info on the destination? Check out our guides page for more info or leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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