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Spain in March
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Spain In March : An Elaborate Guide to a Smooth Spain Vacation

Spain in March is a great option for those who want to seek enjoyment within bounded budget barriers. As the cold weather is alleviating during this stretch of year, beaches of Spain begin fetching tourists towards itself. Spring season here brings the reinvigorated sense of fun and passion. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss the great parties like the Fallas Festival that this country offers during this month. Spain is more of a place with hidden gems. The more you explore, the more you keep finding places which are peaceful and eye pleasing. Right from quaint villages to late night beach parties. You name it and Spain has everything to offer you, just be prepared to experience the unexplored !

Madrid Airport and Barcelona Airport are the main International entry and exit points. You plan your trip in such a way you enter into one city and exit the country. From New Delhi or Mumbai you can easily get a one stop flight which will take you to either of the cities in 12-14hrs.


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Weather in Spain in March

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Even though the winter eases, nights during this period may still be chilly but the days are quite sunny and pleasant. This is true for Spain’s northern Atlantic coast.The average temperatures in San Sebastián will likely range between 50 Fahrenheit to 60s. Similar goes with Madrid but might show a dip into the 40s at night as it is located in a desert plateau.

The Mediterranean coast will have pleasant sunny weather but a dip in the ocean might not be a good idea as the water would be too chilly for that. This might not be the case with the water in the south of Andalusia.

Spain come alive truly at night, when after finishing the day’s work people head out for tapas, wine and dancing until next morning. If you wish to join the party with them note that it can be chilly at nights in March so carry jackets and pullover accordingly. Pack an umbrella if you plan to visit in northern part of the country as the chances of rains are still high over there. Sunlight is good enough for a beach dat in the south but it won’t be a swimming season yet.

Places to visit in Spain in March

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The Mediterranean coast will offer you with sunbathing weather and the north and the region of Catalonia with some showers. The atmosphere will get warmer as you travel towards the South. A great vacation plan to Spain in March should include historic cities like Granada and Seville and the Fallas Festival in the city of Valencia. The capital, Madrid, is full of exciting culture, cuisine and nightlife that you should not leave out. A combined trip to Madrid and Mediterranean coast would be a perfect idea for this month. You can visit Gaudi’s gothic masterpiece cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona. If you are in Andalusia, a visit to the medieval mountaintop town of Ronda with its renowned stone bridges is a must.

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  • Sevilla : It is the capital of Andalusia in Southern Spain. To explore a real history here, take a trip to Real Alcazar, a fine example of Mudejar architecture.
  • Cordoba : It was the most important city when Moorish were ruling Spain in the middle ages. Mezquita was a huge islamic mosque in 10th century which was later demolished and converted into a cathedral, though some parts still reflect the islamic architecture elements.
  • Galicia : This town moreover looks like Ireland, with green and wet patches of landscape. Explore the wild regions of Cies Islands and Galicia National Park
  • La Rioja : Spain is famous for its wine. But where does this wine come from. La Rioja is the place where you find hundreds of vineyards. Here you must also try tapas bars.
  • Salamanca : It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Renaissance period. Life in this city revolves around Plaza Mayor, which lined by cafes, bars and restaurants. This structure and area looks majestic after sunset when they are lit up. Most structure in this city are build with sandstones. University of Salamanca was founded 1218 and is one of the oldest institutes offering higher education.
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Things to do in Spain in March

Culture, music, parties and festivals are always in abundance in Spain. If are in Barcelona try visiting the world renowned museums : Picasso Museum, Museu d’Art Contemporani(MACBA). You can do the same in Madrid, Prado Museum. If the weather is good you can try visiting El Retiro Park, it has amazing fountains, lakes and peaceful green spaces. If you are in Andalusia, be sure to visit medieval town of Ronda for its famous stone bridges.

Events to attend in Spain in March

  • Las Fallas : The city of Valencia goes on fire during its wildest festival that is Las Fallas from March 15th to 19th. The city is engorged with drinking and dancing. Massive ninots ( paper mache and cardboard figures ) parade down the streets of Valencia. The final day involves the ceremonial burning of these ninots accompanied by fireworks and bonfires.
  • Jerez Flamenco Festival : One of the Andalusia’s most enthusiastic annual festivals
  • Sant Medir : Every year on March 3, costumed characters parade around the streets of Barcelona’s Gracia locality. 
  • Femas : Music enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this classic music festival that takes place in Seville.
  • Classic Car Rally : An electrifying racing event happening in Mallorca. 

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