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Bijapur in Karnataka
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The Best Places to Visit in Bijapur when on a Vacation in Karnataka


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Between the 10th and 11th centuries, the Chalukyas founded the town of Bijapur, earlier known as “Vijaypura” or the city of victory. The change of name occurred in the 14th century during the reign of the Adil Shahi dynasty. In this period most of the construction of the treasured monuments began. Over time, the city has become a cultural hub due to the influences of the different dynasties that governed it. Bijapur tops among one of the famous places to visit in the state of Karnataka for those who love to see something cultural. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Bijapur that reflects on the ancient state and historical importance of the region.

1. Ibrahim Rauza

Ibrahim Rauza in Bijapur
Image Credits: Google Images

Ibrahim Rauza, is said to be the monument which inspired the grand ‘Taj Mahal’ design! It is the mausoleum Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his beloved wife. It’s a coveted wonder of Persian Muslim architecture. What’s even more amazing about it is that it was designed on a single rock slab! One of the places to visit in Bijapur must be seen since Ibrahim Rauza with its wonderful minarets and gateways is immaculate. The entire monument boasts of different stone awnings, decorative windows, and arches.

2. Jami Masjid

The Jami Masjid was founded by Ali Adil Shah I after he vanquished the Vijayanagar Kings, and is the oldest and largest mosque in the whole of South India. The mosque is one of Bijapur’s most popular sightseeing sites and occupies an area of approximately 1,16,600 square metres. No doubt Jami Masjid falls under one of India’s most beautifully built mosques list. You’ll admire the mosque’s incredibly crafted interiors and decorated with various paintings and murals. It is a wonderful sight indeed!

3. Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur
Image Credits: Google Images

The Bijapur Sultan’s mausoleum, Muhammad Adil Shah (1656), Gol Gumbaz is the world’s second-largest dome, and regarded as one of the world’s most impressive structures. The dome, ranked among Bijapur’s most important historical sites, is 52 meters high and covers more than 18,000 square feet of land. You can also visit the ‘Whispering Room’ which is another popular Gol Gumbaz attraction. Here one can hear even the softest of sounds!


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4. Malik-e-Maidan

Malik-e- Maidan translates literally to the ‘Monarch of the Plains’. Its the world’s largest medieval mounted cannon! One of the esteemed sightseeing spots in Bijapur, the cannon weighs a whopping 55 tons and is 4 meters long. The outer diameter of the muzzle alone is above 1.5 meters. Shaped like the head of a lion, with an elephant mauled in his teeth, it is believed that, while the cannon was being fired, the gunner had to dip his head in a water tank to protect his ears from the massive “boom.”

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5. Bijapur’s Gagan Mahal

Gagan Mahal, Places to visit  in Bijapur
Image Credits: Google Images

Translating literally to ‘Sky Palace,’ the Gagan Mahal was designed in the 16th century by Ali Adil Shah I. It is characterized by the arches and the large central arch which serves as the entrance to the citadel. The Darbar (assembly hall) was located on the ground floor while the upper floors acted as the royal family residence. Plan a trip to Bijapur, don’t miss out on Gagan Mahal ‘s beauty!

6. Bijapur Fort

Bijapur Fort is an important historically significant monument located in Bijapur. Established during the Adilshah dynasty reign, it is endearingly known as South India’s Agra. Also known as Vijapura Fort, a 50-foot moat protects the fort. Numerous structures inside the fort were built over time by rulers of different dynasties.

7. Upli Burj

The name Upli Burj is in nearly everyone’s list of top places to visit in Bijapur. This refers to a watchtower, designed by Hyder Khan in the 16th century. The structure stands at an impressive 24-meter height and you will find the tower’s top to be one of the city’s most popular viewpoints giving a wide panorama. And if you’re a photo enthusiast, you’ll need to surely visit the Upli Burj. Typically, it’s accessible through the winding circular escalators. You’ll also see two large cannons mounted at the top of the watchtower.

8. Sath Kabar

Saath Kabar translates literally into 60 graves and has a very tragic story behind it. Adil Shah II’s army chief had killed his 63 wives in cruel jealousy that they might remarry after he died in the battle with Shivaji.

9. Mehtar Mahal

Mehtar Mahal, Places to visit in Bijapur
Image Credits: Google Images

Located inside the Bijapur Fort grounds, Mehtar Mahal dates back to 1620 and still stands to be the most luxurious structures inside the fort. The carvings on the minarets compose the Indo-Saracenic style as well as the Hindu architectural style.


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10. Shopping in Bijapur

Shop for local handicrafts and artefacts while in Bijapur. Take home some Lumbini Jewellery pieces, made exclusively by the region’s local stat tribes, sandalwood products, and the Ilkal Sari.

During the reign of the Adil Shah dynasty, Bijapur was in full glory and saw its splendour after defeating the waning Vijaynagar kings to seize control of the reign. Due to his religious tolerance as the Mughal emperor, Akbar, Ibrahim Adil Shah II, was considered the most venerated of the Adil Shahi sultans. It was he who accounts for most of the city’s grandeur.

Other than this, Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole, Koppal, Hampi, Lakkundi, Gadag-Betageri and Kudala Sangama are popular places to visit near Bijapur. The above-mentioned places are the best of the several monuments which should most definitely include your Bijapur vacation. Finding this guide useful? Check some of the best Bijapur holiday packages with Pickyourtrail! Start crafting your itinerary online with the best places to visit in Bijapur and book your dream vacation now! You can also leave us a WhatsApp enquiry for any assistance or download our best travel app on Android or IOS.

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