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Tulum Mexico
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Places to visit in Tulum: Things to do on your next trip to Mexico

Tulum is a city on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. It is known for its well-preserved beaches and the ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. The central hotel is a massive stone house named El Castillo, set over the white sand beach and the turquoise sea on a granite hill. The Parque Nacional Tulum is close to the ruins, a coastal region of mangroves and cenotes. Here is a list of places to visit in Tulum.

Tulum Mexico
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Places to visit in Tulum

1. Cavern Diving

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is renowned for the world’s finest cenotes, caverns, and cave diving and what better way to explore them than at Tulum. An experience of a lifetime that takes you underground through pristine, blue waters to admire stalactites, stalagmites, and columns and explore what the Mayans believed to be the entry to the underworld. Diving the cenotes is one of the top places to visit in Tulum you totally shouldn’t skip if you’re a scuba diver.

2. The Beachfront Tulum Ruins

While not the most traditionally important ruin in Mexico, the beachfront position of the Tulum Ruins makes this one the Top places to visit in Tulum Mexico. Perfect postcard with a rough coastline and the public beach of Tulum running below, this post-classic Mayan place will still be famous. First thing in the morning-8 a.m. is the perfect time to visit the Tulum Ruins. – When the Ruins of Tulum open. Take a taxi from town and experience the serenity for a decent hour until all the bus tours from Cancún and Playa del Carmen start! If after this you haven’t yet had your fill of ruins, there are direct busses from Tulum to Chichen Itza which only take about two hours!

Tulum Mexico.
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3. Snorkel Tulum’s Cenotes

Mexico’s geological wonder is one of its stars, the Tulum cenotes. In fact, it’s a big part of why people visit the Yucatan Peninsula! With crystal-clear visibility and a vast array of strange geological formations including stalagmite and stalactite. A journey to either of the Tulum cenotes is something you won’t miss too long. Visitors will rent a taxi to Cenote Escondido in Tulum travel ride train. Travel to Cenote Dos Ojos for one of the finest Cenote snorkelling encounters. Cenote Calavera and Cenote Carwas are among the other best places to visit in Tulum to snorkel.

4. Tulum Beach

Powder-white sand extending for miles, a beautiful wind, blowing palms and lapping light blue waves at the coast all combine to render Tulum Beach one of Mexico ‘s finest beaches. Following a minor concern with sea-grass following a major hurricane, Tulum beach is the best spot to dive into the Caribbean’s delightfully playfulness. The Tulum public beach rarely gets too busy at any one location with several Tulum beach access points in the hotel district. If you’re going at the right time of day, you can feel like you’ve got it all to yourself. One of the world’s biggest reefs runs from this stunning beach.

Beaches in Tulum
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5. Kitesurfing In Tulum

Not only is the Tulum beach drop-dead breathtaking, but it also provides the best conditions for kiteboarding. Beginners and pro alike are heading out from all over the globe to try the conditions on offer here – it’s ideal for leaping and perfecting tricks with an offshore reed smashing the greatest waves, heavy winds and little to almost no rocks. The conditions also mean Tulum is an excellent starting spot for beginners. There are now a few kitesurfing schools in Tulum that offer lessons for all.

6. Coffee Shops

Another side effect of the insane success of Tulum is the many fantastic coffee choices that are available! Whether you’re just looking for a quick coffee or unwind for a few hours, there’s plenty of options for you to cover. For a comfortable garden setting, Tulum ‘s best cafe choices are Ki’bok and the Tulum Art Party. They look like a gallery fell right out of SoHo! Even Del Cielo and Campanella Cremerie come highly value for an afternoon of working or just make travel plans on.

7. The Unique Sian Kaan Biosphere

A Sian Ka’an travel / Eco-day ride to the Tulum biosphere is one of the greatest activities to do in Tulum. It’s one of Mexico’s most understated events. Here you will spend the day floating through canals built for trading by the ancient Mayans while finding fish amid the mangroves. Then snorkelling on a perfectly clear cenote to wonder at the vast underwater river network that is virtually exclusive to the Yucatan Peninsula.

8. Pablo Escobar’s mansion

Surely not the usual practice in Tulum, but yup, you read that correctly. Now you can see what used to be a residence for the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. In 2012, famed New York art collector/gallery owner Lio Malc bought Escobar ‘s estate. He then converted it into a luxurious boutique hotel. It is packed with beautiful Keith Haring, KAWS, and Marion Peck artworks. The forecast here is totally jaw-dropping. While here, don’t forget to enjoy the exclusive works of art they have on the show.

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9. Laguna Kaan Luum

This Laguna feels a fair bit like the Belize Blue Hole. It’s a sinkhole in the forest accompanied by some very dark mud and some very shallow levels. The deep field for swimmers are roped off, however, you can scuba into it. It’s a fairly inexpensive experience at just 50 pesos. If you decide to run the drone there it’s going to be 300 pesos more. It’s one of the special places to visit in Tulum.

Tulum mexico
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