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10 Best Reasons to Visit Switzerland once in your lifetime!
Written by Aditi Kumari on November 14, 2022 Share on

10 Best Reasons to Visit Switzerland once in your lifetime!

Switzerland might appear to be generally small when compared with other European countries. But that positively doesn’t mean that it has less to bring to the table. Maybe, it has separated itself from the remaining Europe by its unrivalled scenes, mysterious calmness and cosmopolitan urban areas – and has prevailed with regards to turning into a traveller mecca. It is not over-marketed. You can get around effectively by open vehicle and there are no language barriers. Yes… there are many reasons to visit Switzerland.

The country is quite expensive, but the memories are much more valuable than that. Here’s is a list of the 10 best reasons to visit Switzerland once in your lifetime!


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1. Skiing on slopes!

Skiing in slopes, Reasons to Visit Switzerland
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Being home to probably the best and most well-known ski resorts on the planet, Switzerland’s best slants are effective and always available. While they may not be modest, they’re an absolute necessity for skiers, learners and joyriders. Switzerland’s numerous top-notch ski resorts don’t stop at the inclines and have more to offer. You can go snow-shoe travelling, sledging, take a taxi ride on a bobsleigh, or go for an ordinary climb through the mountains. Switzerland is perfect for skiing and it’s a bet!

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2. Explore at the Matterhorn

This awesome milestone is included in the brand logos of Toblerone and Paramount pictures! Situated at the line among Switzerland and Italy and ignoring the town of Zermatt, this mainstream traveller sight is well known for its nearly wonderful four-sided pyramidal pinnacle.

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3. World’s most graceful lakes

World's most beautiful lakes, Reasons to Visit Switzerland
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Switzerland isn’t only all-mountain ridges, it’s likewise home to a portion of Europe’s biggest and most wonderful lakes. From the tremendous spread of Lake Geneva to the quiet disengagement of the Seebergsee, Switzerland’s lakes offer awesome perspectives. Especially during Summer when you can explore sports, for example, water skiing, jumping and rowing.

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4. Delicious Swiss dishes/snacks

Every one of these areas flaunts its own specialities as well – Saffron Risotto for the Italian-speaking, Raclette (hot cheddar spilled over potatoes) for the French-talking district and Landjager (semi-dried wieners) for the German-talking part. Having eaten cheddar fondue in Switzerland, the taste isn’t what one would go for the most part. It is a “possibly you-like-it-or-you-don’t” dish. One should taste it for themselves to know whether it suits their taste buds!

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5. Cultural Diversity at it’s Best

Each canton in Switzerland has various traditions, customs and even dialects, bringing about a genuine hodgepodge of occasions occurring consistently. At any place, you’ll be blessed to receive rich history and social occasions, whether it’s the Valais Witches Downhill Race or Geneva’s L’Escalade.

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6. Instagram- worthy scenerios

If you are an Instagrammer or fond of clicking pictures, Switzerland proves to be the best destination for your photos. Be wowed ordinarily’s shocking magnificence, where lavish green fields, skies in dazzling shades of blue and the superb alps meet up to shape an image that really addresses the Instagram expression #nofilterneeded.

Instagram-worthy pictures, Reasons to Visit Switzerland
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7. Largest waterfalls in Europe

Rhine Falls close to the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland will definitely shock you. The biggest plain cascade in Europe, it is effectively accessible via vehicle, bike and train. Take an astonishing boat ride through the falls and furthermore watch out for exceptional occasions, for example, the stupendous yearly fireworks hung on 31 July.

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8. Efficient transportation System

With such countless spots to see thus numerous activities to do, it is necessary that you prepare and keep up-to-date with time. Fortunately, Switzerland’s brilliant public transportation facility assists you with this; its transports, cable cars and trains are incredibly punctual, and its train stations are all planned. Most transport administrations won’t be accessible on Sundays- because it’s a rest day!

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9. Glimpse of Ancient Castles

Switzerland’s long history of armed impartiality has created probably the best-protected palaces in Central Europe. From exquisite royal residences to durable citadels, Swiss palaces are among the most visited vacation spots in Switzerland. Regardless, your movements in this landlocked country take you to lakeshore urban communities or to interesting towns high in the Alps, you’ll discover a beautiful castle close, that needs to be explored. Most were developed during the Middle Ages and offers you an uncommon look once more into times long past. These palaces in Switzerland make certain to catch your creative mind and make your visit to the nonpartisan country an essential encounter.

10. Variety of Sporting activities

Paragliding in Switzerland
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From sports in the water and hilltop, Switzerland has everything. For those looking for an exciting, new game, have a go at canyoning, a water sport that is consistently acquiring fans in Europe and all throughout the world. It includes travelling from the beginning to the end of a gorge utilizing a large group of techniques like walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming. The best places to encounter canyoning in Switzerland’s glasslike waters include Interlaken and the canton of Ticino. Make sure to have a generous breakfast, outfit yourself with shoes that have a decent stand and a camera for capturing these beautiful events. Invest any measure of energy here as the activities are unending in this ideal athletic escape.

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Now you have discovered some of the reasons to assure why Switzerland is a place that you absolutely must visit during your lifetime. You’ll never regret visiting this super awesome country. Now, pick the best Switzerland tour package from and customize your Switzerland itinerary according to your liking. For more assistance, drop us a Whatsapp message and our travel specialists will connect with you. On your mark, get, set, SWISS!

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