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Resorts in Sakleshpur: Your guide to choosing the perfect stay

The town lies on the glorious hills of the biodiversity hotspot, the Western Ghats, in the Malnad area. It has a temperate climate with high green hills full of plantations of cocoa, cardamom, pepper and isca. Such crops which mainly contribute to the economy of the Taluk are grown in the surrounding villages and entire taluk are brought for sale to the city of Sakleshpur. Here is a list of the top Resorts in Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur, Karnataka
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Getting there to the Resorts in Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is strategically situated on the highway between Mangalore and Bangalore and can be conveniently linked to numerous tourist attractions such as Belur, Halebid, Bhadra, Coorg and Mysore. At Bangalore and Mangalore, the closest airport is. The closest end of the Railway is at Sakleshpur. Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore local trains operate daily. Sakleshpur can also be reached by road, either by public transport or by taxi.

Top Resorts in Sakleshpur

1. The Green Pastures

The Green Pastures are planned and nurtured along the lines of a mix of the race with a history and community sprinkling. This is Belur’s only Heritage resort. The resorts’ construction is based on Malnad ‘s ancient living style of the thatched roof, wooden furnishings, and a spacious courtyard that brings you through a land of dreams. The rooms and the restaurant are planned to be unique. The green pastures are famous for their Malnadu cuisine, though they also serve other Indian and global cuisines. The resort has popularized in serene design the concept of open-air conferencing and is an ideal venue for team bonding, motivational training and associated business events in Malnadu. 

The resort organizes a range of rural events such as paddy tours, farm tours, village tours, cow milking, bullock cart trip, pottery making workshops, field cycling, woodland trekking, trips to tribal villages and much more. This also takes an interest in encouraging outdoor tourism through daily adventure tours such as mountain trekking, mountain biking, hiking, river crossing, valley crossing, paragliding, etc. In brief, The Green Pastures is a perfect place amongst the resorts in Sakleshpur for travellers looking to visit the region’s amazing tourism spots for recreation and sports.

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2. The Hills Resort in Sakleshpur

The Hills is a ten-cottage destination, nestled in the Western Ghats foothills, bringing to existence all the pictures of high mountains, catching clouds and lush greenery. When we hear the word Western ghats, the thoughts that come to mind are pictures of tall mountains shrouded in mist, clouds hanging at reaching ranges, large tracts of greenery, with barely a person to be seen, the infinite expanse of coffee plantations, a century-old temple on the top of a mountain, solitary sheep loving the grass in the warm sunshine. A return to The Hills keeps alive all of this.

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The cottages at The Hills are spacious and well fitted. The rooms are designed in both Indonesian and Swiss architecture. There are provisions for both Indonesian and Swiss cottages, such as two double tents, a sit out, a microwave, a telephone, a tv, a geyser, a coffee machine and air-conditioning.

3. Eka Resort Hallibyle Village

Immerse yourself in the greenery surrounding you at Eka Resorts. Where better to renew your mind and purify your soul than surrounded by acres of freshly grown spices-garlic, peppers and cardamom, and coffee ‘s happy red berries ready to select. 

This resort promises the perfect experience for those who want a glimpse of plantation living when surrounded by beautiful lush foliage and spacious self-contained cottages, tourists can never have a boring moment to explore around the region with endless events. This makes it one of the best resorts in Sakleshpur.

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4. Stay Simple Riverdale

Riverdale Resort is situated on Hassan-Mysore Highway, next to the Sri Rama Devara Dam. It is accessible from the 175 kilometres long drive from Bangalore Airport, though Hassan Railway Station is 27 kilometres from the hotel. Riverdale is set in lush green farm ecosystems, between swaying coconut and arcana plantations. It boasts spacious cottages, a multi-cooking kitchen, convention centre, swimming pool, swimming pool bar, children’s playground, open-air auditorium, and boating.

For tourists visiting Mysore, Hassan, Shravanabelagola, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Belur & Halebeedu, Riverdale Resort offers itself as an excellent stopover. The environment here is such that the visitors spend the entire day instead.

5. Gopis farm

Gopi’s Farm is an environmentally friendly agricultural property surrounded by green farmlands. Made of clay-plated bricks and stones burnt with light, the house has a tiled roof in high Mangalore theme. Join a realm of cosy homelike feeling through the beautifully built main door design of Chettinad. Rooms The homestay provides spacious accommodation in three tastefully decorated quarters, complete with the latest facilities necessary and with washrooms attached. Gopi’s Farm ‘s food feature is that it is cooked in earthen pots to give it extra rural taste and the vegetables used are all raised right behind the property.

Western Ghats, Sakleshpur
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In addition to learning about vegetable production, coconut cultivation, silkworm feeding and dairy farming, visitors will experience numerous activities such as bullock cart rides and nature walks. Place Gopi’s Farm is close Javagal, a small village in district Hassan. A four-hour drive from Bangalore, the farm is secluded and easy to access.

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6. Hoysala Village Resorts in Sakleshpur

A mere 194 km from Bangalore and at an altitude of 957 m above sea level, this picturesque town in the heart of the area of Malanad was made popular by the Hoysala dynasty with its distinctive architectural theme.

So long so you reach and travel through the resort windows, the senses are heightened. Lush trees, shrubs and flowering plants embellish the ways along the road. With stunning farmland to enjoy, charming romantic villages and wonderful ancient cultures, it is one amongst the perfect resorts in Sakleshpur to leave the city life behind and unwind.

7. La Flora Pavanputra Resort & Spa

La Flora Pavanputra Resort & Spa is situated in Hassan and offers spacious lodging with an outdoor swimming pool. This also offers a 24-hour store, spa and room service. Guests at the resort are given a number of amenities including a patio, a car rental desk and a table tennis set.

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